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MOTUClassics.Com: Keldor in Package

This afternoon at MattyCollector, Matty showed pictures of
Keldor in package along with our first look at his bio…

MOTU Fans,

For longer than we can remember, the background of Keldor™ has been shrouded in mystery… but in preparation of his arrival on June 15th here at MattyCollector.com, we herewith reveal his bio!

Keldor™ was the first figure in the 2002 line aimed directly at collectors, sold first at SDCC in 2003. So, with this amazing figure we have really come full circle. Not only does this bio reveal major secrets from the past of Skeletor®, but Keldor™ also includes a removable cape that can be used for your Skeletor® figures as well! He comes with both halves of the Power Sword® in purple (the only time we will do both halves in purple) and the acid vial that wounded him in battle with his half-brother, King Randor™.

Please note that Keldor™ is a “quarterly” figure and not part of the Club Eternia™ subscription. You can get him for your own at 12:00 Noon Eastern / 9:00am Pacific on Tuesday, June 15th here at MattyCollector.com. If you’re not registered yet for an email reminder, . You can follow me on Twitter where I post reminders, too.


Apprentice of Hordak

Real Name: Keldor of the House of Miro
Banished from the royal palace, in part due to distrust for the rare blue-skinned Gar race, Prince Keldor became an outcast. He traveled Eternia seeking knowledge and guidance, eventually discovering the ancient Spirit of Hordak. From him, Keldor learned of the dark arts and came to realize that to truly unite Eternia, he woudl need to take command of the planet himself. He gathered an army of fellow outcasts and led them in a battle against his brother, Captain Randor. Eventually defeated, and near death, Keldor once again turned to Hordak who, in exchange for his own freedom, agreed to save Keldor’s life by merging him with Demo-Man, twisting Keldor into Skeletor – Lord of Destruction!

I ‘m not sure what kind of show Miro and Randor were running, but I don’t know if I like it anymore. And haven’t the last handful of bios (Optikk, She-Ra, and now Keldor) really fleshed out Skeletor in particular? He starts out as Moses, becomes Attila the Hun, then goes Vader, takes out his Master, and sets out to become Palpatine. And we all thought he was a two-dimensional bonehead growing up. Who knew?

8 comments to MOTUClassics.Com: Keldor in Package

  • Grenadier

    I originally wanted Skeletor because of his goofball appearances on “Robot Chicken.” Now that they’re fleshing him out into an interesting character, well hell.

    Keldor may be the first MOTU figure I decide to fight for.

  • Tucson Joe

    Moses, Moses, Moses!!! ROFLMAO!

    Don’t drink and read IAT, folks. I almost spewed Coke all over my monitor.

  • TJ84

    Why are the pics so small this time? The swords would be cool if they were both full swords.

  • dayraven

    um… miro was a white guy… and randor is a white guy… i don’t recall seeing mrs miro… but wouldn’t there have to be more than one mrs miro to make keldor and randor? and wouldn’t that make randor keldor’s half-brother? or are we to assume the gar are a genetic mutation, like “oh look, randor can curl his tongue in a curl and keldor is a gar… kill him!”

    didn’t they just turn the heroes of eternia into racists and keldor is kind of like sinestro? is the “legit” SDCC exclusive the rare “white hooded he-man complete w/ burning crucifix and color change SS tattoos?” i mean, come on here… didn’t cain and abel already do the accepted brother/rejected brother routine? ‘cept they had the same mother and abel wasn’t the burger king?

    • No. you see the Gar race is actually a recessive trait that needs to be in both parents and at least one grandparent. Even then it will only surface 12.5% of the time. A secondary factor of the Gar race is the inability to follow through on good ideas. Gar’s tend to have epic failure after epic failure.

  • do4m

    I love these Aww sorry you missed out on XXXXX. Here’s a pic of YYYYY in package!!! Read the bio! Buy the Subscription!!! We may rerelease XXXXX in about a year.

    Love the Keldor Bio, Hate the Swords. I would’ve liked a Melty face Keldor, but I can live without that… The swords on the other hand…

  • Max R.

    Definitely going to be a fast sellout but probably not as a crazy as 1-minute as with Moss Man. There’s no shared production run (Flocked/Unflocked) and I think thats the main reason why the figure sold out this month so quickly.

    The could do a Burned Keldor vs. Regular Keldor and that would probably trigger the exact same effect with the variant driving up scarcity and prices on Ebay.

    Low production numbers from the first 6 months are any indication of how Matty wasn’t to keep the buzz behind this line “hot” and the figures rolling out each month.