Outer Space Men Wave 3 Comet
& Mystron Review (20 Pics)

It looks like we made it! No, I’m not singing along with Barry Manilow (not that I’ll admit to anyway), but Review-A-Palooza concludes with our tenth review and we saved a pretty sweet set of toys for last: the Infinity Editions of Outer Space Men Wave 3: Commander Comet and Mystron!

It still boggles that mind that two short years ago, I had no idea that the Outer Space Men existed. I still remember the 4H teasing their first licensed property with extreme close-ups of Waves 1 & 2 and first hearing about the original line on our forums when some eagled-eyes 4H collectors deduced the close-ups. In that two years, I’ve had the opportunity to become really familiar with the franchise thanks to a strong friendship with Mel Birnkrant, some great interviews), and some healthy research.

Long story short, two years later the Outer Space Men has become one of my favorite lines. I’m anxiously waiting completion of the original thirteen and eager to see what expansion might be in the franchise’s future. The Four Horsemen were kind enough to send along a set of Infinity Editions Wave 3 & 4 for us here at IAT to review, so let’s get to it!

While the Outer Space Men appeal to me as action figures in their own right, there’s the added value of the Glyos system, but like much of the Four Horsemen’s non-corporate work, I feel like these little guys verge on art. I don’t want to get all hipster on you guys, a toy is a toy is a toy. But when I look at these guys, particularly the painted Infinity Editions, well… they’re just something I want to look at. I don’t know how else to explain it. I see Demo-Man and he’s cool and well sculpted, but I don’t find myself sitting there looking at him and just taking it in.

It could just be that they’re shiny and I’m dumb, but I’d like to think it’s a little more than that. Particularly when it comes to Commander Comet. I mean, look at the picture above (now back to me) and consider this: Comet was sculpted 1:1. The great face sculpt, the detail in wings, the feathered suit, etc., all sculpted actual size. That combined with some great paint work – that’s where the shiny comes in, I love the metallic colors, particularly the wings – make for an amazing figure. Just think about figures 6″ figures that have soft sculpts or sloppy paint really gives me pause about where I’m willing to spend my money.

I know I’m being whimsical, so let me wrap up my thoughts on Comet with some nitty gritty details – he features about 12 points of articulation and is compromised of 15 pieces (all but 4 of which are new), not counting the extra sent of bent arms, his ‘bubblegum helmet’, and his two accessories. He comes packaged with both his classic crossbow and a new staff that features a combination of his chest symbol and wings. I enjoy both accessories, but I’m enjoying the staff – even though I think of it more as him using as a flag to claim territory for Venus.

With Comet being such an intriguing part of the line to me, it should be no surprise that I also enjoy his foil, Mystron. Mystron is interesting because he is the one Outer Space Man from Earth, albeit deep inside the Earth. I’ll avoid any evaluations about the Earth representative being somewhat… devilish, but I do find it amusing. Like Comet, Mystron has a Renaissance feel to him. I don’t know how many of you are reading the current S.H.I.E.L.D. comic, which also mixes Renaissance themes and idea with modern technology, but the figure makes me enjoy that comic more and vice versa even though they have very little to do with one another.

Like Comet, Mystron features a killer head sculpt! I kinda wish the horns had been able to be Glyos joints (though I couldn’t tell you have that would’ve really worked) because this is a sculpt that I think has some real reuse as a redecoed piece, though the horns having to be a constant fixture limit that somewhat. Still, that’s about potential and not’s what here, which is a well-sculpted noggin’. There are a few shared pieces here, the lower legs and arms, but Mystron packs plenty new pieces. Some are to get the details, like the trunk hose and angular suit, just right while others, like the wings and tail, help fully flesh out the nature of the character.

Mystron is another win in the paint department. In addition to the metallic purple and gold, the wings, tail, and accessories are painted in this great textured paint – if it can be called paint, I’m not sure, but it gives the wing this great velour look – and also helps to make them particularly inky black something I’m not sure molded plastic could’ve acheived on its own. Mystron includes updated copies of his original accessories, the pistol and staff. Both are great pieces and aided by being black as sin thanks to the paint.

If you can’t tell I’m pleased as punch to have these guys in my collection. To be almost halfway to having the complete OSM is a pretty cool prospect. I’ll review Wave 4 (Electron+ & Alpha 7) here in the coming days and then I’ll be crossing my fingers with the rest of you for some cool reveals at Toypocalypse (the urge to call-in sick and drive 1200 mile is strong in me, but IAT won’t be attending personally). We’ve seen Orbitron & the amazingly detailed Colossus Rex, so I’m hoping some images of any of the remaining three are in our near future.

Alright, let me sign off here. I want to thank everyone for coming and checking out the site multiple times as we tried to process our Review Backlog in a fun way! Review-A-Palooza was a blast for us and we hope you enjoyed it. Or are enjoying it, because you’ve actually got one page left – Continue to the Page Two Gallery!

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& Mystron Review (20 Pics)

  1. Looking good. Loving the creepy feel to the soapstone stuff in the background. That last pic is my favorite. And I so think Comet looks like David Hasslehoff. Check out pic number 4 if you don’t agree with me…

      1. Strictly speaking, the original Commander Comet bears a striking resemblance to Hasselhoff – despite being produced when Hasselhoff was still in high school.

        So in reality, Hasselhoff grew up to look like Commander Comet!

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