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2011 Retrospective:
Highlights & Disappointments

Our 2nd installment in the IAT 2011 Retrospective is here: Highlights & Disappointments. Instead of doing separate lists, Vault and I tried a more back-and-forth round table article about what we liked and what we didn’t. It was an interesting effort, even though there wasn’t much

2011 Retrospective:
Our Five Favorite Figures

This week, Vault & I will be looking back at the figures of 2011, what we enjoyed, and what we didn’t. Today, we’re kicking things off with a simple top ten. Vault and I have split the duties, each crafting a list of our five favorite

Scarabus Week, Day Five:
Haures & Azazel


Day Five of Scarabus Week is here! Today instead of focusing on a particular aspect and ending on the figures, I’m going to start off with some thoughts on Haures & Azazel and then move into some final thoughts on all the figures, some images of

Scarabus Week, Day Four:
Melchom & Nergall (18 Pics)


Day Four of Scarabus Week focuses on accessories! Some of you might have noticed that I did a little rewrite to the Day 3 review because I wasn’t satisfied with it. I realized the pictures could tell the story without my commentary. So today, I’ve decided

Scarabus Week, Day Three:
Thothos & Horos


Day Three arrives and there’s been a slight change in plans. I absconded to the studio late last night to take pictures of Horos & Thothos for the paint article, but the colorful figures had other plans. They (or maybe me) wanted to focus on articulation

Scarabus Week, Day Two:
Demon Fire & Dormant Form


Day Two of Scarabus week may be running a bit late, but I hope you won’t mind once you see the pictures. Today, I’m focusing on the sculpt and since that’s the one aspect that any picture can show, I thought I’d try & spice this

Scarabus Week, Day One:
Scarabus & Anubos


Do you remember the last time you were captivated by a new toy? I don’t mean rediscovering MOTU in its Classics form or finally seeing the appeal of Golden Pharaoh when he’s been realized in six inches. I mean a new toy – no cartoon or

Scarabus “Dark Deities”
Pre-Orders Begin Sunday!


The “Dark Deities” multi-pack will feature three Egyptian inspired variant versions of the dark lord of Gothitropolis – Anubos, Thothos, and Horos! All three figures available at one time, and all three feature full articulation, spectacular paint applications and tons of accessories, including special war armor for Scarabus’ evil little minions, the Time Keepers!

Vault Review: Light & Dark Talisman Scarabus


I was so excited for the upcoming Fantastic Exclusive Scarabus figure by the Four Horsemen, that I decided I couldn’t wait for the official release. So I saved up a little bit of extra money and placed an order for the Light & Dark Talisman set that debuted at the Horsemen’s Toypocalypse showing.

Scarabus & Multi-pack
Pre-Orders Begin Tonight!

Single ‘Scarabus – Lord of the Resurrected’ figures (Scarabus’ main form) and the first Scarabus variant multi-pack, “Evil’s Reign”, will go up for pre-order this coming Saturday night (March 19th, 2011) at 9:00pm EST at the Four Horsemen’s online retail outlet -Store Horsemen!

Four Horsemen’s Scarabus
10pk On-Sale March 1st!


Scarabus figure 10-packs will go up for pre-order this coming Tuesday night (March 1st, 2011) at 9:00pm EST at the Four Horsemen’s online retail outlet: Store Horsemen. Each Scarabus 10-pack contains one of each of the Scarabus variants, including Scarabus himself, as well as a

Dark & Light Talisman Scarabus Sale + Four Horsemen Checklist!


The Four Horsemen’s extremely limited Dark & Light Talisman Scarabus figures will go on sale this Saturday night at StoreHorsemen.Com. They’ve sent along all the info you need as well as a look at what makes this run unique. Plus, we figured this would be a good time to unveil our newest IAT checklist: Four Horsemen Properties!

4H Toypocalypse Gallery:
Packaged Scarabus Exclusives


The Four Horsemen have released packaged images of their Light Talisman Scarabus and Dark Talisman Scarabus figures. This set of figures will be exclusively available at the Four Horsemen’s upcoming gallery show, TOYPOCALYPSE: A Four Horsemen Retrospective at the TT Underground Gallery in New York City.

4H Toypocalypse Gallery:
Exclusive Scarabus Update


The Four Horsemen have sent some new information regarding the exclusive Black & White Scarabus. They’re still debuting at Toypocalypse: A Four Horsemen Retrospective show, but the Four Horsemen will make some sets available online for fans that can’t attend the gallery. Details after the jump.

A Four Horsemen Retrospective

IAT won’t be able to make the trek to Toy Fair this year and the Four Horsemen are making that sting just a little harder with the announcement of Toypocalypse: A Four Horsemen Retrospective – a special gallery event showcasing their work in the toy industry. Plus, there’s an exclusive or two…