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Four Horsemen Interview:
4″ Scale Mythic Legions!

Closer Look at Four Horsemen’s
Upcoming Ravens Figures

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the Four Horsemen’s Raven ever since seeing the first images of the gray prototype. Sure he makes a great addition to Scarabus and the expanding world of Gothitropolis, but damn if he isn’t just a fantastic looking figure

Toypocalypse 3: ExtraTOYrrestrial
Armchair Coverage

While technically not part of a Toy Fair proper, Four Horsemen’s Toypocalypse 3: has quickly become one of the most anticipated parts of the weekend. I’m honestly sadder I missed it again this year than Toy Fair itself. I made it up for it by finding plenty

Scarabus Week, Day Five:
Haures & Azazel


Day Five of Scarabus Week is here! Today instead of focusing on a particular aspect and ending on the figures, I’m going to start off with some thoughts on Haures & Azazel and then move into some final thoughts on all the figures, some images of

Scarabus Week, Day One:
Scarabus & Anubos


Do you remember the last time you were captivated by a new toy? I don’t mean rediscovering MOTU in its Classics form or finally seeing the appeal of Golden Pharaoh when he’s been realized in six inches. I mean a new toy – no cartoon or

4 Horsemen Announce NYCC
Outer Space Men (Updated with Pics!)


Over the weekend, the Four Horsemen announced the second assortment of Outer Space Men figures – The Beta Phase Wave. These four exclusive colorways will be available as New York Comic Con Exclusives, from a few different booths, along with limited online availability.

SDCC Armchair RoundUp
& Updated Checklists

sdccTN Do you find yourself back at work on Monday morning after a long toy news binge? Sitting in your office and being worried that you might have missed something important while you were reeling from another panel’s announcements? Did one too many toy reveals leave you unconscious the next day? We've got you covered...

SDCC ’10 Armchair Coverage
Friday & Saturday

sdccTN SDCC is upon us yet again and with the IAT folk staying home this year, it's time for our Armchair Coverage. We'll be up late scouring the very best links with the best news and images and compiling them here for our readers. This article is stickied and will be updated with new links Friday & Saturday, so check back often!