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DC Universe Classics
Checklist – 2009 Figures

Visual Checklist & Reviews

This visual checklist includes all figures released under the DC Universe Classics line as well as the lines associated with it: Public Enemies & Green Lantern Classics. This list is updated regularly and is generally considered complete. This page features the 2009 section of the checklist; other pages are accessible with the links below. If a review is available, you can access that review by clicking on the figure. Clicking on unreleased figures will generally bring up larger images.

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Flash1 Captain Cold Big Barda Big Barda Blue Beetle Aquaman (80s) Booster Gold Booster (Modern) Kid Flash Atom-Smasher
Stand Head/Waist Left Arm 70/30 Var Right Leg Torso Left Leg 50/50 Var Right Arm Collect & Connect

Hawkgirl Gentlemen Ghost Parademon
Dr. Fate Dr. Fate IV Mr. Terrific Vigilante Steel Giganta
Stand Head/Waist Left Arm 50/50 Var Right Arm 70/30 Var Right Leg Left Leg Torso Collect & Connect

Green Arrow1 Black Canary Mantis Mantis Wildcat Wildcat Black Adam Deadshot Guardian Chemo
Stand Waist Left Arm 50/50 Var Torso 70/30 Var Left Leg Right Arm Right Leg Collect & Connect

Batman1 Joker1 Forager Power
Man-Bat Robotman Beast
Stand Right Leg Head/Waist Left Leg Left Arm Torso Right Arm Collect & Connect

Superman Batman Icicle Silver
Superman Batman Black
Major Force Brimstone
Right Arm Waist Right Leg Left Leg Right Arm Waist Left Arm Torso Collect & Connect

John Stewart Shark Steppenwolf Steppenwolf Question Katma Tui Deadman Deadman Cyborg Superman Kilowog
Left Arm Right Leg Stand 50/50 Var Left Leg Torso Right Arm 70/30 Var Head/Waist Collect & Connect

Wonder Twins Gleek Superman1 Batman1 Lex Luthor Two-Face Catwoman Adam Strange
& Starfire
Gotham City 5pk
Space Heroes 2pk

Ultraman &
Alex Luthor
Romat Ru
& Karu-Sil
Animal Man &
B’Wana Beast
Muddy Batman
& Clayface
Red Eyes Supes
& Brainiac
Battle for Earth-3 2pk
Sinestro Corps 2pk
Animal Instincts 2pk
Fists of Clay
Clash in the Cosmos

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