Scarabus Week, Day Four:
Melchom & Nergall (18 Pics)

Day Four of Scarabus Week focuses on accessories! Some of you might have noticed that I did a little rewrite to the Day 3 review because I wasn’t satisfied with it. I realized the pictures could tell the story without my commentary. So today, I’ve decided to literally let the pictures tell the tale. All 18 of ’em.

Accessories are a funny thing in the action figure world. We always think that every toy should have more (particularly as the prices go up), but I honestly don’t know what I’d do with them all anymore. For my DC Shelf, I picked up two extra JLU Supermen to get the Bottle City of Kandor and the Phantom Zone Projector.

They’re in the accessories bin right now. (The accessories. The Supermen were given away.)

It’s not always that way, of course, MOTUC’s Faker happily sits on my desk with the full complement of gear we long campaigned for and my ML Cap will always hold his trusty shield. I guess it’s just that I laugh at how hung up I get on accessories that I end up not using very much.

I’ll use the Scarabus figures as an example. The package is loaded – you have to strain to find a blank spot. The sheer number of accessories is ridiculous and yet… I find myself thinking, “he could use a sword” or “a dagger could be cool”. We collectors are a funny bunch, aren’t we?

Now, we might just see these guys with some gear from other lines tomorrow, but I need to focus on what they have today. Thankfully, Melchom & Nergall will be helping me take a look at the various gear & add-ons that come with a Scarabus figure. After they’re done, I’ll provide a quick text list, as well as my thoughts on these two particular figures.

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6 thoughts on “Scarabus Week, Day Four:
Melchom & Nergall (18 Pics)

  1. RARGH! DAMN! I’m trying so hard NOT to cave in and buy at least two of these guys.

    Basic Scarabus, Dormant Form, and Nergall look the best to me. The only thing I don’t like are the feet; the hooves and hair make it seem like they were made with Azazel and Haures in mind as the default heads.

  2. Melchom is an easy pass, I’m repulsed by Baby blue, but Nergall looks simply demonic. Next month or so I might order the the Dark Deities 3-pack. Nergall might be on that order too.

  3. out of curiosity, as we’ve discovered that nergall’s horns are movable, has you tried doing the same w/ melchom? also, we didn’t get one photo of melcom between two other figs… i mean, come on, i know it’s an obvious jokje, but it’s NECESSARY! 🙂

  4. This one cracked me up. Good stuff Noisy. I’ve enjoyed your week of Scarabus, and it should end with me getting my box. 🙂

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