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SDCC 2012 Armchair Coverage
MOTU & DC Classics Round-Up!

SDCC 2012 has wrapped! It’s Monday morning, the SDCC attendees are heading home while the rest of us are already back at work, but, let’s face it, productivity isn’t on the agenda today. This year’s IAT SDCC Armchair Coverage features over 300 links from more than

Ask Mattel March 15th
+ Link Roundup

DC Classics.Com Young Justice
Superboy Review

Young Justice. We meet again. This is one of those reviews were I passed on the figure initially, but repeated trips to the store and a lack of resolution about collecting the line ultimately led to picking up the figure. Not my favorite, but not bad, here’s

DC Classics.Com Young Justice
Sportsmaster Review (19 Pics)

I’ve gotta be careful what I say about Young Justice. I sometimes get in the mindset that I want to stop collecting the 6” line, but I hesitate to say it aloud because, seemingly inevitably, a new Young Justice Review keeps popping up here at IAT. This

DC Classics.Com Young
Justice Red Arrow Review


Do you have toylines that you keep buying, but you’re not sure you should? Young Justice six-inch is that way for me. I enjoy the show and I’m always down for some DC Comics figures, but I find myself constantly questioning if this really is a toyline

Ask Matty
December 1st Edition

Young Justice
6″ Aqualad Review


I’m wavering on being a Young Justice collector. I like the show and enjoy the characters. I like that the line is relatively DCUC-compatible, but I really hate the price. The bases and accessories just don’t make me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. And yet,

Young Justice Review:
6″ Artemis & Robin

Remember Young Justice? That cartoon on Cartoon Network some months ago that showed nine of its ten episodes and then abruptly disappeared in a typical CN vanishing act? Robin? Superboy? Kid Flash? Ringing a bell? Maybe? Well, that cartoon’s tie-in merchandise has finally reached store shelves and