Ask Matty
December 15th Edition

Ask Matty – December 15th Edition

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DCClassics.Com: In the last few waves, the figures that have visible eyes are painted to be looking up while older waves had the figures looking forward. Is this a design choice by Mattel or being done at the factory? At IAT, we’d prefer they look forward.

For the most part these are due to “human error” at our vendor. Every single DCUC figure is painted by hand and sometimes the eyes are not always as eyes front as we would like. We will pass this along to our design and quality control teams.

MOTUClassics.Com: Since expensive figures need to be spread out in the line, is King Hssss the one “expensive” figure for 2011? Meaning, we’re not likely to see any other fully tool’d figures in Club Eternia 2011?

We are not ready to reveal our full 2011 plans, but we can tell you there are other figures in 2011 getting quite a lot of tooling! King Hssss is not the only one!

MOTUClassics.Com: When will we learn more about The Fighting Foe Men? Are Demo-Man & Red Beast members?

In time. We aren’t ready to spill the beans yet. But we can tell you Demo-Man is not a “Preternia” character and is not connected to them. Just because a character is based on concept art does not make that character from the “King Grayskull” era.

DCClassics.Com: Will the yellow attachments in the upcoming Hal vs. Sinestro fit Sinestro? The new Sinestro appears to use the hands and forearms of the one we have and the Metal Men attachments don’t work on him.

We actually went through quite a lot of testing with all the constructs. Originally, Sinestro was going to come with a yellow version of the rifle construct (originally with Wave 10’s John Stewart figure) but it didn’t fit on his hand. The final constructs were all tested out and do indeed work for both Hal or Sinestro (but not the other way around).

MOTUClassics.Com: Will there ever be a horned helmet for Skeletor so he can match Panthor?

It is not out of the question, but much as He-Man does not have a Battle Cat helmet, nothing is planned right now.

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19 thoughts on “Ask Matty
December 15th Edition

  1. Some pretty great questions here. I love the final comic; too funny! VERY interesting news about Demo-Man! I am very surprised by that one. I wonder where they’ll take it, then. Another foe for Oo-lar? Also, great news about lots of new tooling coming in 2011! Thanks Team!!

    Side note: Noisy, where in the world are you located that you’re posting news at 3:30am? I work 3rds, so that’s my excuse for reading it; just curious.

    1. I was really happy with the answers this time. I e-mailed a couple members of the Mattel team to let them know “more like this”!

      I’m smack dab in the middle of the USA and I don’t have a good excuse for being up that late. 😉

  2. When will we learn more about The Fighting Foe Men? Are Demo-Man & Red Beast members? will we learn more about The Fighting Foe Men? Are Demo-Man & Red Beast members?


  3. I still think it’s dumb that Mattel used the design drawing that became Beast Man to create a new origin for Skeletor.

    But that’s kinda Matty par for the course with these bios.

  4. That was great. On top of the actual answers, this site is becoming really hilarious! The comics are funnier than Twisted ToyFare Theatre I find.

  5. I agree with Lay Ze-Man above about Demo Man. When Mattel gives us that figure I hope it doesn’t look like Beastman’s emaciated relative.

  6. so, for the sake of conversation, i truthfully have to believe that demo-man is going to be a PoP character… i mean, i understand the folly of expecting matty to make sense, but wouldn’t that make sense?

    and the skeletor question… what the hell was that? why would skeletor get a panthor helmet? the helmet recalls the havoc staff, that symbolism is already extant in skellie… that was a dumb question. i mean, come on, i understand that not every question can be “how does mattel justify cutting back on motuc pack-ins like alternate heads, in light of the fact that the last two quarters, they are recording down sales from last year, but increased profits?” but surely, that Q doesn’t make much sense. does that mean that when we get strider, you’re asking for fisto to get a horned horseshaped helm? that question seems nonsensical… if the attempt was to show matty that non-traditional pack-ins are something that fans are interested in, i think i would have been a tad more direct in just asking if mattel would consider adding in new design elements and extras to make motuc more it’s own entity, rather than a rejuve of the vintage line… but it’s clearly not my website 🙂

    1. You are seriously going to look at that picture and think Skeletor doesn’t look badass in that helmet?

      1. Ya know, he does. he’s rockin’ the Thulsa Doom vibe kinda. He-Man, OTOH, that’s just sad.

        Hey, maybe that’s a new class of accessory they can make, helmets. Helmets for those what don’t have helmets.

        Altho that means we’d have to get the helmet made for He-Man in orange for Faker, wouldn’t it? And that would just be silly. 🙂

    2. Sure. I’d buy a Four Horsemen sculpted Stridor Helmet for Fisto.

      And it wasn’t supposed to make sense. Sometimes you just have to have fun. There was no attempt at anything. It was ridiculousuly awesome when we heard it, so we used it.

      1. I’m not entirely sold on JUST the helmets, and definitely not exactly as they are in that mock-up, which I realize was also going for the joke there . . .

        But for the record, I think the 4H could absolutely design up a “Battle Cat Armor He-Man” and a “Panthor Armor Skeletor” both FULLY redec’d out, that would be freakin’ awesome.

  7. I hope that Demo-Man looks more like the costum photo/figure that’s on the net rather than that Beastman design.

  8. Demo-Man is actually a gendered switched Tex Hex (fromn Bravestarr just in case no one got that ref).

  9. Man, I wish Demo-Man has a new head design nothing to do with Skeletor… to me Keldor has that face due to the acid incident (If not DM should be named Skull-Man or something like that), and many changes in his body due to the mix with DM like happened in DragonBall with Goku and Vegeta that had features of both.

  10. I like how this site always links to the other Ask Matty’s all around the web. Looks like you are missing one at Kitty’s Pryde website.

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