Power Girl & Man-Bat

If you’ve been waiting for the Chemo review, well, it’s going to be a little longer. DCUC10 has arrived and we’re going to pair Chemo up with his C&C counterpart, Imperiex. But first, we’ll check out the rest of the wave ten lineup. First up, Power Girl and Man-Bat.

Power Girl is a nice figure in a wave of nice figures. She reuses a lot of Black Canary parts (the ab torso through the upper calf), but has plenty of new parts too. The new cuffed boots and gloves (the arms look to be completely new) are well done and we’ll undoubtedly be seeing them again. She also sports a new head sculpt that is on par with the wonderful DCD one from a few years back, a new belt, and a new cape. And of course, she has her unique torso that Mattel thought best to obscure in the package by having her face completely to the left with an arm up. Pretty funny stuff. All the new pieces work together for a great figure. The standard articulation is there, even the hinged hips, though the hinge is hidden in the leg (like Wonder Woman).

Technically, Man-Bat is a straight repaint of the 2007 SDCC Exclusive Man-Bat. When Man-Bat was first shown as a 2up, he was in a brown deco. When the line got shuffled around and Man-Bat became an SDCC exclusive, he’d turned white. I’m not sure why they went with the albino deco, but that was how he was featured on “The Batman” cartoon at the time. It made for a cool figure, but there’s been fan outcry for the brown ever since. This version uses all the same parts and features mostly standard articulation: ball shoulders, wrists and head, hinges at the elbows, hips, knees, and ankles, swivels at the waist and bicep, and the ab crunch. All the joints work well, though the figures arms are made of the same gummy plastic as the original to keep the wings flexible.

The Power Girl in this review was painted very well. Her colors are crisp because they’re mostly solid colors on each individual part. Still, the few paints app present are good ones. The one thing to watch for is her hands and thighs. On the two I’ve seen, the blue from the fists easily scuffs up the legs. You can’t see it in the images, but she’s already ended up with thin blue lines on her legs. It’s a little irritating.

Like Power Girl, Man-Bat is mostly molded in the right colors, but his arms were molded in a translucent plastic then painted to match the body. This makes for a cool effect with his wings. You can’t see through them per se, but you can seem some light through them, which makes for some creepy poses. He also has paint apps for his eyes, mouth, toes, belt, and the tears in his pants. All the apps on this figure were nice and crisp.

No accessories for these two, but Man-Bat is a massive figure made up of unique tooling (from those pre-buck, DCSH days).

Overall, these are two figures that should be in any DC Classics collection. We’re hoping this Wal-Mart exclusive wave filters out to more locations than the last one. DCUC5 was great, but some of the figures wouldn’t be missing from a proper DC collection and had some issues to boot. That’s not the case with these figures. Both of them are high profile enough that they’d be missing in any group shot and both are done well when you get them. Two front-of-shelfers for sure.

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Power Girl & Man-Bat

  1. SDCC 07 Man Bat was white because Mattel thought it looked way better in the packaging. ( which was pretty dark, though amazingly awesome)

  2. So glad to finally see a proper Man-Bat in the line.

    The white one was okay and they do look good together. Seems silly to keep both of them out though, I might put the brown one on my hero shelf and the white one with my villains. Hrm.

  3. Anyone have a link to pics of the original 2-up?

    This version’s brown doesn’t seem quite as good.
    Too reddish-orange or something…

  4. I hate Wal-mart and I’m starting to hate Mattel! BBTS has a Power Girl pre-order available, apparently shipping with wave 12 under the “World’s Greatest…” tag. Anyone heard about it? That would lower my wave 10 must-haves to The Joker & Beast Boy. Maybe Robotman, too, but I’ll be lucky if I see any. I’ve been to 6 different WMs across 2 counties and no look (employees aren’t much help either).

    I actually picked up the PG pre-order along with the wave 12 set of 8 from BBTS. Another oddity: they have a listing for wave 12 Spectre (Modern Variant). Haven’t heard anything about that anywhere, but it’s there for $20 (no pic). That might be an interesting question for Mattel’s next Q&A…

    1. Hopefully, the All-Star program will get Gentlemen Ghost and the Wave 9 figures that aren’t in “Best Of No. 3” case. And wave 10 too, of course!

      I think the Fwoosh confirmed BBTS Spectre listing is a typo, but I wish it wasn’t!

  5. Still no luck in neck of the woods. 🙁

    Manbat looks so much better in the right colors.

  6. yup, like everyone else, these are my two from this wave, and of course, you’ve found them, while i have diddly squat to find from my various forays. ‘s ok though, i refuse to get sucked into “the Hunt” over DC figs. if i find them, i will love them forever and cherish their little plasticness, but if not, i will only weep on the inside. 😉

    1. Do you use the sightings thread on the Fwoosh at all? There’s actually a decent network of collectors in SF (which is good and bad).

  7. I just don’t care for this Power Girl. The DCD was ten times better. Mattel does have the better Man-Bat though.

  8. Woah, I missed a lot!!!! 0.0

    PeeGee looks like an awesome figure. I hope I can find her.

  9. I’ve found Power Girl and Joker, but I missed the rest of the wave.

    The Man-Bat looks interesting, but Robotman is the must have.

  10. Good luck finding these ever.

    I wish the toys weren’t so good. I’d never think twice about stupid Mattel agian.

  11. Hey, just use a stiff brush and some soap to scrub away the blue paint on the legs, no reason you should live with it.

    Yeah, DCD Powergirl was teh hotness, I liked her head mostly though.

    Hey, did PG ever have a boyfriend? She likes guys right? I love her attitude and want to ask her out ^__^

    1. Thanks! I’ll have to try that!

      DCD Power Girl did have a good headsculpt, so good, they reused it on that armored figure! LOL.

  12. Horrible upper waist on Power Girl. Otherwise the rest of the figure looks okay. They ruined Canary by not giving her articulation and the horrible paint job on the hair. Yeah its a dye job/wig but usually its a seamless color of yellow.

    1. PeeGee does suffer from that anorexic sideview all DCUC ladies have, but I’ve given up on that. The proportions are just going to be what they are.

      I totally agree on Canary, it would have been so much better to mold yellow and drywash some highlights. The way they did it worked if done correctly, but I haven’t seen many where it was done right.

      1. I agree, Mattel should hire me exclusively to paint the hair of all Black Canaries, and charge $20 more per figure to cover my salary 😀

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