Outlandish Mini Figure Guys –
OMFG! Series 1 Review (30 Pics)

We should all love Kickstarter. It’s a great service that connects folks with ideas with people willing to invest of them. I’ve invested in a few Kickstarter projects, but the one I’m happiest with is the one I’ll be reviewing today: Outlandish Mini Figure Guys (or OMFG! for short) Series One.

OMFG! is as outrageous as the names implies. This project first took shape when a group of like-minded individuals came together on the October Toys forum. Designs for the figures were submitted by forum members from around the world and voted on by the community over at October Toys. And your five final candiates were:

The final five designs were then sculpted and the project placed on Kickstarter to obtain funds for overseas production. That’s when I first heard about OMFG! and became enamored with the little guys. During the pledge period, 425 backers pledged over $15,000 – well over the $11k the gang behind OMFG needed.

As their release date got closer, we learned more details about the line. We knew that the basic fleshtone set would be available at October Toys online store and that a special black set was the Kickstarter exclusive for backers pledging $25 or more, but it turned out we were in store for a whole rainbow.

The folks at Onell had a “Pheyden Blue” colorway available late last year. University of Muscle would sell the OMFG in yellow, Little Rubber Guys in green, Rotofugi in a royal blue, and finally the figures would be available in a hot pink, a special colorway for the five artists behind the figures. So far, I’ve snagged the six available sets and one of the Artist’s Proofs. Monsterforge’s Multiskull will be available on his blog this Friday evening, and I’m keeping an eye to the future on the hot pink versions of the remaining three. At the end of the article, I’ll post links to all the available sets.

In case you haven’t figured it out, OMFG! is a little addictive. I had originally been content to stick with my Flesh colored and Kickstarter Black sets, but each of the other colorways has appealed to me and I ended up wanting them all the same. In fact, I’m still wishing we could get these guys in red and white. Yeah, you could say I’ve got OMFG! Fever…

I’ll start with Stroll since I have him in all colors. I’ve been planning to keep my Kickstarter Black set in their package, a kind of silly “I had a very small part in helping make these” sorta thing, but seeing this picture of the other six Stroll’s lined up has me rethinking that decision…

Stroll was the creation of John “Spanky” Stokes and was sculpted by George Gaspar, of October Toys/ToyBreak fame. If I get into favorites, I’m going to end up saying they’re all my favorite, but I do really like Stroll here. He kinda reminds me of a grumpy Care Bear and because of that I think he benefits the best from having all the colors together. They look like a little indigenous species ready to protect the color/emotional spectrum. Stroll has a lot of great detail work on the paws, horns, and he’s got a little tat “back there” as a nod (I assume) to his creator. I love his overall look, but I do wish he had some sculpted lines on the eye to give him a little more life.

Phantom Shithouse
This one is my wife’s favorite, though she refers to him by a less provocative nom de plume, the Phantom Outhouse. The Phantom here was designed by Kyle Thye & sculpted by Ralph Niese. They did a marvelous job. While I’m happy to line up my Strolls for a “Care Bear Stare” the concept behind the Outhouse leaves me wanting to break out my paints (check out the great art in this short OMFG comic). Again, the sculpted details here are what sell the figure (who stands about an inch wider than he is tall). The uh, …poo looks particularly goopy, but the Outhouse details are even more fantastic, from the rotted, broken planks to the little hinges and latch. The Phantom has a ton of personality despite being the only one in OMFG! Series One without a proper face.

King Castor
Again, I’m ready to declare another one my favorite. King Castor is the creation of Dominic “Evil Earwing” Campisi. I love the walking castle concept here and the little details like the tower arms, the cannon, and the door (I don’t know where he’s gonna find a ‘little castles’ room, though). Just about anywhere you look, you’ll find a little detail on this guy – including what looks like a boiler on his back. I’m not sure about that part of the design, though that may be what’s needed to animate a castle man, so no complaints here. Castor is also notable for being the angriest of the bunch. If you perceive these guys as a team (and I do), Castor is the muscle, the big guy you don’t mess with. Continue to the Page 2 Gallery…

9 thoughts on “Outlandish Mini Figure Guys –
OMFG! Series 1 Review (30 Pics)

  1. Just got the flesh ones this week and I LOVE THEM. And I don’t even have that MUSCLE nostalgia, really. They are just great designs and sculpts and ooze personality, among other things. Highly recommended to anyone that like cool and weird little things on their desks and shelves. Great review and pictures. Jealous of your complete color collection.

    1. Oh, yeah, I almost hesitated to even mention the MUSCLE connection. I mean, it’s there, but these are completely enjoyable on their own, even superior product I’d say.

      And thanks! I’m not there yet… wanting those APs is stressful. o.O

  2. Hot Pink the same thing as Red?

    “So far, I’ve snagged the six available sets and one of the Artist’s Proofs. Monsterforge’s Multiskull will be available on his blog this Friday evening, and I’m keeping an eye to the future on the hot pink versions of the remaining three.”

    earlier here you had mentioned

    “Just a heads up, there are red OMFGs! They were an artist exclusive colorway. One more to track down afterall.”

    Probably the same thing, I was just making sure there wasn’t yet another colorway.

    1. The red ones turned out to be hot pink. These were a surprise/last minute announcement and there was some confusion about the coloring due to the photography. I went to great pains to get the colors presented correctly on the screen, that hot pink Stroll didn’t like being photographed!

  3. the AP ones are pink not red.

    Im also keeping my set of black MOC, its cool to have something that only people that helped this line happen.

    I got my pink AP stroll too, love these little guys. And i will be tracking down all the APs!

    Great review!

    1. the APs are red with a hue of pink – if that makes sense – they look more red in hand than they are pink. I think that’s what “HOT” describes here in the color – i.e. hot = yellow mixed in. So “Hot blue” = green, lol.
      They are really more red-ish than pink.

      1. Well my AP Stroll looks pretty pink in my hands lol, pink or red whatever it is, its cool 🙂

  4. Seeing all those Strolls lined up and looking colorful brings a tear to my eye. Love the pictures and this was a fantastic review. I can’t wait to see your upcoming review on the new Outer Space Men that just came out.

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