Liveblogging: The New 52
DC Comics Micro-Reviews All Day

Today is a rare weekday off and yesterday was my first chance to get to my LCS in a month. That means I’ve just picked up my first DC Comics from “The New 52” and I’ve got all day to read them. Sounds like a good recipe for some liveblogging...

ItsAllTrueReview: Justice in the Jungle 2pk

We're a little behind on reviews because of the holidays, so we're going with an Amusing Articulation / ItsAllTrueReview chimera. If we did this right the pictures will work as a funny gag while the text takes a more serious look at the toys. Or not, we'll see what happens. Here at the outset, I'd like to take a moment to really thank Playmates toys and my past self for apparently just buying any toy that caught my eye. With the out of the way, I give you "Justice in the Jungle!"