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Superboy Review

Young Justice. We meet again. This is one of those reviews were I passed on the figure initially, but repeated trips to the store and a lack of resolution about collecting the line ultimately led to picking up the figure. Not my favorite, but not bad, here’s six-inch Solar Suit Superboy.

I know. I’m where I said I wouldn’t be. I’ve bought yet another Young Justice figure that doesn’t complete the team. I feel no investment in Mattel, nor do I feel any closer to getting a 6” Miss Martian. I didn’t buy this Superboy because I want to help the line or support Mattel. I ultimately just bought it because it looked cool. And, hey look, there’s the whole line together. Funny how that happened…

That said, I did spend $21 on this and it’s important that I point out this figure isn’t worth it. I enjoy the figure, but a large part of the “value” these figures are supposed to have comes from the base and Superboy just happens to not only have the worst base so far, but a particularly crappy one at that. More on that in a minute, but yes, that is a piece of styrofoam trapped inside the tube there.

First, let’s focus on what I liked. Superboy has a great head sculpt. I could see some value in his having an angry face, but the sculpt here looks a little sullen. One of the parts of Young Justice that I find interesting is that Superman, acting generally out of character for how I perceive he should be, doesn’t know what to do about Superboy. It can’t be easy – it’s gotta be bad enough when a teenager walks up and tell you that he’s your son, but it’s surely worse when it’s a clone made from your stolen DNA. Superman will surely come around, but in the early episodes he’s kinda of a dick to Superboy and that amuses me. How Superboy feels in those situations is what I see on his face here. Not the anger, but the issues under it. Now that’s a lot of heavy lifting for an animated head sculpt, but it works. It helps that this sculpt doesn’t have too much of an animated influence though.

For the rest of the figure, well that’s nothing new. Superboy sports the Legion buck from his head to his toes. It’s pretty cheap, but it works and I happen to really love the all-white look here. It’s a simple design, one I didn’t really give a second look when the show first aired, but it looks snazzy on the figure and it’s ultimately the reason I bought it. Plus, if I ever tire of having him, he’s like “Anybody Kid” for the Legion, some acetone to get an all-white buck, a custom paint job, a repurposed head, and boom instant thirteenth Legionnaire.

After the figure though, this toy’s appeal starts to fade fast. On the upside, there’s two accessories – a bendy girder and a cement block hammer. I don’t remember the show’s pilot off the top of my head and I don’t recall if he utilized these during his breakout, but that would certainly help. The bendy girder kinda sucks as it’s really only bendy in the middle at the grip – girders don’t bend easy, see? That’s kinda the point.

The hammer is a little cooler, but it walks the line between being debris and looking like it was made to be a hammer. I don’t dislike it, but it’s a fair sight odd and I can’t help but think it’s best use will be in a future edition of Poe Ghostal’s Odds n Ends articles. Now, about that base… (Continue to Page 2)

36 thoughts on “DC Classics.Com Young Justice
Superboy Review

  1. Couldn’t Mattel have just used the pants from the modern Starman figure here? I think it’s close enough that most collectors would buy it. Heck, it’s closer than some of the other figures have gotten to their characters’ looks.

    1. Jack is an adult sized figure, I don’t think it would look good at all even if the joints worked.

      1. It’s Mattel, so I doubt the joint from the larger Starman lower torso would match up with the slimmer teen upper body, but either way they’d be too big methinks.

        1. just got my 4″ Superboy from TRU.com. Even he has a “clean”/smooth body, with the jean details painted on. At this point, I’m not surprised by any of Matty’s shenanigans. :/

    2. I think the lower half of Beast Boy might have been better, depending on the style of footwear they wanted to go with.

      This figure is too plain. Even the Regen/Black Suit Superman from DCUC w6 had more personality, and that was basic black figure with a couple silver accents. (Did you not have one to do a contrast/compare shot with?)

      Still, a bit jealous you have these down yonder while StL is stuck with Artemis clogging the shelves. just double-checked TRU.com and they have the new 4″ figures, but only Artemis and Aqualad on 6″. (Also the Bat and Aqua 2pks, the latter of which are multiplying like Gremlins in the Pacific up here.)

      1. Why you always gotta come up with cool pics ideas after the fact? You’re right though, something could be done here, but the show designers kept it simple.

        Target’s been the one doing the heavy lifting here, but I did cheat a bit and pick up Superboy on a long toy run in Arkansas!

  2. Great review, Noisy! I’m loving the Young Justice line bases and all. I’m stoked for Kid Flash and his torn-up street!

  3. “…I ultimately just bought it because it looked cool…”

    That’s the only reason ever needed to buy a toy. Or anything else really, cars, guns, hookers, dogs, motorcycles, etc….

    Anyone who tells you differently probably has testicles the size of raisins, and you don’t need to listen to folks like that anyways.

    1. That’s true.

      I think I just felt like I painted myself into a corner in the other reviews. That said, the six of these look great together and I don’t mind that a bit (but I want Miss Martian, dammit).

  4. “…One of the parts of Young Justice that I find interesting is that Superman, acting generally out of character for how I perceive he should be, doesn’t know what to do about Superboy…”

    I blame this mostly on the fact that most writers for TV and comics are Yankees. Had any of the writers actually lived in the south they’d know how Supes would really handle the situation. Most likely it would involve sitting on the roof of the barn getting drunk then a couple hours of cow tipping, or tractor tipping in their case. Stolen DNA? Cloning? Illegitimate child? Bah. After a couple cases of beer and it’s all water under the bridge.

    1. Dude, Smallville is in Kansas. The South has nothing to do with it. Kansas has real people in it, not Charlie Daniels fans. The whole “Bleeding Kansas” conflict occurred so that the people of Kansas didn’t have to worry about alcoholism being a central part of male-bonding without the appropriate sport associations.

      1. Kansas sounds like it just got a lot less cool. Maybe Superman should have been raised in Louisiana.

        Charlie Daniels fans are real people too. I’ve seen them. They’re not just a myth.

      2. have you ever lived in kansas homes? plenty of charlie daniels’ fans (as if that were an accurate barometer for “southhood”) so thanks for elevating the conversation about inaccurate generalizations by making inaccurate generalizations.

        superman might have been raised in kansas, but he’s not kansan, he’s kryptonian. the guy deals w/ the globe, and well beyond, on a scope that not a single human being could possibly grasp. he can hear EVERYTHING and has to drown out the countless sounds of dead, disease, mourning, hatred, and suffering every day, and prioritize human life like you decide which t shirt you wear today. the truth is, no one has ever written superman correctly, not yet, because they grasped how out of sync his physical capabilities are w/ his moral and intellectual capacities. he can save only so many people a day, and if you’re not a complete sociopath, how does that rip your psyche apart, day in and day out? more importantly, if you act at all, aren’t you interfering w/ a mechanism that is designed to be self-sustaining? any person you decide to save today could be patient zero for the next plague, or the gal you decide to let die could invent the cure for influenza.

        superman being frozen by a choice put on him should be a regular thing, as he tries to weigh out what the best option is. he’s not superhuman in mental capacity, nor is he somehow gifted w/ a metaethical whiteout that allows him to sleep at night… so it stands to reason that the guy should take careful measure of any situation and really try to weigh out what he knows about a situation before acting. so like superboy comes along… how does he respond to that, since it not only casts another being in his very unenviable situation in life, but it also violates his own physical sense of sanctity (being a clone and all). he can’t embrace the boy as a son or a brother, because he’s neither. but he can’t treat the kid spitefully because it’s too risky having a being w/ that much power not feel it has peers. it would be like telling a woman she had a rape baby, who she put up for adoption, but now she has to raise it. any person w/ a conscience would be very conflicted, and supes is no different. him struggling to make the right decision makes him human, it’s why the character can be related to at all.

  5. But Superman being a dick is PART of comic book canon! Kinda hope the Black shirt/Jeans Superboy looks better. This one looks good, but I prefer the other look

  6. No, Jare. That was a four incher and actually in the stylized animation style. Mattel has a smaller line with almost no articulation and bigger base pieces, and then this, the DC Universe-somewhat style line with bad head sculpts but reused DCUC bodies.

  7. Looks like an animated Adrien Brody with a wig wrongsided on.

    The group shot is sweet! they look quite nice altogether!

  8. Fire King

    Dude quit being an ignorant asshat.

    You obviously don’t really know anything about the South if you think everyone acts like that. Fact of the matter is people that live up in the North and in Cities are more likely to not raise their children then Southern people.

    Also you’re not funny at all.

    1. Don’t get your panties in a twist. No need to be so serious. I just extended gulf state courtesy and hospitality to Kansas. Sorry to make Kansasasians seem cooler than they actually are.

      And did you just re-state the point I made?

  9. “yes, that is a piece of styrofoam trapped inside the tube there.”
    Heh heh heh! ^^ I love that whole paragraph. It just screams inevitable and expected disappointment.

  10. The ’emo teen’ face is pretty good, but honestly, I don’t WANT to see the jeans and jacket deco if they’re not going to do Miss Martian. The teen romance thing going on is just darn fun to watch.

    Sorry to be the downer again, I just cannot trust Mattel to do the obvious right thing.

    1. I still have faith that we’ll get her. A lot of places are talking about Artemis piling up, but the later figures seem to be selling better and better. The Batman assortment will have at least one more figure in it and, counting variants, there hasn’t been a wave yet without a team member. Ideally, Miss Martian will be next…

      Naive & Optimistic. It’s part of the website’s appeal, okay?

      1. I dig. I do wonder what kind of base they’ll come up with her. It would be cruel if Mattel decided to use her ‘normal schoolgirl’ guise as the figure to make.

        And wouldn’t THAT be “that’s so Matty!” of them? Clone Suit Superboy and SchoolGirl Megan? Neither really going with the other.

          1. Ideally, I’d like both versions, but I honestly like the black look better. I’d want to white to be done first, since it’s the standard, but the black looks cooler. I don’t really trust Mattel, though, to give her the hood necessary to complete the look.

  11. Something I was thinking of on the issue of the scale of the base; didn’t it turn out that the Genomorphs, the guys riding around on everyones’ shoulders, were the ones running things at Cadmus (sorry, it’s been well over a year since I watched the premier, so I might be remembering wrong)? That little piece of equipment seems like it might be scaled to fit those guys

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