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Matty on Facebook: Live
MOTU Sculpting Event at SDCC

On Facebook, Matty has let fans know about a new event added to the SDCC schedule:

Hey toy fans!

An exiting new event has been added to the Mattel booth!

Mike Berling and Saun Omos from Mattel’s sculpting team will be at our booth creating a live brand new statue sculpt at SDCC. They tell me they are going to take a stab at a stylized He-Man sculpt of their own creation. This will not be a Classic or a 200X figure, but a one-off artistic interpretation of the defender of Eternia, created live at the show right before fan’s eyes!

Then, on Friday we’ll run their new sculpt up to Mattel in El Segundo and use our rapid prototype machines to make a handful of one-off casts to raffle off on Saturday! Ain’t that cool?

So come on down to see just how the Mattel sculpting process works! Raffle tickets will be given out throughout the show.

Sculpting demos will be as follows:
Thurs: 11-1pm, 3-5pm
Fri: 10-11am, 4-6pm


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MOTU Sculpting Event at SDCC