27 thoughts on “Amusing Articulations: Imperiex
He puts the Classic in DC Classics

  1. The eBay prices will come back down. Hopefully, everyone with a $100 Joker will still feel it’s money well spent when they find him in a store.

    Of course, by Christmas Mattel could have these marked up that high anyway.

  2. Daaamn! Is there any DC Classics you don’t have?? Your site is reminding me of all the holes in my collection!!

    You’re right though, those eBay prices are ridiculous. People will feel stupid after the panic mode wanes.

    1. I don’t have human Mantis yet.

      And I don’t have all 47 of the DCSH figures, but I have the important ones.

      When we get to a gap where there’s not anything new coming for awhile I’ll take a big group shot again. I have my 1-7 group shot somewhere…

    1. It’s most funny when it hurts!

      DCUC10 is already more plentiful, but the scalper prices have increased the number of people looking for them.

      I hope it balances back out soon.

  3. How much disposable income do these people have? I’d like to add these to my collection as well but damn, They’re action figures. Robotman is not going to do repairs when your car breaks down. Imperiex won’t manifest groceries in your cupboard. Powergirl isn’t going to shake her “assets” to provide bill money. Batman’s not going to hand you a paycheck from Wayne-Tech Industries. Hell, maybe I’m just getting too old for the game but I got into this stuff because I like the rich history and characters and yes I find it fun to set up cool and funny displays on my shelf. But when finding new figures becomes a chore coupled with price increases and/or gouging, it takes alot of the fun out of it.

    1. I did eBay DCUC5, but I didn’t pay that much.. about $17 a figure shipped.

      I couldn’t pay the current eBay prices. They’re insane.

  4. I’m not bragging as I type this, but I have a unique perspective.

    Wave five came to my Wal-Mart. Tons of it. We had a 5 shelf endcap at one point. I don’t imagine anyone being able to pay these prices if they’d seen what I saw last year.

    I helped out a few friends across the net, but the figures stayed there until the eBay prices shot up and then they cleared out real quick. The endcap became scalper gold. The people paying $300 now? They’re actually making it harder for the rest of us. They’re increasing the ‘scalpibility’ of the wave.

    And the kicker is, there’s a lot less wave five, right?

    1. There is definitely more DCUC10 already. At least better distributed too.

      The folks paying high prices on eBay are really doing a disservice to the rest of us.

      And, you’re right about the way DCUC5 was done – I remember reports of the same WMs getting them over and over.

  5. I was able to get Riddler, Amazo, and Black Lightning at a Walmart about 45 min from home but Atom and Eradicator hurt me up at the Bay…

    1. DCUC5 literally never got closer than three hours from here. There was a guy in KC who kept his WM under wraps, so I never even knew they were that close until well after the fact.

      I got mine on eBay in November before things really went crazy.

  6. wait, how did you tease the appearance of imperiex here and then not guve us the money shot?

      1. It’s coming, it’s coming.

        I like doing the reviews in pairs, but when I get to the C&C, the size limit on the pictures makes it difficult for the regular figure to be showcased.

        I have a rare opportunity to review Chemo and Imperiex together, so they’re under wraps until then – sometime next week!

  7. Saw a DCUC10 set went for $420 Buy-It-Now.


    $60 per fig??!!!! INSANE!!!!





    1. It’s ridiculous. WalMart’s poor distribution of DCUC5 and the “shortage” of DCUC9 have realy pushed people into crazy territory.

      Particularly the folks clamoring that it’s a disaster when we’re on Day 18 of retail sightings. We’ve at least got to go 4-6 weeks before we panic.

      The bad thing about the sets selling that high is that scalpers are going to be out in force for this wave now too.

      1. Oh I know, that’s the part that pisses me off in particular about the people paying that much.

        Cause really, who would turn down a $300+ profit for doing nothing?

        $60 a figure for brand new product is absurd.

        Bad economy what???

  8. The good news is I only want two of the figures from Wave 10.

    The bad news is the ones I want are Joker and Power Girl.

    I’ve promised myself I won’t pay more than $20 per figure. I don’t need them that much. My roommate spent $100 ON JUST POWER GIRL a few weeks back. Screw that.

    1. Joker and Power Girl are at least 2 per case, so you’ve got that going for ya.

      There’s no reason to eBay these right now. No matter what, the prices will go down. Even if it turns out to actually be rare, there will be a point where the prices depress to a low (and hopefully it’s reasonable).

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