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This week @ PastGenerationToys.com

We just received the newest wave of the Star Wars Vintage Collection. We have Kithaba VC56, Dr. Evazan Cornelius VC57,Aayla Secura VC58, Nom Anor VC59, Anakin Skywalker VC92, Darth Vader VC93!

The newest Star Wars Clone Wars action figures also arrived and includes Training Super Battle Droid, Ahsoka Tano Scuba Gear, and Clone Commander Wolffe.

More cases of the new Transformers Prime Legion and Cyberverse Commander classes have been restocked.

From Mattel we have the newest waves of WWE Superstars Series 17 and WWE Rumblers Action Figure 2 Packs.

And to close out we just receivd the Gears of War 3 Series 2 action figures which includes: Damon Baird, Augustus Cole, and Dominic Santiago.

Also, keep an eye on the Past Generation Toys blog, I recently had an opportunity to speak with Randy Bowen the head sculptor and owner of Bowen Designs. I wanted to get a good understanding as to why status and busts sometimes arrive so late. I think you find this applies to all the companies that do these types of collectibles. Stay tuned!

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