Vault Review: LEGO Minifigures
Series 6 (+ Decoder)

LEGO Minifigures Wave Six has been showing up all over the last couple weeks. Thanks to my local ToysRUs I was able to snag a complete set with relatively little hassle this time around. We have our decoder ready to go, but this time it’s we’re doing things a little differently.

Just like last time, the minifigures are more difficult to decipher since The LEGO Group now changes the dot patterns between batches. You can find the batch number stamped onto each bag in the area where the dots appear. This time our decoder is good for batch 443B1.

This set is packaged in a white box and bags. Even though I was a bit disappointed with the lack of classic Universal-type monsters, I was happy to get plenty of fantasy creatures instead. There also seemed to be a bit of a 50’s theme with a few of the characters, which will be interesting if they continue with it. A LEGO Milkman would be pretty cool.

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Unless otherwise noted, the figures below all have new heads, torsos, and legs.


#1 Classic Alien
This alien is modeled after the classic Gray. His head is an entirely new sculpt with large bulbous eyes and a stone cold expression. I always thought Grays were short in stature, so it’s interesting to see him as the same size as a normal figure. Something else very strange about him, he’s apparently wearing gloves. The Gray comes with a white ray gun and a green beam. Decoding Tip: Feel for the ray gun. Just make sure there’s no large helmet from the Intergalactic Girl.
#2 Highland Battler
It’s pretty obvious the Highland Battler is modeled after the famous Highlander, Connor MacLeod. His long hair and screaming face are a little similar to Christopher Lambert’s, but it’s really the costume design that sells it. Like Connor, our Battler wears a similar plaid tunic and armor pieces. I kind of wish they also added a cape, but we did get a cool new broadsword mold which puts those old LEGO swords to shame. Decoding Tip: Feel for the long sword and round shield.
#3 Sleepy Head
This Sleepy Head kid reminds me quite a bit of Little Nemo, and I’m wondering if it’s on purpose. He’s got a very simple design with just striped pajamas, but he does come with two faces. One is asleep, the other is barely awake. What I really like is his new mussed up hair. It has a really interesting spiked effect. This kid’s only accessory is his teddy bear. Decoding Tip: Feel for the lumpy teddy bears arms.
#4 Lady Liberty
I never expected to see the Statue of Liberty as a LEGO minifig, but I’m really glad they made her. Not only do we get an interesting statue-colored dress design, but she comes with a great crown/hairpiece. I would love to see it colored for a normal figure in the future. The Lady also comes with her torch and tablet. Oddly, the torch is fire colored instead of statue colored. Decoding Tip: Feel for the triangular dress piece and large hair/crown.
#5 Bandit
The Bandit is my fourth favorite minifig from this series, just because I love the expression on his face. His cocky smile and facial hair remind me of Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone. This Bandit’s also heavily armed with plenty of bandoliers of ammo, and even a gun belt below his waist. Now if they could just make a new cowboy hat instead of using the Indiana Jones over again. Decoding Tip: Feel for the two small pistols.
#6 Flamenco Dancer
A Flamenco Dancer is an interesting choice for a minifigure. She’s got an interesting dress design, but there isn’t much new here. We’ve seen both this hairpiece and fan before. One reason why I do like her is because I’m assuming she’ll get a partner sometime in the future. A little latin Lego man will look awesome with his suave mustache and slicked back hair. Decoding Tip: Feel for the triangular dress piece. Just make sure she doesn’t have the large crown/hair piece of Lady Liberty.
#7 Clockwork Robot
My second favorite minifigure of the series is the Robot. I love that he has a retro style look that harkens back to the old tin windup toys. They even included a key piece that fits onto his back! I also love that his head is square, which is something you don’t see often on LEGO figures. Plus, the printing on his body makes him one of the more detailed figures in the set. Decoding Tip: Feel for his square head or the “L” shaped piece the key connects to.
#8 Minotaur
My favorite figure in Series 6 is the Minotaur. I love fantasy and historical LEGOs, and this half-man/half-bull is right up both alleys. The head has a really nice detailed sculpt that resembles LEGO’s cow, while still bringing its own unique look. The printing on this figure is also great, with his puffy chest hair, hooves, and large expressive eyes. You can even remove the horns if you want. The Minotaur also comes with an axe accessory.
#9 Leprechaun
The Leprechaun is another character I never thought they’d make, but I’m sure glad they did. He’s a great new addition for the fantasy cast or just the regular City theme. He’s got some nice original printing on his chest, but it’s the green top hat that I like most. The Leprechaun comes with a brand new pot and three gold colored studs to put in it. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the pot because I misplaced it. Now my poor Leprechaun has no place to put his money. Decoding Tip: Feel for the top hat.
#10 Roman Soldier
The Roman Soldier is another great addition to the historical themes. There’s a lot of nice print work on his armor, and even his shield. He comes with the now familiar long spear, but also has a new helmet and shield (known as a scutum). I hope we’ll be seeing more Romans in the future, maybe a few centurions with the red plumage on their helmets? Decoding Tip: It’s easiest to feel for the Soldier’s long spear.

10 thoughts on “Vault Review: LEGO Minifigures
Series 6 (+ Decoder)

  1. Yay! Series Six!

    I finally got to ‘bite’ on Series Five, that wave seemed to be out in mass quantities, and I’ve been darn lucky, just random feeling the packs has resulted in 8 of the 16 with no duplicates, and I’m VERY full of myself for having scored a ‘guy in lizard suit’!

    I think I need that Lady Liberty… 🙂

    Sure wish Lego would re-issue the other series. bah.

  2. Looking at them, the butcher would also make a good scottsman with a body-swap. Check out those side-burns…

  3. I’m continually amazed about how much personality can be conveyed by something with 5 points of articulation, minimal paint, and minimal sculpted detail.

    Of course, it also helps to have creativity like Vault’s. I’m still laughing at the Minotaur “map” pic as I type this.

  4. The Minotaur trying to figure out the maze is one of the funniest images I’ve seen in some time. 😀

  5. I’ve been looking forward to this review since the time the minifigures first started showing up. I’m really happy with this series, I think there was a pretty good amount of diversity in choices. So far I’ve only been cherry picking this line, but I’ve got 9 out of the 16, which is the most I’ve bought out of any other series.

    I’ve got to say that I had a pretty hard time trying to determine each figure. Even feeling for unique parts wasn’t a big help. I wonder if they’re making the packaging just a little thicker. After feeling a few baggies my fingers started to get sore. The figures that gave me the biggest trouble were the Statue of Liberty, the Genie, and the Leprechaun. With Lady Liberty I did not realize she also had the sloped brick for her dress, so I kept thinking it was the dancer. The Genie’s lower half is pretty hard to feel, and with the turban I wasn’t sure if it was the pot of gold or if it was hair. Also with the turban, the feather & gem piece isn’t attached, so don’t let that fool you. The lamp is what was a dead giveaway though. Finally the Leprechaun I kept feeling for the pot of gold, but the mini-legs was finally what led me to my gold.

    Its kind of hard to choose my favorites because they’re all really clever. I think I’d have to go with the robot first and foremost. I really like the Classic Space Alien too. I’ve also picked up the Leprechaun, Sleepyhead, the Genie, the Bandito, the Butcher, the Mechanic, and Lady Liberty.

  6. Lady Liberty has a flame colored flame because that is how the statue’s looks… well.. sort of.. see, originally, it was a translucent flame with a lamp inside (remember, she was the beacon of welcome to the immigrants) when she was refurbished in ’86, the flame became a solid bronze that reflect the light shone onto it… so the minifigure is accurate.

    this is the first wave I didn’t get all of… however, it also has some of my absolute favorites so far… lady liberty, the genie, the grey, sleepy kid… just an awesome bunch

    1. Well, don’t give up just yet! Toys R Us seems to be restocking these as fast as they can. I just got my first three but am waiting to open them up until later.

  7. I managed to feel my way into picking up Lady Liberty and the Genie 🙂 I’m very happy I was right on with the shapes. Liberty’s crown was the dead giveaway for me. I still want the Classic Alien and Leprechaun.

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