SDCC Armchair RoundUp
& Updated Checklists

Do you find yourself back at work on Monday morning after a long toy news binge? Are you sitting in your office worried that you might have missed something important while you were reeling from toy overload? Did one too many reveals leave you unconscious the next day? We’ve got you covered…

First, we’d like to thank everyone that kept checking in with us over the weekend and especially those of you that sent in links to let us know where to look. We appreciated the opportunity to get at least a little sleep the last few days! We also want to thank all the great sites who were able to attend the convention and beam us back those great images and the latest news (a list of them will follow at the bottom of this post). And finally, a special shout out to the sites that linked back to our coverage. We appreciate it!

Here’s a quick recap of our SDCC Armchair Coverage so you know where to look on this Monday after:

SDCC Preview Night RoundUp – Preview night seemed huge this year! I think that was the night that it took us the longest to get everything compiled. There were tons of displays and a good selection of products revealed right away. Check out Preview Night for links to Mattel’s over-the-top DC & MOTU Classics displays and the early setups for DST, Mezco, Neca, Sideshow, & More…

SDCC Thursday RoundUp – Hasbro held some panels for Joe & Transformers on Thursday, but many fans were disappointed – with JoeCon and Botcon being so recent, there wasn’t much left for Hasbro to reveal other than some info on the upcoming cartoons and a handful of toys. We did see plenty of pics including ToyArk’s thorough coverage of the Four Horsemen displays (including our first look at some Outer Space Men & Symbiotech figures),’s extensive DC Direct and Hasbro/Marvel galleries, and some tidbits on Bif Bang Pow!, Voltron, Funko, and the trailer for the upcoming Tron film! More…

SDCC Friday RoundUp – Friday was the day if you’re a Mattel fan. Mattel revealed so much that it took us most of the weekend to get & updated. We’re still waiting on official images, but the basic information is there. Hit up our Friday Coverage for a thorough look at the MOTU Classics, DC Universe, & Ghostbusters reveals as well as coverage on Iron Man 2, WWE, Shocker, the Four Horsemen’s booth, and Hallmark (hey, ornaments are cool). Also, there’s some links to ArticulatedDiscussion and their great coverage about the con instead of just what’s at the con. More…

SDCC Saturday RoundUp – Saturday’s news was dominated by the tiniest bit of info after a lengthy panel: the return of Marvel Legends. It’s still a ways off, but it got plenty of fans excited. In the meantime, there’s plenty of panel coverage on the current plans for Marvel Universe including a look at the next Gigantic Battles & Masterworks figures. We also get a good look at the Mattel teasers for 2011 and coverage for Dark Horse, Cars, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, & Littlest Pet Shop. Battlegrip found the time to review a Future Nibbler figure that has me drooling and Articulated Discussion was back with their mix of images from the con and advice for future attendess and musings while waiting in line. More…

General Coverage: We found ourselves hitting up MWCToys for his great close ups, ToyArk for their comprehensive and on-the-ball coverage, & we’ll be keeping an eye on AFP & AFI as they add video from SDCC to their sites. That’s the closest you can get to actually being there!

Updated Checklists: Above we said that we had updated the DC & MOTU checklists, but we’ve done more than that. We’re working on upgrading them to a new format and they’re getting makeovers in the process. & are the first to get refreshed (along with all the SDCC updates) with Ghostbusters, Iron Man 2, & Marvel Universe next on our to-do list. & are also expanding to multiple pages to reduce load times and to help us keep the code straight. If you’ve previously bookmarked them, they’re still there – those links now go directly to current & upcoming products while the older products will be featured on their own pages. Currently, those new pages are still in their old formats, but they’ll get their makeovers in coming days. On that note, ActionFigurePics provided us the MOTU bios of Carnivus, Roboto, Grizzlor, King Grayskull, and the Eternian Guards. Those have been added to’s Bio Page.

Finally, our thanks go out to the contributing websites:
ActionFigureInsider, ActionFigurePics, Articulated Discussion, BattleGrip, Cool Toy Review, CriticalMess.Net, Hiss Tank, Izdawiz from the Fantastic Exclusive Boards, Jedi Temple Archives, Marvelous News, Mattel on Facebook, MWCToys, Open Your Toys, Pixel Dan, Poe Ghostal, Raving Toy Maniac, TFW2005, Toynewsi, & ToyArk.

27 thoughts on “SDCC Armchair RoundUp
& Updated Checklists

  1. Whatever happened with the MOTU Classics Battle Ram? And what was up with that green helmet? Was it for Panthor?

    1. That’s on the Saturday coverage! The Battle Ram was an overture to Mattel about doing vehicles in the line and isn’t an official piece. Time will tell.

      The green helmet appears to be an alternate mask for Panthor.

      1. I prefer a helm-less Panthor, but dammed it that piece doesn’t look intimidating.

  2. I can’t believe how much money Mattel is going to be milking us for next year.

  3. I’m so excited about Marvel Legends coming back! They didn’t even show any toys, but it was the best part of the whole con for me.

      1. I think that Titanium man and Crimson Dynamo count! But i really hope that Hasbro Makes/ Re-Does: Emma Frost, Magneto, Starfox, Fantomex, Moonstone, Jewell, Crystal, Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon ,Triton, Lockjaw, Hogun, Fandral, Volstagg, Odin, Hela, Sif, Immortus, Puppet Master, Sebastian Shaw, Selene, Ultimate Thor, Black Cat, Electro, Jubilee, Mystique, Scarlet Witch, WW II Red Skull, 90’s Jean Grey, 90’s Rogue, Banshee, 70’s Sunfire, 70’s Thunderbird, Maverick, Silver Fox, lady Deathstryke (Modern), Xavier with Hoverchair, Toad, Mastermind, Polaris, Multiple man, Dazzler, Lilandra, Gladiator, Spider Woman, Jack of hearts, 70’s Captain Britain, Triathlon, Firestar, Grim Reaper, Machine Man, Ikaris, makkari, Sersi, High Evolutionary, Photon, Quasar, Ultron (classic), Mandarin, Enchantress, and Executioner. I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but yeah, this has me totally excited!

  4. The new checklists look great! I love that the He-Man one is a cardback – but you need the j-hook!

  5. Thanks great links Noisy5 and this year Comic con was so amazing.DC Direct,Mattel,Neca and Hasbro make best non 12nch/ 1/6 figures.Hot Toys is complete another story…

  6. What’s up with those bios?? Divine Grayskull? And Grizzlor is like coughing up a hairball or something.

    Maybe if people didn’t have such stupid names on Eternia they wouldn’t need stupid codenames!!

    1. That’s a fair point… LOL

      I’m not sure what’s up with Grayskull’s name. Or Grizz’ for that matter. It’s just odd. I’m not sure why they need real names sometimes.

  7. You had great coverage this year! The one thing I noticed is that the bigger sites got their coverage back a lot quicker. Almost no room for the little sites to get a scoop anymore. There was very little to find on flickr this year before it was up on toyark or tni.

  8. This was some great coverage and I referred back to it regularly for coverage. I think of the sites not dedicated to one specific toy brand or manufacturer, you guys and Articulated Discussion had the best and most informative stuff!

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