Closer Look at Four Horsemen’s
Upcoming Ravens Figures

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the Four Horsemen’s Raven ever since seeing the first images of the gray prototype.  Sure he makes a great addition to Scarabus and the expanding world of Gothitropolis, but damn if he isn’t just a fantastic looking figure all on his own.


In anticipation of their upcoming Kickstarter project to fund the Raven and his variant brethren, the Four Horsemen have released high def images showing off every tiny detail that has been worked into these figures.  Seeing all the artifacts and tools on the Raven’s “utility belt” in full color really gives the character a historic depth that I want to know more about.  But my new favorite detail has to be the scene that has been sculpted into the armor’s abs section.  This is the first time I’ve noticed that little bit of design and it really blew me away.  Winged creatures flying between an ominous moon and castle spires adds a lot to the imagination.

It’d definitely be unfortunate if this project never made it off the ground.


The characters shown below may or may not be all of the variant versions that will be made available. That all depends both on how well the Kickstarter program goes and whether any toy news websites or toy retailers want to get involved with carrying and selling any of their own variant versions of the Ravens or not. Please spread the word and let’s get these avian monstrosities into the hands of collectors worldwide!!


Check out the rest of the incredible photos at the Four Horsemen’s website, and start saving your money now!

We’ll be carrying the latest news and info about the Raven’s Kickstarter, but you can also follow the 4H on twitter for their latest posts!

27 thoughts on “Closer Look at Four Horsemen’s
Upcoming Ravens Figures

  1. Neat-O! I love the Raven and the Owl. The Quetzalcoatl is pretty dang sweet, and, surprisingly, when I showed it to her, my mother loves the cardinal. (She always loved the cardinals when we lived in Ohio.)

    How much do these things normally run, anyway?

    1. Scarabus last year was $30 per figure, but if you ordered all 10 you got them at a discount(I think it was $27.50 per figure).

      1. Thanks, mate! Looking forward to more info, so I can budget for a couple of these things.

        If they ever make a line of reptile-men, I may very well be SO broke . . . .

  2. I love the duck. I hope it inst a big deal to get his helmet off. But I don’t like my chances.

      1. I wouldn’t’ bet on it. All of the variants in the previous lines that should have had different feet to match their animal head didn’t.

  3. Simply stunning. I can’t wait for these. It’ll be interesting to see the Kickstarter levels.

    I may have to go in for a full set though. Each variant looks so cool.

  4. I’d love to go in for a full set, but it’s highly doubtful I’ll be able to afford it. I never did end up getting all the Scaribus variants (I’m 4 versions shy, though I did get the black and white versions). Still, Minotaur the Duck will be mine. I don’t care what it takes, he will be mine.

  5. this news makes me enormously happy, but damn, judt fire up the kickstarter already! 🙂

    y’all had better believe, when my castle grayskull is finished, there will be birds all over the battlements. i LOVE the raven design, have since he debuted, and i lok forward to helping fund this kickstarter campaign as the last big hurrah for my figure purchasing life. i am serious in the notion that i have to stop at some point, but man, to have a collection without those birds… how could i look myself in the mirror if i didn’t buy in on these? they’re everything i’ve repeatedly said i stand for in my collection, approx 7′ scale, great sculpts, handsome paints, excellent articulation, and it’s supporting a small business… that’s DR’s collection on a plate

  6. I might have missed something but are these characters going to have wings? It’s kind of weird to see all of these anthropomorphic birds without great big wings.

    1. not big wings, no. on their backs, they have diminutive sculpted wings (i.e. not a point of articulation) and it was discussed for a while on the fantastic exclusive site (now defunct… or is it de-funked?) if they should have swappable extended wings or perhaps a flight stand of built-in wings that clipped on to them, but ultimately none of that happened.

      honestly, i think it was more cost than anything else. i suspect these will be $40 to $50 figs, per piece, by the time it’s done, before shipping, so honestly, imagine more sculpting, more plastic, more paint deco, and more shipping weight… it would have been cool, don’t get me wrong, but 60 or 70 dollar per fig cool? i think that psychologically would have been more than the market could bear.

      1. I’m thinking they’re going to be around that price range ($40-$50). I don’t have a problem paying that for these figures, but I’d like pricing confirmation sooner than later.

        1. when that site was active, that was of of many details i harped on all the time, seemingly on deaf ears, but i tried. forewarned is forearmed, afterall.

  7. I wanna see a Battle Armor Tucan, a Savage Seagull, a Pigeon and the fiercest warrior of them all…..The Parakeet!!

  8. I wouldn’t mind seeing: Racket-Tailed Drongo, Resplendant Quetzal,* Peacock, Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, and Sword-Billed Hummingbird. But I’m weird. (You guys knew that, though.)

    * That’s honestly its name. You never hear of Boring Quetzals, though.

  9. Loving the new pics!!

    The Raven himself is the crown jewel, just some of the most gorgeous action figure sculpting ever seen. The extra belt with knickknacks is the kind of thing I love seeing the 4H pull out of their bag o’ tricks.

    With the variants, I’m biasedly bias biased towards the White Raven and the Owl, but Mino the Duck is too “historic” to pass up, and the Vulture gets more badass each time I see him.

    Phoenix is cool, but I think would’ve benefitted from some translucent plastic to really set him off a la the OSM Birnkrant Edition Inferno. Quetzl is probably my least favorite as he doesn’t really fit into my vision of the Gothitropolis world, but the execution is excellent. Would be cool to see a MOTUC custom with that head, maybe a Snake Man?

  10. Man, these look awesome. I can’t wait to own them.

    They’re like LOTR mixed with Angry Birds or something.

    But in all seriousness, they look amazing. I want the Black Raven and the Cardinal at the very least.

  11. I was thinking this afternoon that they forgot one: The SWAN.
    She could be called “Leda” and could have an I-ching deco somewhere, to cover both the Greek myth and Lost! LOL

  12. Sorry if this is a silly question, but does anybody know if the other variants will have the same cool belt-of-bits-and-baubles that the Raven himself has?

    1. they weren’t wearing the belt at the toypocalypse event, nor in these press photos, so i wouldn’t bet on it… but they are part of a buck line, and making exclusive accessories for one figure isn’t very cost effective… i.e. no one knows at this point, but if i were a betting man, i’d bet no.

  13. When I saw that Rooster, first thing that popped into my head was “Chicken Boo, Whats the Matter With you?” Ill get if for no other reason than Animaniac-fandom. Im eyeing a few others too.

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