OMFG Series 1 Revisited
(New Colors Review)

Back in February, I reviewed OMFG Series 1 from October toys. The initial release saw some great colorways including the basic flesh, Kickstarter black, and site exclusives in light blue, royal blue, yellow, & green. In the months since, a few more colors have popped up. Let’s have a look see.

In my February review, I did have one colorway that wasn’t completely represented, the pink Artist’s Proof set. At the time only the Stroll had been released. Since then, and mostly thanks to my wife being available (& luckier than I am) during the drops, we were able to assemble the remaining figures in pink: Phantom Shithouse, Multi-Skull, Crawdad Kid, & King Castor.

I’m Stroll had packaging back in February, but it’s not here anymore. I decided to keep the others packaged for this shot, which made for somewhat of a torturous wait between the second and fifth release. The custom packaging was a cool touch from each of the artists behind the figures and made for an extra bit of fun after each one arrived.

After the Artist’s Proofs, things quieted down a bit and I felt like I was done. I had the seven colorways and I was happy with them. How little did I know. The second batch, so to speak, kicked off with a new, uh… Kickstarter for the a GITD set. Well, I’m always up for GITD, so I happily pledged. The GITD also sort of stands in for another of my wants, a white set.

I’m not sure which was revealed in what order, but the next three colorways all showed up around the same time. Rotofugi hooked into me again with a clear blue colorway. And then SDCC brought out two more colorways, a basic purple also from October Toys and a special color-change set from 3Dretro. Continue to Page 2…

13 thoughts on “OMFG Series 1 Revisited
(New Colors Review)

  1. I love these little guys, i am only missing the Onell set, by the time I decided to collect all the colors it was sold out 🙁

  2. Dang! That’s quite the little collection already!

    Love this kinda DIY stuff getting more and more prevalent!

  3. Great review! I still need to hunt a LRG Green set down. Undecided on gold. Now that series will be dropping often I can’t go completest and it is best to shake that habit soon. But I do want green. I could probably do without yellow if I found a trade… hrmmmm

    I’m def going complete on flesh and black as long as possible. If the AP’s stay pink then I’ll maybe try them too. Though difficulty will change with every artist.

    And now its time to drop some SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION.

    I have 3 designs in the voting for series 3. #94 Coughin’ Coffin and #96 Underbed are my original characters. Coughin’ Coffin has been sculpted by Ed Gein. Underbed will be sculpted if he is selected. I also had a hand in designing #125, Ten-Can. The character concept was by Richard Oceans, I did the design drawing, and Ed Gein sculpted the prototype based on my art.

    If you could please go over, register, and look through all the entries and VOTE! Vote for figures you want to buy! If they happen to be mine I would be ever grateful, but really take a good look. There’s so many fun entries this time around! Support this line!!

    1. Awesome! Underbed was actually among my choices.

      I was thinking about giving the GITD figs a dark wash to bring out the details in the amazing sculpts. But I’m kind of torn between doing that and keeping them as they are, just for novelty’s sake.

      Has anyone given this try?

      1. It can be hard to customize the set you intend to keep, but if the clean up the wash nicely and kept it to the crevices they could look cool. I think the Onell white almost always looks better with the lines filled in.

        Have you tried asking or checking on the Oct Toys forum? They have a custom-type section and I’m sure someone’s tried it…

        1. Thanks a bunch for the tip Noisy! I’ll be sure to scrounge around the forum too (didn’t consider that option…).

  4. I love the group shot, and I really like the shots of all versions of one character. Another line that I just collect vicariously through you–your pics are enough for me. 🙂

  5. I don’t know what it is about wanting to have a bunch of the same object in different colors standing next to each other, but I have the sickness, and apparently you do, too. Too much time coloring with that big 64 box of Crayola as a child, maybe?

    Anyway, I may have fallen into Glyos collecting, but I’m not following you down this rabbit hole. Luckily, I have a mental escape hatch: I collected MUSCLE as a kid, but got in and out before they started up with the random colors. So the standard pink (peach? what do they call it?) is good enough for me.

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