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DC Collectibles Batman
The Animated Series 6″ Catwoman Review

catw00 Review: Hot Toys
Batman Cosbaby – The Nolan Series

We’re closing out Son of Guest Review Week with one of the best in the business, Michael Crawford! He may cringe at the thought, but I’ve been enjoying his toy reviews since I was in high school. He sets the gold standard for toy reviews and

Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters:
Catwoman Review (Goggles Up)

In a month, I’ll be sitting in a theater watching Dark Knight Rises. It’s easily my most anticipated film of 2012 (sorry, Avengers, you were awesome though…). It’s that excitement, combined with wanting that C&C Batsignal that’s led me to snap up the Dark Knight Rises Movie

Vault Review: Batman Legacy
Series 3 Catwoman & FA Batman


I’m rounding out my week with a couple of figures from Batman Legacy wave three, which finally started poping up at stores here and there. Noisy was lucky enough to snag the First Appearance Batman and Earth 2 Catwoman, but I get

Liveblogging: The New 52
DC Comics Micro-Reviews All Day


Today is a rare weekday off and yesterday was my first chance to get to my LCS in a month. That means I’ve just picked up my first DC Comics from “The New 52” and I’ve got all day to read them. Sounds like a good

DCClassiscs.Com Gotham
City 5pk (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

Every once in awhile, living in Uncle Wally’s backyard pays off. I had precious little to do this afternoon, so I grabbed the car keys and headed off to see how the Wal-Mart resets were coming along at the various stores around me. I hit up my eight closest Wal-Marts

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