Matty on MattyCollector: Feb Sale Moved, Wun-Dar Delayed, & Battle Cat is Heavy…

Matty posted some updates on the MOTU Classics line in the news section of MattyCollector.Com…

Hey Toy Fans,

They say when it rains, it pours, and they ain’t kidding. We’ve had so much news in the last week on our 2/15 sale, we’re just going to roll it all into one big story. So here’s what’s up…

February 15th Sale is Moving to Tuesday, February 16th
Turns out we were misinformed when we posted on Facebook that our sale would be staying on Monday, February 15th. Our customer service team does indeed have the day off (although a skeleton crew will be available) and because we have so many hotly anticipated items going on sale, we’ve decided it’s better to push the sale to Tuesday, February 16th to ensure we have the support we need for a smooth sale.

SUBSCRIBERS, PLEASE NOTE: Your standard monthly “renewal” notice will still be automatically sent on February 15th, but all orders will begin shipping on February 16th (including subscriptions).

Wun-Dar™ Shipping April 15th
Even the Power of Grayskull™ can’t save our shipping conundrum… we just found out we’re not going have our full quota of Wun-Dar™ figures in time to ship with the 2/16 sale items. Rather than split shipments so some subscribers get him in February and some in April, we’re going to hold all Wun-Dar™ figures and the Eternia® maps for mid-April shipment with Evil-Lyn®. Rest assured, although it’ll be a little later than we thought, your subscribers-only Wun-Dar™ and Eternia® map are coming!

Battle Cat® Shipping Costs
Many fans have asked if it will cost more to ship Battle Cat® because he’s bigger and heavier than other figures, and the answer is yes. Our standard figures weigh about one pound, while the beefy Battle Cat® tips the scale at over two pounds. The additional cost for shipping will depend on where it’s shipped and the shipping method. When you purchase him, you’ll see the actual charge in your cart before the final check out.

Subscribers-Only Savings on Battle Cat®Along with the guarantee of getting every main MOTU character each month, and the exclusive Wun-Dar™ figure and map of Eternia™ coming in April, we promised some cool stuff when we offered our 2010 Club Eternia™ subscriptions. Subscribers, keep an eye on your inbox, because we’re going to send you an exclusive coupon code good for $8 off Battle Cat®! Just enter your code at checkout and $8 will automatically be deducted from your total order as long as there’s at least one Battle Cat® in your cart. (Please note: each subscriber will receive ONE coupon good for a total of $8 off, regardless of the number of subscriptions you have or the number of Battle Cat® figures you purchase.)

Okay, that’s enough news for now! Oh wait, one last thing… we launched our Fan Forums this week, so come meet your fellow toy collectors and talk toys!

—Matty via (MattyCollector.Com)

17 thoughts on “Matty on MattyCollector: Feb Sale Moved, Wun-Dar Delayed, & Battle Cat is Heavy…

  1. 1) I just changed that sale date to the 15th as I had thought it would be delayed due to President’s Day as well…

    2) BOOOOOOOOOO! That really stinks. I know it’s silly, but I was really looking forward to him this month.

    3) Makes sense.

    4) One Battle Cat coupon to rule us all? IAT staff is excited about this coupon, but as we order it one group, that will be diluting the power of our coupon. LOL

  2. The coupon is great! I do wish they’d do more than one per person though.

  3. What, Mattel didn’t want to try and run their sale with the DR skeleton crew? Guess it’s for the best if they were the folks not bright enough to get out of work on the holiday.

  4. I took off the 15th from work, so now I’m screwed. Hopefully, someone will switch shifts with me. 🙁

    1. Not picking on you specifically, Fisto, but the percentage of people that “working/travelling/unavailable” that day is astounding.

      Does no one have friends or relatives that can order for them? I don’t understand why this is such an inconvenience.

      1. It’s not easy being a MOTU fan?

        I have noticed that too. I don’t have a job that gets in the way, but if I did, I would’ve definitely subscribed.

  5. This blows! Battle Cat is moved, no Wun-Dar, and savings for a club I’m not part of it. Oh well…

    As long as I get TJ and Battle Cat, I wont’ complain.

  6. Wun-Dar and the map waiting until April stinks, but I do like the coupon for subscribers. Helps me defray some shipping cost. I was anticipating that Battle Cat would be a couple more bucks for shipping just like when I had an order of Zod, Randor, and Winston.

  7. I really hope we can double up on BC coupons. A friend of mine orders for me because I can’t at work, and it also helps that we save on s&h. Both of us have subs… so shouldn’t we both get to use our coupons?!

    1. That’d be nice. Too bad there is no way for Mattel to differentiate between one subber who orders mults and the individuals who group order.

  8. if they knew one subber w/ many figs and individuals who group ordered, i’d curse the patriot act and flea to canada before they grind up our dead and feed them to us.

    1. Exactly. It stinks, but there’s not much Mattel can do about it other than to give out the coupon willy nilly.

      And if an online retailer has 10 orders with 10 subs, I wouldn’t want them to get 100 coupons… so, I guess I’ll be happy with my $2 savings. :p

      1. see, i think that’s the only “proper” scenario, they SHOULD be giving out one coupon per sub, for every sub, not every acct. if i was a retailer w/ 10 subs and 10 accts, i’m spending 2875 dollars a month on their subscription product alone… the one time 800 dollar shipping discount would not be out of line.

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