Ask Matty – March 15th Edition

Ask Matty
March 15th, 2010

1. Vault asks: In the first year of DCUC, I was excited about the healthy mix of characters from different decades. I was especially happy to see the 90s represented well. But in 2009, I don’t think a single figure was made that could call that decade home. In 2010, we’re seeing Tim Drake & FA Superboy early on, is that a sign of more 90s characters to come? I know you can’t comment on specifics, but DC gained a lot of new readers in the 90s, with Morrison’s JLA in particular, and some fans want to see those characters represented…

We definitely have more plans for characters from every decade. While we can’t comment on any specific characters at this time you can bet the 90s is a favorite time around here as well.

2. Tekwych asks: In Japan many companies participate in Wonderfest. The event allows customizers a chance to purchase a 1-day license to sell their own interpretations of licensed characters in limited quantities. These are often resin ‘Garage kits’ that need assembly and painting and must be 100% original work by the artist. If other North American companies also participated would a North American ‘Wonderfest’ be something that Mattel would be willing to participate in?

It is a bit hard to comment on the hypothetical, but we did recently host a fantastic event at Gallery 1988 in Hollywood that featured over one hundred talented artists interpreting the MOTU characters in their own creative ways!

3. Mo asks: Hawkman and Hawkgirl gave Mattel wings, but you haven’t used them since. Are there any other characters on Mattel’s radar that could take advantage of those already-tooled wings?

Dawnstar comes to mind if you are just asking for other winged characters off the top of our head. She would be a lot of fun to do but there’s nothing to announce at this time.

4.Mr. Rant asks: Battle Cat is spectacular. I have to give Mattel and the 4H props for that, but Panthor is going to have a unique head sculpt, right?

It is too early for us to comment on Panthor at this point. I can tell you that we do have some ideas that will blow you away!

5. Noisy asks: Will any of the inevitable future versions of He-Man (Adam, Thunder Punch, etc) have a head with a different facial expression? With MOTU being an adult collector line that can swap heads, it’d be great if we could get an angrier head or a closed mouth head on some future versions when the tooling budget allows.

We do have some great ideas in mind for how to change up He-Man’s facial expression a little bit. Just hang on!

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17 thoughts on “Ask Matty – March 15th Edition

  1. Wow. He actually sounds like he wants to answer the questions. Even tho he still doesn’t.

  2. #5 kinda contradicts my question answered from Poeghostal regarding the Hairstyles for Different Eras of He-Man (We’d get same head no He-Mullet for 200X and maybe a ponytail for NA)

    1. which question is yours? i don’t see any on poe that seems to suggest we’d get the same he-head over again?

  3. “The JLU/DCUC stuff no one wanted didn’t sell out, so we take it as a sign that ALL our lines are still just unsuccessful enough to not increase production numbers/make products available at retail.”

    I’ve heard others complain about answers like this, but it’s just now getting to me too.

  4. wings: other Hawk variations are a given
    F: Dawnstar. Silver Swan.
    M: Zauriel (FA > armor). Asrael (NTT angel). Golden Eagle (altho I do prefer the Titans Hunt armor, here)

    Pendragon: w14 – I’m glad some are still missing out on w10. If I had the money, I’d go clear out the 8 or 9 sets at mine for them, PG included! (Haven’t had a full check since I got released from accident, so don’t ask!)
    (and why does PP have an AFI banner?)

    Kastor: release schedule – great, w13 is supposed to start hitting any day and I still don’t have Kilowog! GGRRRR!!!!!!

  5. i love that the DC license expires dec 31, 2012… so basically, matty is only planning up to the mayan armageddon, right? friggin’ brilliant. bet they hid in a bunker on the millenium change too. you know, just to be safe.

    also, a question i wish i’d thought to suggest for this month… why isn’t mattel doing anything w/ the WWE for wrestlemania? it’s a question i always wondered w/ jakks, but mattel actually gives me a forum to ask… a toy booth at the mania fan access display would reach CRAZY numbers of people. mania does a week now in the town that the event is held, prior to the event, staging press events and doing all kinds of fan interaction panels and such… and they move MEGA units of merchandise in this period… why the hell isn’t mattel in there w/ mania exclusive figs, belts, dress up merch, etc… and getting a piece of the mania pie? why aren’t they doing a Hall of Fame line that is only put out once a year and features that years Hall of Fame inductees? trust me, the line up would be substantially different from the “legends” line. there are a ton of guys on legends contracts but only like 6 people a year make it to the HoF. in the wrestling world, nothing trumps wrestlemania, not even sdcc… why on earth aren’t they there getting a taste?

  6. Poor He-Man, he’s always constipated. Is Ex-Lax not around on Eternia? Sounds like it should be…

  7. Dawnstar!!? OK…… might I also suggest… The Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl!!

    Hawkman could come twice. One, with a Joe Kubert Hawk-headpiece.

    The second: Hawkman with his later “yellow-hood”…the way he appeared in the later issues of All-STAR Comics.
    There are my “Three suggestions”.

    Also, the Silver Age Kubert Hawkman had the Man-Hawks as villains, …as another possible figure with wings.

    But I’d be much happier with the first three suggestions!!

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