Vault Review: MOTU Classics
Eternos Palace King Randor

We’re trying to wrap up our November Matty reviews before the end of the year.  Today I’m going to take a look at a figure I really didn’t think we’d get, but I’m glad he did: Eternos Palace King Randor.  He’s a figure that may just replace the original Classics’ Randor on my shelves.

I was one of those kids that liked my figures to look accurate to the source material I was familiar with.  Even though I never owned a King Randor from the original line, I always felt the figure looked wrong.  The Filmation cartoon was my source for MOTU, and Randor didn’t wear armor.

My standards have loosened over time.  Even though I still like getting figures with accurate looks, I definitely have no issues also getting cool looking figures.  So I was happy with original Classics Randor and didn’t much else from the line.  But Mattel’s miraculous acquisition of the Filmation rights allowed me the true Randor that I’d been waiting decades for.

Randor’s sculpt is incredibly simple, but still perfect.  His overcoat with the poofy sleeves, maroon skirted tunic, and slipper-like elf shoes makes the figure look like he stepped right out of the cartoon.  I especially like the soft plastic coat and could easily see an Eternian peasant wearing it.  (Yes, I want a peasant army builder 2-pack!)

Palace Randor shares the same headsculpt as Battle Armor Randor, but the coloring is different.  They used much lighter colors on Palace Randor, making his crown yellow-gold instead of metallic gold.  His hair and beard are also a lighter shade of brown.

The yellow-gold coloring is repeated on his necklace, belt, and bracelets, giving the figure a nice contrast to the darker maroon of his tunic.  At the same time, his deep blue overcoat and shoes are contrasted with his vibrant orange leggings.  You’d think that last bit would clash, but I think it works really nice together and keeps the figure from looking like a sea of red.  The coloring also adds the finishing touches to his Filmation sculpt.  Continue to page2…

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Eternos Palace King Randor

    1. Wouldn’t that just be the green Goddess/Teela tunic on Marlena/F-buck?
      She already has the astronaut suit on under her dress (aka Adora in green), or at least, included with the Marlena figure so they can be swapped out.

  1. I half expected to see Duncan wielding a stapler as the first pic on page two…

    This figure just didn’t speak to me. Yes, he has a spear (and wine!), but in a line of barbarians, wizards, and sci-fi beasties, he feels rather inactive for an action-figure. Nice enough sculpt, though. Just not my cup-o-tea.

  2. I’d have less of an issue with this version of Randor if the Marlena he’s intended for wasn’t so off the mark.

    I can’t begrudge people getting long-awaited wants I suppose, but personally these kinds of figures do nothing but remind me what a misguided effort Filmation was as an adaptation of the MotUniverse.

  3. i feel like, if we got krunk cup randor, he needs an eternian yacht w/ two hos packed in… it would just feel right. after, ‘s good to be the King.

  4. I feel like the creation of this figure makes the chances of a Millennium Captain Randor figure even more slim. I just hope we get Captain Randor to complete a display with Keldor. Otherwise, love your review.

  5. An “Eternian yacht”?! That’s awesome. And Randor’s definitiely a Euro-style king, so he’s all oiled-up, rockin’ a yellow banana-hammock (“But the crown stays on, ladies.”) And you just know he’s a hairy s.o.b., too. Dude is the muthaf’n MACK.

  6. Great review, pics, and comics, especially the last one! Randor is definitely one of the greatest kings in fiction. Always on the lookout for his family and his people, always eager to solve problems with diplomacy first (but not afraid to kick loads of tail if need be), dedicated and serious, but also quick to laugh. PLus he’s got great taste in tableware. (I imagine he’s got some form of berry-flavoured mead in that goblet of his.) Randor’s a great king, to be sure, but I still think Keldor got a raw deal from the racists.

    Many, many moons ago, I bought an extra King Randor so I could make THIS version, but with soft goods. And before I get around to it, Mattel makes this guy. Oh, well. At least now I can cannibalise Eternos Randor to get the tights-and-booties legs to slap on the Battle Randor, give him some soft goods, and retain bicep articulation and metallic regalia. Which, at the rate things are progressing, will be just before my 98th birthday . . . .

  7. he’s like the first figure where it gets obvious that the Motu ankle joint sucks!! i wish they would make the new GI Joe style rocker ankles rather than the old and non-working ones. I like Randor alot! And Dekker is a nice colored companion – this was like the colorfullest month so far for this years motu sub.

  8. Need to get both Randors for full effect. Though with the green Stephenwolf it makes one wonder why Mattel didn’t borrow how they did his biceps for this Randor. Just saying was done before why couldn’t it be done again.

    A nice review and fun pics. The last one made me chuckle.

  9. I never felt the need for a Filmation Randor, and after seeing the result, I still don’t. A 2002 Randor, on he other hand, would be f-ing sweet, and would likely get a purchase from even this highly-lapsed MOTUC collector. Which is why it will never happen.

  10. Randors cool he needs some sexy girls like kings glad he looks like the cartoon but fuck you Matty for making us buy it offs.your Mattel you can make anything.unless its the 1980 fuckers.

  11. So, I’m the only one who feels that as cool as it is to have Filmation King and Queen, neither can sit?

    And for the life of me I can’t fathom the lack of a bicep rotation joint. Dude can’t DRINK from his epic pimp cup!

    It’s like the old Space Ghost figure. One of the most iconic poses is SG reaching over to push a button on his Power Band and he CAN’T DO IT. feh.

    1. not making any excuses, but since they lack a throne room and thrones, where would they sit anyways? that said, the lack of overall poses options w/ motucs, despite the POA count, is one of the most vexing things about being a motuc buyer… i frequently find myself having to make mods just to get deep stances. sitting is futile. the wind raider really doesn’t take a traditional “sit” it’s much more akin to the “detroit lean.” and yes, there’s no reason randor couldn’t have a swivel there at the base of the puppy shirt.

      and before anyone asks… “but i don’t want to be a pirate!” i blame the low talker.

      1. See, I’m mr. stupidbrain. I have the thought that maybe, maybe, someday there could be thrones and vehicles and stuff, if not from doodypoopie Mattel then maybe the 7th Market can step up. I’m really surprised that nobody has done a resin bone throne for Skeletor by now.

        Sheesh, Randor can’t even wield a steel chair properly. How is that going to help him in Hell in a Cell? 🙂

        1. there’s the throne in Castle Grayskull they could use. I have no clue if there was a throne room in the Eternia Palace set?

          1. I guess the throne will be for King He-Man…

            Who probably won’t be able to sit. 🙂

            Wouldn’t, properly, that be King Adam? Or do they have his future be he’s He-Man 24/7?

  12. I love Filmation idea of him but wish FH would have designed Caption version of from the 200x cartoon. I’m always laughing his Robin Hood shoes but now he has his BLING(gold chain & drinking cup) ctfu!! Cool pics & review. At least we officially has the Royal Family from Eternia–only missing King Miro……………..

  13. I hate that he can’t sit down because of the molded jacket/skirt. But then again Marlena can’t even bend her knees or move her hips when she’s in her royal gown. But having this I’m now able to separate out the royal family for their own side display, while keeping armored Randor & uniformed Marlena out in the ‘battlefield’ display with He-Man & She-Ra. This Randor has his issues, my biggest gripe is the yellow used for the crown/bracers/spear not matching the gold of the first Randor, so I couldn’t swap the spear/staff between them. But for all his flaws, he’s still got more play value than Queen Marlena in her gown, and since they’ll be forever paired the flaws don’t bother me quite as much, unless a throne room gets made that neither of them could sit in…

  14. Too bad about the articulation but that’s a nice version of the Filmation Randor. Great family pic up there, btw. Now for the DC Comics version with white beard!

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