ItsAllTrue Review: Rawshark
Studios’ Callgrim Centurion

I meant to do a review of the Callgrim Centurion a few weeks back, but overhauling the checklists after SDCC kept me busy and I forgot. Days turned into weeks and the next thing I knew, I’d been enjoying this new addition without giving him the proper IAT welcome. Today, I’m correcting that oversight.

When it comes to Glyos or Glyos related properties, I always feel like I’m playing catch-up. I can still remember a year or two back when I heard a few collectors talking about Onell Design and this new idea that I would love. I poked around a bit and bought some, but I wasn’t really ready for them. My imagination needed a jumpstart. This summer, I made a concentrated effort to better understand Glyos and bought a few more. This time in a single color. It sounds stupid, but that made the difference for me. Free of worrying about matching colors and able to build everything in uniform silver, I finally understood and couldn’t get enough. I decided I needed a Callgrim from Rawshark Studios to add to my growing collection. So I hit up the Callgrim Shop and was happy to find that a silver figure, the Callgrim Centurion, was available.

The first thing I noticed about the Callgrim was his symmetry. I know that sounds odd, but I’ve become very accustomed to playing and building with my Glyos Buildmen and they feature a lot of unique parts – the feet, hands, limbs, etc are all styled differently. But where the Buildman celebrates variety, the Callgrim celebrates uniformity. I’m really digging his sculpt. I love the armor and the symmetrical segmentation – I’ve had a blast building with him.

The Callgrim features 27 Pieces. You get two each of the 11 pieces that comprise his limbs and connectors, two torso pieces, and three alternate heads (if you want them to be heads). All the pieces are molded in a bright silver color (which I love to play with, but are not friendly to my camera) with the lines brought out by a heavy black, the same as the silver Glyos I’ve purchased so far.

With Glyos, you create a swivel articulation point every time you put two pieces together. In his standard format, the Callgrim features 16 points of articulation, but you can increase and decrease that as you wish. The Callgrim also features bent knees and elbows. I’m still waiting/excited for the new joints, but these slightly bent pieces have really opened up the possibilities of what I can build and how I can pose it.

All of the Callgrim’s pieces are 100% compatible with the Glyos system (and thus can intermingle with most of the Outer Space Men pieces too!). On mine, some of the joints feel a little looser than my Glyos, but they’re still sturdy. And the material feels the same as the my other Glyos – solid, but flexible.

I shouldn’t admit this, but when I was first perusing the Callgrim Shop I was disappointed that the figure I really liked, the Dome, wasn’t available in silver. Remember how I said I was always feeling behind? Well, looking at the pictures, the Hollow in particular, I realized that his knees were the Callgrim’s feet and then I realized what I was looking at. The Callgrim figure has 4 primary configurations – the Callgrim, the Order, the Dome, and the Hollow. They’re pictured above and on the top of the next page. Yep, all of them can be built from the basic figure I ordered. I felt like a dunce for not picking up on that sooner. I’m still learning. Continue to Page Two…

9 thoughts on “ItsAllTrue Review: Rawshark
Studios’ Callgrim Centurion

  1. I think the pictures look great. Metallics are tricky like that. These always look like pretty cool toys in the pictures I’ve seen. I may have to bite the bullet.

    1. Dig in! Water’s fine!

      Some of the pics are from back when I meant to do this review the first time and some are from now. I think I was worried too much about making them all match.

  2. Great review. I love seeing other people’s creations. All the Onell and Onell-compatible stuff is fantastic. It’s slowly overtaking my traditional toy collection.

    1. Mattel is keeping new stuff coming in so fast, that they’re overtaking here. LOL

      My Glyos collection is still pretty modest, but it’s growing!

  3. I’ve been buying Glyos from Onell while waiting and missing out on Outer Space Men, but I didn’t realize there was a sister site. That’s cool.

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