Matty on Facebook: Return of the King!

Today on Facebook, Mattel posted images of the December Masters of the Universe figure, King Randor!

Putting aside the humorous Burger King jokes, I am stoked about this figure. I never had it as a kid and though I love the stactions, they crossed the line into statue a lot more than the others. I don’t know what it is. I love his colors. I love his look. And barring a major disappointment, you can look forward to my gushing review in about… oh, 93 days. Can you tell I’m excited?

The new promo shots do not disappoint. Plus, the bio is after the jump and hopefully the figure it mentions is a hint of what’s to come in 2010…

From the back of his box, here is King Randor’s bio:

Real Name: Randor of the house of Miro

King Miro’s second born son Randor came of age during the Great Unrest, a time when conflict returned to Eternia following the Count Marzo uprisings and the subsequent betrayal by his half brother, Keldor. After the disappearance of his father, Randor was appointed Captain of the Guard and lead Miro’s troops in battle against Keldor’s growing rebellion. Randor eventually ended the battles by fatally wounding Keldor and locking his evil warriors behind the mystic wall. For this act he was appointed King by the Council of Elders. King Randor raises his staff exulting his rule over Eternia!

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  1. I hope to see Count Marzo soon. I’m wondering if they’ll use the modern design or try to come up with something inspired by the old design without getting too close to it.

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