MOTU Classics:
Where’s the King?

Here at IAT, we split up our MOTU ordering duties this month. I paid for the subscription Randors and Vaulted ordered the Goddesses. Both of our orders were shipped to us on Wednesday and they should arrive here tomorrow. We happily thought that King Randor went smoothly, but as the week has progressed we learned that was not the case.

If you follow the threads at He-Man.Org, many subscribers are seeing their orders still stuck on “order in progress” up to a week later. Toy Guru has asked for members experiencing this difficulty to post their names and order numbers.

Thanks to everyone who provided information. I’ve passed this info up to the top brass and to Digital River. Bottom line is Digital River has messed up big time – again. We’re doing everything we can to correct this and the order numbers and specific issues are the best way for us to address this.

We’re well aware of all of the issues and are actively working to fix them. I know folks are looking for more info, but that is the best I have right now. Please know we are 100% committed to getting all of these bugs worked out and we appreciate everyone hanging on. We are working on it!


If you haven’t already, you can post your information here: Please post if SUBSCRIPTION figures not shipping first – He-Man.Org

We at IAT had a discussion about why we were spared from this particular issue today and we may have an answer, but it’s an odd one. If you go through the Randor threads and Facebook posts, you can find a handful of people that are receiving Randor – and they seem to have one thing in common so far. They didn’t place a second order for the non-subscription items.

We’re looking for more feedback about this. If your Randor hasn’t shipped, did you place a second non-subscription order for other items? If your Randor has shipped, did you order anything else? Let us know in the comments below!

So far this issue seems to be similar to the one that affected October orders. This means while there will definitely be some frustration over when it will arrive, their shouldn’t be concern over if it’s going to arrive. The next few days should be interesting.

22 thoughts on “MOTU Classics:
Where’s the King?

  1. I have a subscription and have not received that Randor but got the one I ordered with 2 Skeletors and a Goddess.

  2. Got my Randor today, along with Winston and the Goddess. That sucks about all the mix-ups and set-backs. It really does say something about Digital River’s service that I get nervous about mess-ups every month. The last three months, I’ve had to call their customer service line to confirm my order. Not cool, DR. Not cool.

  3. Ordered just Randor. He’s scheduled to arrive tomorrow! I didn’t even know there was a foul-up.

  4. I live in Australia. My Randor subscription (3 of them) has shipped. No notification on the extra order I placed for Goddess, more Randors and Ghostbusters Winston (these extras are for friends… shipping to Australia is expensive).

  5. I’m an end of the year-er… I just got webstor.. and my december order should be here tomorrow… but no word on the other 3 sub figures… and I WANT MY SCAREGLOW!

    grrr.. words cannot express how happy I am I didn’t sign up for the sub next year… I don’t care about wun-dar and I just don’t trust them to get it all worked out correctly. AND I am not stuck with characters I don’t want…

    for example.. I’m still on the fence about adora

  6. Yep, I made a second order and yep, my Randor sub order still hasn’t shipped. I guessed this as the problem pretty early on, and in fact I think something similar might have happened with Teela.

  7. I ordered one each of all three (no sub). According to the confirmation that was sent to me they should all be arriving on the 23rd. We shall see what comes.

  8. You are right. I have the subscription and ordered the Goddess. The Goddess is on the way, but King Randor is still stuck on process.

  9. My shipping confirmation for subscription Randor arrived early this morning. I also ordered 2 Goddess figures + 1 Randor + 1 Skeletor from Matty on the 15th.

  10. It still says “Order in Process” at find my order, and there has been no email or charge.
    Just waiting for the 4 subscription figures, did not order anything this month.
    I’m too am especially anticipating my Scareglow.

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