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Transformers Masterpiece
Starscream Review
(Toys R Us Exclusive)


Ask Mattel March 15th
+ Link Roundup

MOTU Classics.Com:
DC vs MOTU Zodac Review


Batman Legacy: Toys R Us Arkham
City 1970s Batman Review


MOTUClassics.Com: Bizarro
Vs. Battle Armor Faker Review


DCClassics.Com: TRU
Nightwing (Renegade) Review


Just when I thought it was safe to stop going to TRU until after Christmas… there’s another exclusive. The TRU Single line showed up unexpectedly with no announcement from Mattel, so perhaps it’s fitting that it ended similarly. The TRU Singles are cancelled, but “Renegade” Nightwing managed to squeak out.

Ask Matty
November 15th Edition


With DCUC16 being scheduled for early 2011, will it be considered one of the five 2011 waves or will Mattel now plan for six waves of DC Classics on the 2011 schedule

ItsAllTrue Review:
Transformers – Rodimus Minor


I got into Transformers Animated so late that the only releases I’ve “waited for” have been the 4 recent Toys R Us exclusive figures (& some unreleased items). I haven’t gone back and gotten “them all”, but I’ve picked up my favorite characters. And when it comes to favorites, that certainly includes Rodimus Minor.

CherryBarry Review (TRU Flash)


We picked up the TRU Flash a few weeks ago, but I’ve been putting off his review. I just find that I don’t have a lot to say about him. Still, he needs his DCClassics.Com entry and so we’re giving him a pint-size review. Four pics, a few paragraphs, and everything you need to know about CherryBarry.

DCClassics.Com: Fourth
TRU figure to be… Nightwing?


Toysrus.com has listed the Hal Jordan and Flash exclusives on their website as of today, but with that update TRU possibly revealed the identity of the fourth figure: Nightwing. While there’s no picture yet, if you toss in an eBay leak from a few months back, I believe we can hazard a guess.

Toy Run #3: Case of the DC Classics TRU Exclusive Batman (Review)


Amusing Articulations: Is He-Man
the Chocolate or the Peanut Butter?

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