DC Universe Classics: Battle
for Earth-3 2-Pack Review

Originally for sale and sold out on June 15th, the Battle for Earth-3 2-pack is once again available at MattyCollector.Com. The two-pack features the first ever Alexander Luthor figure and only the second figure of Superman’s Earth-3 counterpart, Ultraman.

Ultraman and Alexander Luthor

Ultraman was a difficult figure for Mattel and the Four Horsemen to conquer because of the unique raised collarbone on his costume. As a workaround to still use the buck body, an extra piece has been added to the torso to simulate the effect. It doesn’t work great from all angles, but the actual costume probably wouldn’t look any less awkward. Ultraman also features an all-new, sneering head. He’ll be the angriest guy on your DCUC shelf guaranteed.

Ultraman and Alexander Luthor

The Alexander Luthor is the true prize in this 2-pack. I never imagined that I’d have or even want a figure of the Earth-3 “good” Luthor. Even when it was announced, I wasn’t completely sold. But once again, the 4H are able to make some of the silliest designs really sing. From the texture of his beard to the visible stitching in the L on his chest, the Luthor figure really shows what can be done in this line even with the heavy reuse of parts.

Alexander Luthor

Alexander Luthor

Overall, this 2-pack is another great piece for DCUC Collectors. The choice may seem a bit obscure, but if these figures are the beginning of a complete DCUC Crime Syndicate, toy shelves everywhere will be a bit brighter for it.

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5 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics: Battle
for Earth-3 2-Pack Review

  1. i hate to sound like a negative nelly, but these last two pics really tell me why i can’t can’t get into DCUC… first there’s the ridiculous outfits, like “Tennis Anyone Brainiac” and “My Mom Won’t Let Me Cross the Street Alex Luthor” i don’t find those figs compelling, i find them laughable.

    then there’s the scale… or lack thereof… why is ultraman the same dimensions as alex luthor? cuz DCUC has three body types, two for guys, one for girls… and that OLD already!! even hasbro varies it up more than that w/ marvel legends and they weren’t half as good about it as TB was back int he day.

    and word goin’ round is, there may be a 3 dollar price hike in store for dcuc… which makes me sad for dc fans. simply put, horsemen or no, DC fans never got the shake marvel fans did for action figures. sorry dc fans.

    and i promise, no more dc bashing barring major SNAFU in the future!;)

  2. LOL.

    I agree that Mattel needs to commission a few more bucks and get some variety. Any DCUC shelf without the DCSH figures thrown in is probably starting to look pretty bland. But in terms of how they appeared in the art, they were the same size.

    I think you gave me an idea for my first Truetorial.

  3. glad i could be of service?

    and yes, i agree, they need some new bucks. superman should be thicker and broader of build than lex luthor (and a little taller, no matter how the artist drew them)… and i’m sorry, green lantern, captain marvel, batman, nightwing, wildcat, booster gold and aquaman should NOT be the same size… there are scale differences and mass differences… as a marvel fan, i’ve said it before, TB spoiled us… gambit wasn’t the same size as nightcrawler, wasn’t the same size as professor x, wasn’t the same size as punisher etc… DC fans haven’t gotten that treat yet, but for 12 bucks a fig, they ought… for 15, you guys should be getting BIG C&Cs, not like grundy sized, like galactus sized… hell, even when gas was MUCH more expensive, that hulk wave was 15 bucks a fig, the figs were MUCH bigger than the DCUC bodies and the BAF was 14 inches tall.

    mattel is just trying to rape DC fans w/ the biggest, gristliest, hairiest, veinyist member they can find… and most DC fans are just taking it. it’s not right!!

  4. The last Q&A let us know there was a teenage girl buck body (isn’t that a doe?) so there are more out there – but they still need some more diversity.

    And I’m hoping the price hike is being blown out of proportion…

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