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Vault Review: MOTU Classics
Dragon Blaster Skeletor


Masters of the Universe Classics usually does a fantastic job of updating vintage figures with a more modernized look. I was particularly excited to see what Dragon Blaster Skeletor’s would look like. Unfortunately I think my expectations were too high.

Vault Review: Masters of the
Universe Classics Griffin


Seems like just a few days ago I was opening a gigantic box packed full of various MOTU and DC figures. But that was actually way back in June, and now that it’s almost August I thought I’d better catch up before that San Diego

Vault Review: MOTU Classics
Slush Head


Even though I’d never seen the space He-Man cartoon, I do remember looking through the toys at Kaybee. The two that intrigued me the most were Optikk and Slush Head. Guess I wasn’t alone since those were the first two villains Matty chose.

Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Draego-Man


We’re a little behind on our MOTU reviews, so I thought I’d end this week with a look at the first figure in the 30th Anniversary sub-line: Draego-Man! This guy so impressive, he’s easily become one of my favorite figures in the line

Vault Review:
MOTU Classics.Com Sorceress


Kobra Khan’s almost here, so it’s a great time to wrap up February’s Masters of the Universe haul. Last on our list is the Sorceress. One of the few Masters of the Universe Classics figures to have an action feature which is unusual because I don’t think

Vault Review: Star Sisters 3-Pack


Vault Review: Icarius


The New Adventures of He-Man is a strange corner of the MOTU Universe. On the surface it doesn’t do much to fit into the original series. But the blending seems to go a lot smoother with the Classics continuity, which is why I’m excited to see

MOTUClassics.com Vault
Review: Hurricane Hordak


Each of us have that one specific character we can’t wait to be recreated in the Classics line. Believe it or not, Hurricane Hordak is the figure I’ve been anxiously anticipating since the very beginning. I just never expected him to be released so soon

Vault Review: Megator


August’s bonus MOTU Classics release gives us Megator. Now Tytus finally has someone to spar with and we get to add one more soldier to our Preternian Horde army. We also get an alternate head based on his zombified resurrection in modern Eternia. Now if he

MOTUClassics.com Vault Review:
Queen Marlena/Captain Glenn


I felt lucky about this year’s SanDiego Comicon exclusives. Usually I’m scrambling to get five or six, but this year I only wanted three: two of MOTU Classics Queen Marlena and a Monster High Deadfast Ghoulia. Not only were they both incredibly easy to get, but

King Grayskull Review


You’ve probably noticed there’s no King Grayskull review in our MOTU Archive. There’s a simple reason for that – none of us bought it! We liked what we saw, but we just weren’t interested in a new MOTU line after what had happened to MO2K. So we passed. Who knew that two years later we’d be running MOTUClassics.Com.

Grizzlor Review


There’s the MOTU figures you really want, there’s the ones you buy only because you’re a subcriber, and then, there’s the ones that you just don’t know what to think about. Grizzlor was in the last camp for me. The Ferocious Figure with Fur? Yeah, I had no idea how I was gonna review this guy.

Ask Matty
November 15th Edition


With DCUC16 being scheduled for early 2011, will it be considered one of the five 2011 waves or will Mattel now plan for six waves of DC Classics on the 2011 schedule

Roboto Review


Roboto is one of my favorite vintage MOTU toys, but when he was announced for MOTU Classics I wasn’t feeling very intrigued. I didn’t know it was, but I wasn’t as excited as I should’ve been. Now, he’s arrived and it’s his change to win me over. Also, I promise not to make any “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto” jokes.

Mattel Comments on Roboto + MOTU Schedule thru April


Toy Guru chimed in on Facebook with the official word on Robotogate – they’re all misassembled. Toy Guru offers up his mea culpa, mentions a few others successes and some hope, and, to tide things over, gives collects an update on the MOTU Classics schedule through April.

Gygor Review


For years now, I’ve looked on as my peers have had this obscene fascination with monkeys. I’ve never understood it. I’ve watched them buy monkey figure after monkey figure – I’ve even bought a few myself. I wasn’t usually impressed, but then again none of them were lemon-lime monkeys.