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DC Classics.com Legion of
Super-Heroes Review (Part II)


Sorry for the late update everyone, I’m running a bit behind today. But the website must go on, and before we start talking about Toy Fair, I’m finishing the second half of the giant Legion of Super-Heroes 12-pack review that Noisy started on

DC Classics.Com Young Justice
Superboy Review

Young Justice. We meet again. This is one of those reviews were I passed on the figure initially, but repeated trips to the store and a lack of resolution about collecting the line ultimately led to picking up the figure. Not my favorite, but not bad, here’s

Liveblogging: The New 52
DC Comics Micro-Reviews All Day


Today is a rare weekday off and yesterday was my first chance to get to my LCS in a month. That means I’ve just picked up my first DC Comics from “The New 52” and I’ve got all day to read them. Sounds like a good

Attack of the Show
Mattel SDCC 2011 Exclusives

Attack of the Show’s met up with Mattel’s very own Scott Neitlich to find out what they have in store for San Diego Comic-Con 2011 and it’s a doozy. The exclusive video is availabe after the jump

Superboy & Donna Troy


If you follow Mattel rumors, DCUC13’s lineup had to be rearranged early on. Some say it was because DC asked for certain characters to be held back, but we’ll never know for sure. Still, the lineup seems devoid of an A-list play pattern. Superboy has the top spot, but I’m not sure how Donna Troy is supposed to pair off with him.

Ask Matty - January 15th Edition

Ask MattyJanuary 15th, 2010