Sortable Checklist Added

In IAT’s ongoing efforts to update and expand the DC Universe Classics Checklist at DCClassics.Com, I’ve added a new page with a text checklist. I can hear you now… “text is so 2000s, Noisy”, but there’s more. This new checklist includes C&C info, accessories, and release dates, but the best part is… it’s sortable.

Simply click on the various headers to sort the checklist by that column (reload the page to reset it). You can check out the characters in alphabetical order. Browse by series or release date. And if, for some bizarre reason, you want to see every figure that came with a left leg, you can do that. There’s also a handy search feature that’s just fun to play with. For example, if you type Batman or Hal Jordan into the search box right above the table, the checklist will automatically reduce itself to the obscene amount of figures those two already have in the line. Simply delete your search term to return the checklist to normal.

DCClassics.Com Sortable Checklist

2 thoughts on “DCClassics.Com
Sortable Checklist Added

  1. The date format confused me for a bit, but I got the hang of it. Other than that and the inclusion of those awful Public Enemies figures, it looks great.

    Now, a Marvel Legends one please? Pretty please?

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