Year-End Review Round-Up
(December 17th-31st)

I know the site updates have been spotty first with the holidays and then the “Great Toy Move”, but I’m getting back in the swing of things. Next week will see some checklist updates and a guest review, but we need to wrap this week up first with a year-end Review Round-Up!

This round-up covers the last two weeks of 2012 and includes a hundred and twenty-six reviews from twenty-six different sites! Reviews are categorized by major brands, independent releases such as Onell or Spy Monkey are listed under the same “7th Market” heading we use for our own reviews, and smaller brands are grouped together under Miscellaneous. As always, offsite reviews do not necessarily reflect the views of IAT or its staff.

7th Market

80s Movies!

Captain Action

DC Comics

G.I. Joe



Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics, Cont.

Masters of the Universe


Star Wars




Do you know of (or run) a toy site that you think I’d enjoy? Let me know!


9 thoughts on “Year-End Review Round-Up
(December 17th-31st)

  1. For a second I thought this was the first time DK didn’t appear on the roundup (I did take the holiday off after all) but then I saw old Camo up there. Hows th enew house working out Noisy?

    1. It’s dragging on. 😀 We were hoping to be in by mid-week, but the weather had other plans. We’re shooting for this weekend now, but there’s still plenty to move!

    1. LOL The three days in the cellar rediscovering old toys was pretty fun. The furniture, books, DVDs, and other nonsense not so much.

      I hope my future-self can do a better job of divesting all the stuff in my life that I don’t know then my past-self did.

    1. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves… 😀

      Y’know, it’s been so long since I’ve had time to sit down a do a proper review (I think just Dekker & Rager in December?)that I’m a little nervous.

      1. I can understand that. I had to go for a little review hiatus myself not too long ago, and am now trying to keep a steady stream of them. So far so good lol.

  2. Holy cow, the new DC Unlimited are already hitting? and so soon after the holidays (assuming they’re just now hitting and the reviews weren’t ready and held for the post-holiday toy slump) I don’t expect to see them out here, tho. :/

    the one new case we did get of figures here was an ML3, and half of them were already gone when I found them (missed Mystique #2 and the re-dos of Doom/DP/Castle), and now they’ve been shuffled off to another shelf with all the Hobbit 4″ figures while they reset. 🙁

    I am surprised BatGirl is an all new sculpt, esp after the other DC figures have been redecos with barely any new parts other than heads. I fully expected her to be a simple redo of the previous BatGirl from summer 2011.

    I’d like to see some of those other DC reviews, but right now, I’m stuck with McD wifi, so any videos, even PixelDan’s, are out of the question, right now. 🙁
    (fingers crossed I get some good news ASAFP!)

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