17 thoughts on “Amusing Articulations: Toys that Play with Toys

  1. Bucky’s head is from Peter Parker right? Never seen that figure before! I can’t believe the rampant re-use of parts didn’t other me back then…now the only figure I’m still happy with from that era is Iolaus from the Hercules TV show, he looks like Robert Plant xD

      1. That’s messed up.

        That you bought those. And that you turned that picture around so fast.

    1. Yeah, the Peter Parker as Bucky sucked. I should shoot myself for buying it. At least it served a purpose… finally.

      Those TB toys were pretty advanced at the time I suppose, so we shouldn’t feel too bad. At least I didn’t buy Sunspot and G.W. Bridge… 😉

  2. If you have a Salmoneus, I truly believe everything is in your cellar. Man, those Herc figures sucked – just look at him.

  3. You know, you can take this two ways.

    Is Bucky sighing because Cap only ever wants to buy military figures or because he didn’t have enough money for Corps figures and had to buy Trek?

  4. Sadly, I wouldn’t mind buying some Trek figures. Those pieces of garbage aren’t even worth $2 though.

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