It’sAllTrue Review: DC Classics
Dr. Fate I and Dr. Fate IV

Over the next couple weeks, a series of reviews will cover all of DCUC8. First up, will be the Kent Nelson Dr. Fate and his variant, the Hector Hall Dr. Fate.

The two Fates share almost entirely the same pieces. Both are built around the same buck and utilize the same boots, gloves, belt buckle, and Helmet of Nabu. The key difference in sculpt is how the Amulet of Anubis connects to the cape. While the lower halves of both capes are identical, they are still from two different molds. One connects with the classic version’s shirt collar/shoulder pads and the other through the elaborate neckpiece. The other changes are accomplished with paint apps, but we’ll save that for a little later.

Both figures come with the same acccessory. A translucent yellow energy ankh that fits over the outstretched hand like a glove. I really enjoy this accessory. They could have opted to go without on Doctor Fate, but the ankh really opens up some good poses for the figure. I would have liked to see the helmet be removable. I like that kinda thing on action figures. But, that would have added to the cost of the figure and it might have cost us the variant since it would need a different sculpted head. While I would love to pull the Helmets of Nabu off and see a Kent Nelson and a Hector Hall under there, I’ll take them this way to get both versions. Finally, both Fates include Giganta’s right arm. Yes, if you buy both versions of Fate, you get two right arms.

There is a debate in the comic fan community about how best to portray gold. To be completely correct, the helmet and amulet should probably be given gold paint while the cape, gloves, and boots should be done in yellow. But when it comes to which side of the bread needs the butter, I think that gold and yellow clash on action figures. I think in this case Mattel got it half right. The classic Dr. Fate, to recapture his Super Powers look, follows the yellow interpretation from Fate’s comic appearances. I think he look good in solid yellow – so good, that he’s currently my favorite DCUC figure. I also support Mattel’s decision to use gold on the Modern Dr. Fate to distinguish them – but they didn’t go far enough. If a man can wear gold boots, he needs a gold cape and gloves to go with them. Had he been made all gold, I would have liked this figure a lot more. They gave fans a small boon by going gold on the difficult to custom paint ankles. Even an unskilled customizer can paint the unarticulated cape, gloves, and hands gold to match with little hassle. Mattel has mentioned that a running change has been made and that the modern Fate will be all gold going forward, but we haven’t seen any since the first online batch – but still we can hope.

Overall, I’m completely biased about Dr. Fate. He’s been one of my absolute favorites since I was five. The highest praise I can bestow is that Mattel and the Four Horsemen lived up to my lofty expectations on the classic Doctor Fate. Only a couple figures, if done as well, can topple him from his perch above the other figures. Modern Fate is only hurt by my dislike for his colors. I haven’t repainted mine all gold yet, but if it turns out the running change hasn’t been made, he’ll go under the brush.

9 thoughts on “It’sAllTrue Review: DC Classics
Dr. Fate I and Dr. Fate IV

  1. I truly must tell you how much I enjoy the little comic at the end of the review…those really make it happen

  2. I agree with you that the gold and yellow clash. The gold seems too dark for the bright blues and yellows of the traditional Dr. Fate costume. One thing that I think exaggerates those differences is that they are not connected anywhere on the costume. While I don’t know if this would make it more “likeable” for me, I know that it would be better if the cape was seen connecting over the shoulders a bit into the metallic medallion, fancy-schmany neck-thingy. (How was that for butchering out a new name for the “elaborate neckpiece?”) 😉 Overall, I think that tiny connection of the gold and yellow seen from the font view would make the piece seem more well-rounded in its color scheme. But that’s just IMHO.

    I think the classic yellow/blue Dr. Fate might also be better if the yellow wasn’t a solid yellow? Maybe add some of that shine as seen in gold to the yellow paint to the helmet or whatever other parts (neckpiece and waist?) would be appropriate? I’d like to know what more fans of Dr. Fate think about the color schemes. Thoughts?

  3. wow….that was a book. I like classic fate in blue and just yellow, like my superpowers fate was.

    New fate should have no yellow just blue and gold.

  4. man, his colors seem flat though. i know, dcuc still aren’t twnety bucks, and my basis for comparison has been the really good spray aps we’ve been getting from MOTUC lately, but it sure seems like w/ some shading, the yellow would be far more than adequate to make people happy. (happy enough that they wouldn’t care about the gold at all)

    i’m torn as to which is my fav… i do feel the best connection to the older fate deco, but the new one is very cool looking.

  5. it needs some dimension especially where the cape bunches around the shoulders and the collar

  6. You know, I’m not particularly pleased with either figure (from pictures, it’s not like wave 8 has shown up around here yet).

    The all yellow looks really fake to me, especially the helmet, and I don’t care for the dark gold color used on the variant, but I like that collar a lot more. If I am ever able to buy the figure (either), I’m tempted to repaint all the yellow with a silver base and a clear yellow overlay, for a much brighter, yellow/gold.

    But of course, that will take time and energy, and I am notorious for misusing both.

    The comics, and this one in particular, rock.

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