MOTUClassics.Com: King Randor Review

While it's been a frenzy-filled ride of frustration and fun in 2009 for MOTU Collectors, the Classics line has to be the best thing that's happened to He-Man fans since well, ever. MOTU Classics toys have been some of the most fun to review and play with this year. The excitement of opening up a toy every third (usually) week of the month has been something I've grown to really look forward to and hope it will continue to happen for years to come.

MOTU Classics:
Where’s the King?

Here at IAT, we split up our MOTU ordering duties this month. I paid for the subscription Randors and Vaulted ordered the Goddesses. Both of our orders were shipped to us on Wednesday and they should arrive here tomorrow. We happily thought that King Randor went smoothly, but as the week has progressed we learned that was not the case.

If you follow the threads at He-Man.Org, many subscribers are seeing their orders still stuck on "order in progress" up to a week later. Toy Guru has asked for members experiencing this difficulty to post their names and order numbers.