Mr. Rant asks “Why does the gun barrel point sideways?”

So Webstor is here, and Noisy will have his review up soon, but I wanted to comment on a disturbing trend I’ve noticed in the last few MOTUCs. One of the benefits of having friends that like similar things is that you can split the cost of shipping. It also works out for the site. If one of us gets a figure that didn’t fare too well on the factory floor, maybe it was badly painted, or maybe it somehow broke in the box, or in shipping, then we have a couple other versions of that figure to choose from for the review. It’s a pretty good arrangement, at least until everyone gets a figure with problems.

SDCC Thurs RoundUp – Armchair Coverage Day 2

With Preview night being the first reveal of new product and Fri/Sat hosting most of the panels, Thursday seems to have gotten a little lost in terms of new links. And if you're a regular over at AFI, they're dealing with a DDoS attack. If you can't get through, try their Facebook page with links to the latest news. Even if you're not on Facebook, you can still head over there and catch the latest from the folks at AFI.

Here's the links for Thursday so far...