DC Direct solicits new Blackest Night product: Mongul, Nekron, more Black Lanterns, & Rings!

DC Direct solicits hit the ‘net today and there were a few surprises for Blackest Night fans.

First up we had the figures previously announced in ToyFare #150:

Behold the Power of the Black Lanterns! This fifth series of action figures based on the hugely popular BLACKEST NIGHT event includes Nekron, the Lord of the Unliving; Hawkman, the winged warrior who joins the Black Lanterns after falling victim to them; Deadman, the ghost hero who’s tormented by voices of the dead; and Batman, who, in death, is as susceptible to the Black Lantern Corps as anyone. All four figures feature multiple points of articulation and include a display base. Character-appropriate accessories are also included. On-Sale August 4, 2010.

Includes: Black Lantern Batman • 6.75” h
Black Lantern Nekron • 7.25” h
Black Lantern Hawkman • 7” h
Black Lantern Deadman • 6.75” h

Also mentioned in ToyFare #150, the Sinestro Corps Mongul. This figure is a repaint of the 2006 Infinite Crisis Mongul.

First facing off against Arkillo and then against Sinestro himself, the evil Mongul, onetime leader of the Sinestro Corps, plays a pivotal role in the events of BLACKEST NIGHT. Be sure to add this monstrous deluxe action figure to your collection of characters from the soon-to-be legendary storyline. Packaged in a deluxe clamshell. On-Sale August 4, 2010.

Sinestro Corps Member Mongul • 9” h

And though not an action figure, these are something any Blackest Night fan would be interested in:

Embody the entire emotional spectrum of Blackest Night with this special light-up ring set from DC Direct! Featuring designs that are authentic to the comic, each of these eight wearable, adjustable plastic rings (one each in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, plus black) instantly lights up with a long-lasting LED bulb when slipped on a finger. A light can be turned off manually to preserve the battery. (Batteries can also be changed by using a special key included with the set.) Packaged in a deluxe window box, the rings make a beautiful display when they are not being worn. On-Sale July 7, 2010. * PVC Ring Set * $59.99 US

26 thoughts on “DC Direct solicits new Blackest Night product: Mongul, Nekron, more Black Lanterns, & Rings!

  1. Man, I had high hopes for that Batman and they’re all but dashed. That Mongul is pretty cool though.

  2. Bring on the Black Lanterns! I want the full JLA. I hope that Hal and Barry get turned so we can get the full big seven!

  3. That Nekron is awesoms. I might get him just for his look on the shelf. What are his character appropriate accessories?

  4. Is it me, or is that Mongul a re-deco of the Infinite Crisis Mongul?

    Deadman looks a lot like the KC 2d version.

    BL Hawkman is best of the group, imo, even if he does look like Gene Simmons’ grampa in S&M gear.

    Deadman and Nekron are meh. I just can’t see myself paying for that DM and Nekron is too similar to DM for me even if I did have his ToGLC first appearance waaaaaay back when. Maybe if I see him in person next summer.

    ZomBatman. …. ‘_’ ….. next.

    I’m liking that ring set, but not at $60 for 8 mini-flashlights you can get at Walmart checkout for $1 each. It’s what, 7.50 for each? pass.

    1. If the rings light up the right colors, I’ll consider it – even at $60. If they don’t, then I won’t.

      I love the Nekron, but I agree with you about the others.

  5. nekron is a must… but the only must from that set (isn’t black lantern deadman redundant?)

    I love those rings.. I have all the freebies… but I just might pony up the $60 for those… have to see more pictures of them

  6. So I could go to most comic shops, buy a 3 or 4 dollar book, and get a FREE “adjustable plastic ring”. OR I could buy an “adjustable plastic ring” with a light in it, and no comic book, for twice as much? Uhmmm… Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and pass on that set.

  7. I don’t care what anyone says. These all look great! DCD continues to knock Blackest Night out of the park!!

  8. The light up rings are pretty cool. They go on and off when you put them on, that’s really cool.

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