Onell Design’s Glyos Rig
Runner (EMD) Review (12 Pics)

I’m still off (hopefully) enjoying the northern Midwest, but it’s Thursday and time for a 7th Market review! It seems like I’ve always got a variety of 7th Market stuff to post about these days, but I thought we’d spend another week on Onell Design’s EMD drop. Today, the Rig Runner!

While this is my first Rig Runner, I’ve previously reviewed 2/3rds of the Bike in the form of the Callgrim Warp Bikes. The Rig Runner’s rear two components are identical, but this Glyos build substites a Rig Phase Blocker Arm for the Callgrim-inspired fork.

If you’ve purchased any of Onell’s vinyl product here, then you know what to expect: quality pieces that feel durable, but have enough give to be able to pop the pieces on and off easily and are even easier to configure. The Rig Runner isn’t quite as versatile as the Rig itself (I think I could photograph that thing all day and still not get all the angles from which it looks different), but the three pieces provide enough customizability that you can swap things around a bit and get your own personal look for the bike.

I’m fond of the bike in its’ basic configuration, but swapping in the long arm from the EMD Conversion Kit (the cannon arm of the Rig) opens up the play value quite a bit. It’s also great that Onell offered up so much of the vinyl in the same colorways* for this drop. I regret not being able to pick up more of the Runners and Conversion kits (you’ll see some black parts substituting in the builds) because having the compatible colors helps me as a builder. Right now, one of my biggest Glyos wants is to see the Experimental Mechanics Division work with a ‘captured’ Armodoc, so we could see one in this great orange/grey color scheme (Seriously, Matt, we need more EMD!).

* – I’ve got some builds with the Block, but I’m holding those back for that particular review.

I’m pretty satisfied with the Rig Runner & Warp Bikes overall (I just ordered a GlowBike from Callgrim.Com a few weeks ago!), but I do find myself wanting to drill out some small ports to add some handlebars to better attach the riders. I love popping my Glyans on the Runner and having them zoom around, but the saddle of the bike is just slightly larger than the space between their legs (in the standard configuration anyway) and it tends to loosen their hips a bit. I’d like to attach the figures via the handlebars and have them secure without having them plopped all the way into the seat. Either that, or I’m betting something from the upcoming Hub set can aid me in building some new legs for the bike-riding Glyans. Continue to the Page 2 Gallery…

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Runner (EMD) Review (12 Pics)

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