SDCC Thurs RoundUp – Armchair Coverage Day 2

With Preview night being the first reveal of new product and Fri/Sat hosting most of the panels, Thursday seems to have gotten a little lost in terms of new links. And if you’re a regular over at AFI, they’re dealing with a DDoS attack. If you can’t get through, try their Facebook page with links to the latest news. Even if you’re not on Facebook, you can still head over there and catch the latest from the folks at AFI.

Here’s the links for Thursday so far…

  • MOTU: Classics news has been in a stalling pattern today with Battle Cat being the main showpiece on Wednesday and the panel not being until tomorrow. Unfortunately for Mattel, this has allowed a lot of time and energy for fans to focus on the MOTU Artbook, some Facebook/Twitter stories about how the selling booth might have been mishandled, and a rather embarassing picture of what looks like a reseller in possession of 20-25 of the MOTU Art books (that’d be 2% of the whole run!). For the complete lowdown, check out Poe Ghostal’s blog.

  • Mattel/DC: The most disappointing news for today came from Julius Marx’s Twitter. It turns out the Zebra Batman is “Not planned for any wave…yet. Just did it for fun and put it in the case. A nod to the Silver Age.” This makes me sad, I want that figure.

    CoolToyReview spent some time in the Mattel booth and has the first picture I’ve seen of a 12″ Zod from Superman II. I’m not sure what the story is yet, but I’m not surprised – I didn’t think that 12″ male body was going to only be for Ghostbusters. While checking out Zod, CTR took a bunch of new pics with new angles on the DCUC, BatB (I think I might see a Metal Man Iron oversized head as an accessory), DCIH, and JLU product from yesterday as well as some great shots of new Batman Hot Wheels product. I don’t do die-cast, but I might need me some of those. Head over to CoolToyReview for the full Mattel gallery.

    If you remember the little metal JLU figures from a few years back, it looks like we might be getting some more of those in the from of TRU 6pks. Check ToyArk.Com for details. Registration is required to expand the thumbnails. They also have a great longshot of that DCIH 30″ Anti-Monitor… I’m positive Mattel could sell that at large. Maybe not a ton of them, but don’t we all want it a little bit? Even if we don’t have room for it…

  • Hasbro/Marvel: The big news for today is the Marvel Legends poll. Fans will choose 3 of the 19 Marvel Legends figures shown yesterday to be included in 2pks in upcoming assortments. My hope is for some more obscure characters like Brother Voodoo or Valkyrie to get some love, but I have a feeling there are too many heavy hitters in the poll for the lesser known characters to gain any traction.

    If you’re into the Marvel Superhero Squad, MarvelousNews has the coverage for you. The squashdown Modok is particularly cute for such an uncute thing. And I think I want that Castle Doom playset for my minimates.

  • Fantastic Exclusive: We haven’t received any news about the new heads revealed. These new heads bring the total number of Scarabus variants up to 10.

  • DC Direct: We haven’t seen anything new today yet, but Figures.Com still has the most extensive DCD coverage. A lot of chatter is going on about the one Blackest Night figure we know about, but haven’t seen, Wonder Woman. Only a picture of her silhouette can be seen behind the Kyle Rayner figure.

  • GIJoe: Hisstank covered the GI Joe Panel today and has a comprehensive list of new product info. Pretty much all movie news. I was excited for a moment with mention of Dial-Tone (one of my all-time favorite Joes), but not only is Dial-Tone a movie figure in desert gear, he’s a she. I don’t blame Warren Ellis, Resolute was good – but I want a proper 25th Anniversary Dial-Tone. Sigh. At Hisstank, you will have to be registered to see more than thumbnails. For some photos from yesterday that don’t require registration check out CoolToyReview’s Joe coverage.

  • Transformers: TFW2005 covered the Transformers Panel today and they have some images from the slideshow. The news seems to center on movie product with a little animated thrown in. I am waiting on the when & where to buy the Animated versions of Arcee and Rodimus. They also have the first picture I think I’ve seen of Cybertron Ironhide.

  • Lego: I still haven’t seen word of what the last SDCC Exclusive Lego Star Wars Box set is, but RTM has posted some images of the upcoming Toy Story Legos. I’m loving the Lego Army Men. I don’t think there were tan ones in the films, but I have a feeling Lego could get some good profits out of just doing green and tan army men and playsets lego-style.

    For other Lego SDCC news, Brothers-Brick.Com has some different Toy Story Lego pics and Lego Prince of Persia (!) images as well.

  • Ghostbusters: CoolToyReview’s Mattel Gallery also included some new Ghostbusters shots including a couple close-ups of the Logo Ghost. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like the Logo Ghost may be glow-in-the-dark. Like all the Mattel product, we’ll know more tomorrow. We should see Winston Zeddemore and his Trap accessory tomorrow afternoon.

  • Neca: CoolToyReview’s Neca Gallery is chock full of product from their various licenses. Neca has product on display for Twilight, Street Fighter, NBX, Gremlins, Coraline, 9, Cinema of Fear, Boondock Saints, TMNT, and many others.

  • Sideshow/Hot Toys: Michael Crawford put up a ton of well-shot photos from the Sideshow booth last night. CoolToyReview also had some great coverage for their products across three galleries: Marvel, GI Joe, and Hot Toys.

  • For any other quick coverage you’re looking for, keep checking the image directory of Figures.Com, or the frontpages of, and (reg req’d for more than thumbnails).

    In terms of specific coverage, I’m keeping an eye on Michael Crawford’s Twitter. He says he is looking to have Neca, Mezco, and Toynami up tonight. If it’s already Friday morning, you’re probably safe to head over to MWCToy’s SDCC Coverage for more of Michael’s pics.

    Remember, if you know of something I missed, please post them in the comments section! We all tend to stick to the sites and forums that we’re used to, so if you see some stuff I’ve overlooked for please post it and let us know!

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    1. Vote valkyrie kid, and no zebra batman….awww….I’m boycotting mattel

      All gripes until stripes

      1. Aww…. really? No Zebra Batman? Why do they do that? Ugh. 🙁

        *Does not push Ebonhorn*

        Mr. Rant is going to be very unhappy…

    2. I’m thinking thats going to be a black lantern wonder woman…She has a skirt like golden age WW, or hippolyta did….I’m thinking black lantern

      1. Today at the con, Geoff Johns said something to the effect of “yeah, no one Wonder Woman knows is dead, huh?” like we were supposed to know someone that should be.

        1. I read that too. I have no idea.

          I don’t remember how Hippolyta came back from the last time.

          They’re using E2 Superman, so maybe it’s E2 Wonder Woman?

    3. Those little Arabian Legos are cute, but what are they? When do they come out?

    4. Ohhh! Toy Story Legos!!! I want a medic army man (heck I want ALL the little green men!). Do you think they’ll make some tan soldiers too? Did the have tan soldiers in Toy Story?

      1. I don’t think there are tan soldiers, so green will have to do.

        We need to stock up on green at the lego store on Saturday. 😉

    5. noisy, you’re doing a really good job collecting the news this year my friend… well done!

    6. When will the Ghosbusters figures come out at stores? When will we see the other two?

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