SDCC Preview Night RoundUp
Armchair Coverage Updated

You never know what to expect on Preview Night when it comes to new product. You could get a lot, you could only get a little. I would say this year was somewhere in the middle and here are some links for the best stuff I saw tonight.

Note: If you have links to share, please post them in the comments section! We all tend to stick to the sites and forums that we’re used to, so if you see some stuff I’ve overlooked for please post it and let us know!

  • MOTU: We got the Battle Cat picture we’d all been waiting for and it exceeded expectations. Simply put, the Four Horsemen nailed it. It looks huge and well worth the $30 price tag. We also know the release date, February 16th (along with the new Battle Stands)! We were treated to images of Teela’s non-armored head and it looks great. It’s also looking like she’ll come packaged with Zoar (we all knew what that Wonder Twin falcon really was, right?). For images, I have to skip over the toy new sites and go with He-Man.Org poster Evenflow for now. His pictures, shown on the Org forums, were the first I saw of the new Attitubes and the Battle Stand 5pks. And I was able to see the big pics even though I wasn’t logged in, that’s nice. has uploaded their usual vast coverage and included a very thorough He-Man Gallery. They have some new angles on Teela and some shots of the MOTU art book. Also, Michael Crawford has some crisp close-up images of the previously announced MOTU figures.
  • DC/Mattel: Michael Crawford knocks it out of the park with his DC Coverage. He’s got new close-up shots of DC Classics Wave 9 (Chemo has been updated and looks amazing), the known 2-ups for Wave 10, and a great shot of that strange Zebra Batman (please, toygods, let it be real!). There’s also images of an Infinite Heroes diorama with the 30″ Anti-Monitor taken sraight out of the COIE #7, along with figures of a torn-up Supergirl (packaged to look like she’s being held by Superman) and the Monitor. There’s some crazy new Brave & the Bold figures: Solomon Grundy, Firestorm II, Captain Marvel, Gold from the Metal Men (!!!!), and Dr. Polaris. Plus, there seems to be some type of Starro theme running through the accessories. Check out his galleries for some JLU and Batman Hot Wheels pics as well. Now Michael pretty much had it all covered, but over at ActionFigurePics there is a picture of the 2up Joker and the full load of accessories he’ll come with. From that picture we’ve got his cane, playing cards, a laughing fish, a *Bang* Gun, and the Green Mallet.

  • Hasbro/Marvel: Both MarvelousNews and ToyArk had plenty of good Marvel coverage. I’m excited about the MLs they showed, but I thought we had to vote on the ones we saw and then we’d only get three. If that’s the case, I’m crushed by the thought of some of them never seeing production. I would easily buy Ms Marvel, Fantomex, Valkyrie, Deathlok, and Brother Voodoo. There’s a few others I’d find tempting too. Basically, I want a lot more than three of them, so I hope I’m wrong about the figures that were on display. I’m linking directly to MarvelousNews to get around TNI’s silly stepping stone links.
  • DC Direct: I haven’t bought that many DC Direct figures in recent years, but some of their History of the DCU offerings surprised me today. ToyArk had the best pictures of the History figures that I saw, but you have to register to see more than thumbnails. First Appearance Captain Atom, Silver Age Nightwing, Kobra… those are some crazy choices! It’s a shame that the scale of these figures is so much bigger than other lines. ActionFigureInsider also had a few DCD pics that let us know the DCD Creeper is flocked, and they showcased a bunch of new Blammoids. Turns out Reverse Flash is getting a Blammoid and a McG figure, but I have to ask when are we getting a standard, non-stylized Reverse Flash? DC Direct? Mattel? Anyone? It has to be the simplest repaint and yet, it’s never happened in a non-stylized line.

    Now, they’re not action figures per se, but I was really surprised by the newest Ame-Comi’s shown at SDCC. There have been some interesting ones in the past that I passed on, but the ones shown at SDCC today appealed to me in a… different way. AFI had images of Wonder Girl , Wonder Woman, and Steel IV (Natasha Irons). updated a DC Direct gallery. Though some of the other sites have a lot of DCD photos, there are a lot of pieces that the other sites looked over. The folks have spent some more time photographing some of the less snazzy DC Direct stuff.

  • GI Joe: Hisstank is the reliable choice for my JoeNews. It seems that only movie product was on display, so I haven’t strolled through all of it, but some of the figures do look cool. I love the re-issue of the original Snow Cat in particular.
  • Star Wars / Indiana Jones: Jedi Temple Archives has a picture of a melting face Toht and an Ark Ghost from the 3 3/4 Indy line. The display was apparently taken down shortly after the picture was taken. A poster at the ToyBuzz, longbowhunter, says that these will be exclusive 2pks released next year with the video game. I hope so, I’d love to get my hands on the Toht figure and am still hoding out hope for Alfred Molina’s Satipo. And of course, while you’re at JediTempleArchives, check out their Star Wars coverage – there’s a Vader Funeral Pyre that Hasbro is trying to determine interest in – check it out!
  • Ghostbusters: Again, Michael Crawford has some great closeups of the Mattel Ghostbuster product. He has the first picture of the Logo Ghost outside of ToyFare.
  • Fantastic Exclusive Figures.Com comes through with the latest Fantastic Exclusive offerings! In addition to showing the Anubis and Ibis Scarabus variants, Figures has new pics of three more Scarabus heads. It looks like a goat, a ram, and a new bird. Also, that elusive purple Timekeeper is hanging out in the case again this year.
  • For anything else not listed here, my first suggestion is to check out the updated coverage at Figures.Com. That link will take you to the directory of their SDCC pictures. It might be easier to start at the bottom of the page and work your way up (the first categories are the press photos of the exclusives). Also, ToyArk did a great job of uploading pictures all evening, directly from the con, and that really raises the bar for the coverage we homebound fans expect. Usually, we have to wait for all the lucky folks to get home, but not so this year with ToyArk.

    Finally, I think Michael Crawford photographed every square inch of the Mattel booth today. In addition to what’s listed above, you can find pics of just about anything ekse that might have been in the Mattel booth atMWCToys. Avatar, Cars, Secret Saturdays, Toy Story, and Hot Wheels just to name a few.

    50 thoughts on “SDCC Preview Night RoundUp
    Armchair Coverage Updated

    1. Brother Voodoo! BROTHER VOODOO!

      Wait, where’s all the Super Hero Squads?

    2. Wait a sec, just found some SHS pics. Looks like we’re getting Nova, Wrecker, Warpath, Astral Dr. Strange, a new Collector’s Pack, a Castle Doom playset, and a friggin’ MODOK!

      I’m already wishing I had more money.

    3. So are you going to add release dates eventually 😉

      I’m really loving the motu it’s by far my favorite line now and it’ll be hard for them to top teela and battlecat.

      One more note. I love that sideshow did the fridge for indy. It’s so random and odd that it’s fantastic!

      1. Release dates? Ack!

        I have release dates in the Ghostbusters and Mattel Resources on the right… does that help? 😉

        The fridge was awesome. Now they need a shark for Fonzie. 🙂

      1. Oooohhhh my goodness, Ebonhorn, you should have heard the fuss at my house last night over the Zebra Batman.

        Can’t say I blame everyone though… ZB is AWESOME.

        1. I’m the guy who would be every stupid repaint they would give me without question.

    4. the new bird head on scarabus is a horus head, which i liked… goat and ram head… no so much. and i believe that places us at 9 scarabus variants so far… which means i’m definitely cherry picking this line, even if i liked all of them. i just can’t afford that.

    5. The MOTU line looks GREAT! I absolutely LOVE the Teela they’re showing! How big will Battlecat be… because he looks HUGE. Do we have a size on him yet?

      and BLAMMOIDS!!!! They’re so oddly cute! I want a Batman Blammoid terribly bad!

      and HAWKMAN BLAMMOID!!!!!! OHHHH MY GOSH WITH HIS LITTLE WINGS!!!!! *Absolutely dies*

    6. i must have missed what a blammoid is.

      are they the wierd things without heads?

    7. Little disappointed in the Ghostbusters display. I was hoping to see the Winston figure, along with the light up ghost trap. And I still haven’t made up my mind about the 12 in. figures, yet.

      Still, Battlecat looks cool. And, from what I hear, they’re going to put more on display after certain panels.

      1. Yep, there are two big panels with the reveals set up for 11 and 1 pacific time tomorrow. Mattel’s playing everything close to their vest until then.

      1. um… did you just get site spammed? you PIMP!!! you’re on spam-bot radar already!! congratulations!!!

          1. Okay, so there are good movie Joes and bad movie joes.

            Aaagh!! A 25th Ann Heavy Metal is masquerading as the movie figure Rampage.

            And he comes with a giant vehicle… I don’t want a giant vehicle…

      1. just wait till we get a joe who looks like an armani sporting peter parker doing the hustle down madison avenue… codename… AssClown

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