Glyos Henshin Wave
First Look – 22 Pics!

Onell Design is serving up a giant helping of Glyos tonight! The figures will be available in some new clear colors (that match some of the OSM), but, more importantly, the axis joints will finally make their debut. We’ve played with the new joints and we can tell you they’re every bit as awesome as you think.

I’m not going to do a full text review here because if you know Glyos, you already know what to expect (and if you don’t, click here). These new figures have the same level of quality I’ve come to expect from Onell Designs. The new colors are a lot of fun and are Outer Space Men compatible. The really highlight though is the axis joint system (pictured at right).

Simply put, these new joints are a gamechanger. We got our first look at the joints back in August over at BattleGrip.Com. They looked great then, but they’re even better in person. The four spheres may look simple in the images, but the range they add is ridiculous. If you’re picking these up tonight, buy at least two sets of the joints. Trust me, you’ll just want more later…

Below we’ve got a bunch of pictures of just some of the items that are going live tonight. For a more complete list, check out the Onell Blog. These figures will be are available at the Onell Design Store now!

A big thank you to Matt & Michelle for sending us this advance look at the new items! You guys rock!

Onell Design Store

8 thoughts on “Glyos Henshin Wave
First Look – 22 Pics!

  1. Dang, I’m passing for now, but if they make some of those joints in matching PAINTED (not clear) colors to the regular OSM, I’m buying! 😀

  2. these made my children extremely excited… my youngest is stroking the back of my neck to try to butter me up for some xmas glyos…

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