Battle Cat Review

Since MOTU Classics started in late 2008, each figure has been released to a varying degree of anticipation and excitement. In 2009, I'm not sure who was the most anticipated. Skeletor came early in the line, when figures could last into a second week, so it can't be him. I guess maybe Hordak. He's among the most popular of the class of 2009 and his sellout time was among the quickest for last year. But this year, there's no debate. Without knowing what the last four Club Eternia figures are for this year, without knowing what the last quarterly or large-scale figure will be, I'm calling it now. None will have been as anticipated as Battle Cat.

Truetorial: Is There Room for
New Characters in MOTU Classics?

Last month, the IAT staff sat down and beat out our Jan 15th Mattel questions. We bounced around a few ideas and, like we always do, we got off track. This time talking about Masters of the Universe Classics and the future of the line. Vault had done a little spreadsheet work and came up with a rough estimate of how many figures Mattel would be putting into the line if they fulfilled their 2016 goal including monthlies, quarterly bonuses, convention exclusives, and subscription exclusives. Then he made a list of all the previously released MOTU toys and added in some likely non-Filmation candidates that didn’t get a toy but could be done now. Vault was surprised to find that the numbers turned out to be about the same.