Mr. Rant asks “Why does the gun barrel point sideways?”

So Webstor is here, and Noisy will have his review up soon, but I wanted to comment on a disturbing trend I’ve noticed in the last few MOTUCs. One of the benefits of having friends that like similar things is that you can split the cost of shipping. It also works out for the site. If one of us gets a figure that didn’t fare too well on the factory floor, maybe it was badly painted, or maybe it somehow broke in the box, or in shipping, then we have a couple other versions of that figure to choose from for the review. It’s a pretty good arrangement, at least until everyone gets a figure with problems.

This isn’t a rant as much as it’s an open letter for Mattel. Just some words of advice from me to them.

Opening my Webstor, I came upon a problem that I had only noticed in slight ways before. Both Webstor’s gun and hook are made of a soft, extremely pliable, easily indented by a fingernail, plastic. I’ve noticed this problem here and there with other figures from Mattel, not just MOTU, but having both accessories of one figure turn out this way made it blatant. Forcing me to actively notice a problem where I used to just see an annoyance.

I don’t understand how making toys works exactly. I don’t know what the specifics are and I imagine it can be difficult dealing with people half-a-world away that don’t speak English as a first language. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t want a perfect product at the end of the day. I would like to see better quality control on what type of plastic is being used for accessories. From my Webstor’s rubbery hook that couldn’t hold itself up, to the extremely hard plastic of the little bat creature’s tail that won’t even give a micron to fit over Hordak’s wrist. I don’t want my Man-At-Arms’ mace going flaccid in his hand while the grip on his backpack is so rigid it almost cracks when I put the sword in there.

I want to see Mattel be more consistent with the plastic grade in the weapons. The first handful of figures was great and I want to get back to that. Hopefully, this isn’t too difficult a request to fulfill because in the future I hope other figures don’t have this rubbery plastic problem. I will be disappointed if the November re-issue of He-Man will have a soft, warped sword when the first He-Man had a perfect one.

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  1. This is something that really bugged me after getting DCUC Ares. His cape has no movement but the super cool sculpted weapons are just floppy. SO why not use the cape material for the weapons and that floppy plastic the weapons are made of for the cape. So we have capes that bend and weapons that don’t.

  2. i forgot maa’s hip breaker, but yes, that’s soft too. and yes, my webstor had the same rubbery hook shaft & gun… it’s god damned aggrevating for a 20 dollar toy. at that prce, i expect damned near perfection. this had better not become a trend.

    1. made especially worse on webstor because the hooks themselves are made of the plastic grade that should have been employed on the whole lot.

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