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Ask Matty
December 15th Edition


In the last few waves, the figures that have visible eyes are painted to be looking up while older waves had the figures looking forward. Is this a design choice by Mattel or being done at the factory? At IAT, we’d prefer they look forward.

Ask Matty - March 15th Edition

Ask MattyMarch 15th, 2010

MOTUClassics.Com Battle Cat Review

Amusing Articulations: He-Man’s quittin’ teh lien!

Matty on MattyCollector: Feb Sale Moved, Wun-Dar Delayed, & Battle Cat is Heavy...

Matty posted some updates on the MOTU Classics line in the news section of MattyCollector.Com…

Truetorial: Is There Room for
New Characters in MOTU Classics?

Last month, the IAT staff sat down and beat out our Jan 15th Mattel questions. We bounced around a few ideas and, like we always do, we got off track. This time talking about Masters of the Universe Classics and the future of the line. Vault had

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