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DCClassics.Com: Recently, Toy Guru has commented that the DCUC TRU Exclusive singles will continue into 2011. Will that SKU still feature only Alex Ross inspired repaints or it will it expand beyond that?

Actually, to update fans on this, retailers were not interested in continuing this line in 2011. We will look for other ways to bring out repainted figures. At this time, the single repaints are not going forward.

Editor’s Note: Toy Guru has confirmed for IAT that the Black Tux Joker is indeed in limbo with the cancellation of the TRU Repaints.

DCClassics.Com:With DCUC16 being scheduled for early 2011, will it be considered one of the five 2011 waves or will Mattel now plan for six waves of DC Classics on the 2011 schedule?

Ideally, there will be one new wave every two to four months in 2011.

MOTUClassics.Com: When Mattel mentions ways to “refresh” MOTUC figures by making small changes to previous releases, does Mattel intend to include those “slightly changed” figures in the subscription?

The subscription only includes new figures. Re-releases (whether or not they have changes) are not part of the subscription.

DCClassics.Com:Is the completion of teams like the Metal Men and Doom Patrol now a more long-term prospect because they might not fit in upcoming “theme waves” planned for 2011?

We do want to finish these teams as well as start and complete many others. This is more of a long-term goal and we don’t have a set date to announce right now on when these teams will be complete. We want the line to live on for many years and in time fans will ideally be able to complete key teams!

MOTUClassics.Com: When the MOTU team speculates about future figures like Fisto and Jitsu, has any thought been given to making the larger hands removable and/or interchangeable? That would increase their value as they could be swapped out for different decos in future weapons packs or be made as compatible attachments for Trap Jaw & Roboto.

We have discussed this internally for when, and if, we get to Fisto and Jitsu.

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13 thoughts on “Ask Matty
November 15th Edition

  1. wait… tri-klops is only the tech guy in the MYP cartoon, in the mini-comic canon, spikor was the guy that skeletor went to to get his fancy new tools made… maybe trap jaw’s been barking up the wrong tree?

    i love that they make the insinuation that they may not get to fisto and jistu… by all means mattel, give people a reason to bail on the line by teasing that you may not complete the vintage roster. let me know how that works out for you.

    i also love that they similarly taunted metal mand and doom patrol fans… “hey, dcu fans, you’re in this till the aztec apocalypse kids! you’ll get mercury just in time to watch the continents boil and the earth explode. cuz we have to have some way to pay for bob eckert to get on the giant party boat.

  2. and at the risk of being verbose for no good reason, the answer that motucfigures got about mattel not delivering to APO boxes is the worst load of bollocks i’ve ever heard… i thoughttheir whole deal w/ digital river was that DR had the best delivery options for them? do they know the US post office will deliver to any APO address as if it were domestic? that’s frankly a disgrace. they ever mentioned it’s not a service that is frequently in demand, WHICH WOULD MAKE IT LOGISTICALLY PLAUSIBLE TO EAT THE COSTS AND GET THE TOYS TO OUR GOD DAMNED TROOPS! HURT YOUR BOTTOM LINE A SMIDGE AND BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING!

  3. Ya know Mattel, everyone who collects DCUC will quit buying them When you finish The Doom Patrol and Metal Men, so good call on having two of one and three of another for 5 years before the rest of the team. I MEAN GOOD GOSH! lol >:( I want Elasti-Girl, the Chief, Platinum, Lead, Copper, and Tin ASAP!!!!!

  4. Did you guys see that the movie GL figure, Gu or whatever, is in Movie Masters scale! What BS is that!!! I do not want to have to buy an out-of-scale figure to build Stel.

  5. IIRC in the Secret of The Sword it was said that TK and TJ had to run some tests on Adora’s sword. (something about Hordak rambling about its power)

    Now my thoughts on the “answers”
    1: Maybe cause of the oversaturation of said figures? AllStar Flash, Cherry Flash, the 1.21 JigoBats variants, etc. No wonder TRU got tired of them warming the pegs worse than most of Playmates toys.
    2:Assuming stores ACTUALLY GET THEM… since Mattel delivers them to the dist. centers (Probably the same place Indy sent the Ark of the covenant.)
    3:OK, now I’m confused. What’s the difference between, re-release, reissue, and redeco? I understand not having the same figure multiple times on the sub (with the exception of power up suits like Thunderpunch, Smash Blade, Terror Claws, or Disco.)
    4:Basically if Mattel kills teh lien fans are SOL.
    5:”We discussed it” = “Hey Guys! I’ve got some great Idea from the idiots… I mean Customers… I mean fans… Swappable fist for Fisto!! That way we can reissue his fist in pink for Jitsu in a Weapons Pack!” IF and WHEN they get to them? I wonder how the guys at the .org are taking this…

  6. I don’t understand the MOTUC refresh answer.

    So does this mean that we won’t get any more figures like KG?

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