Vault Review: Star Sisters 3-Pack

This review was originally published on January 31st, 2012.
Because of the delays in December, we received our Demo-Man and Star Sisters a few days apart.  So January felt like a typical month.  It’s almost fitting that it should work out this way since all four characters are on the fringes of the MOTU spotlight.

I wasn’t really familiar with the Star Sisters before the introduction of the Classics line.  But I’m one of those inclusive MOTU fans who believe that every character deserves their place in continuity.  I love seeing obscure characters like Wun-Dar and Carnivus hob-knobbing shoulder to shoulder with He-Man’s and Skeletor’s comrades.  So even though I was surprised at their announcement, I was totally ready to clear a space on the shelf for them.

I was also pretty glad that Mattel decided to release the Sisters as a 3-pack instead of singles.  This way we get them over with and won’t have to beat the clock, hoping for a completed team before the line ends.  The downside is that quality control problems become a bit more prevalent when you get into multi-packs, and the Star Sisters are no exception.

Even though the three sisters share a lot of the same female “buck”, there are plenty of sculpted differences to make them feel unique.  The head sculpts are probably the most prevalent of these new pieces.  If I had to pick the prettiest, I’d say it was Starla.  She has a pleasant expression on her face that just seems to have a bit of personality.

Tallstar’s a close second though.  I actually really love her hair.  The 4H really do a fantastic job when it comes to long flowing locks.  Jewelstar’s head sculpt is ok.  I find her crown of pink gems interesting, but at the same time a bit disturbing in how it seperates her face from the rest of her head.  I know what the look is meant to portray, but this may be one of those times where 2D art doesn’t transfer well into 3D sculpture.

These same problems creep into the design of Jewelstar’s costume also.  I really like the fact that she was given translucent jewel-encrusted armor, and that they tried to make her costume angular in design.  This seems to fall apart with the piece covering her lower torso though.  That diaper piece only takes away from the design and would have looked much better if they would have given more of an angular armor-like design.  Continue to page 2…

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Vault Review: Star Sisters 3-Pack

  1. WHEW. Glad I passed on these.

    Of them all, only Tallstar looks good to me. I might have to see if I can hunt her down loose somewhere.

  2. I’m not mad at all that I got 2 sets of these lades. There designs are excellent thanks to the FH. Cool review by the way Vault.

  3. Of the three Sisters, Tallstar is my favorite. Because of her extension parts, she’s the only one with boot-top swivels, which (almost) make up for the BG Teela thighs. She’s got a very pretty face (“real world” pretty, like she’d be approachable at a party, not out of your league like Adora or BG Teela) and she looks great holding the magenta Zodak staff from the Weapons Pak. I could be biased, though; I got a thing for tall women.

    Jewelstar comes in second because of her translucent parts. I agree with you on how her headgear makes her face look weird. For the longest time, I had no idea she had a ponytail because when you look at her from head-on, her “crown” blocks the whole thing! Also in the paint department, the black outline on my Jewelstar’s right eye is applied a bit thick, making it look like someone sucker punched her.

    Starla doesn’t interest me much. She looks good, but a little bland compared to her sisters, the Queen of Rock Candy and the MVP of Eternia’s WNBA. Or it could be because she belongs to a friend of mine (he only wanted Starla, I only wanted Tallstar and I let Jewelstar tag along) and I’m trying not to grow attached to her so I don’t feel compelled to buy another 3-pack (for Starla, another Jewelstar head, and more Tallstar extensions).

      1. Like, Tallstar (and the other Sisters) would be the girls who are attractive but don’t let it go to their heads. Adora, Catra, Teela…they’re good-looking, but they don’t look “fun.” They’re all business, stern and maybe a little bitchy.

        I mean, look at how the Sisters are dressed. They’re cute girls, but they don’t take themselves too seriously. They’re like the girls at cons who go all-out with their cosplay.

        1. you really need to use that speed dating service at next years NYCC homes… WOW. you realize all three of these girls are pretty much eddie murphy fans, if you get my reference.

  4. Very excited to add these to my collection – by my calculations, they’re about a week away from my doorstep (grumble international grumble).

    It’s funny, everyone seems to focus on Starla’s prettitude – well, everyone that doesn’t flat out hate the set that is – but for me she looks to be the most overtly butch of the bunch. Not that this is a bad thing to be.

    Fabulous pictures too – though is it just me, or does Leech look like he’s been knocked out by an unpleasant whiff?

    1. I’m SO glad I’m not the only one having trouble with this Matty offering! I originally went in for Panthor, but catching a video review a few days before made me jump on these MOTU as well. Then all hell broke loose.

      It took me almost a dozen tries to log-in to complete the order, despite having already logged in prior to the sale going live. It would not accept my password after that, until I tried another one which I knew did not work. NOW, my package is bouncing around St Louis County after being damaged! No clue why Fenton didn’t send it out here to Union instead of back to Hazelwood!

      Remember: this sale was on the 17th, so that’s FOUR DAYS before anything was done:
      Date Time Description Location
      1/30/2012 11:15 PM Enroute to Local USPS Facility Hazelwood, MO 63042
      1/30/2012 08:49 AM Missent FENTON, MO 63026
      1/30/2012 12:06 AM Enroute to Local USPS Facility Hazelwood, MO 63042
      1/29/2012 09:20 PM Enroute to Local USPS Facility Hazelwood, MO 63042
      1/29/2012 09:20 PM Visible Damage Hazelwood, MO 63042
      1/26/2012 01:56 PM Accepted by USPS Hazelwood, MO 63042
      1/26/2012 04:40 AM Transferring to USPS Hazelwood, MO 630422487
      1/25/2012 08:41 PM In transit EDWARDSVILLE, KS
      1/25/2012 03:17 PM In transit WAKEENEY, KS
      1/25/2012 08:27 AM In transit HENDERSON, CO
      1/24/2012 11:02 PM In transit WAMSUTTER, WY
      1/24/2012 05:31 PM In transit DELLE, UT
      1/24/2012 09:32 AM In transit MILL CITY, NV
      1/24/2012 03:40 AM In transit W SACRAMENTO, CA
      1/23/2012 08:59 PM In transit SPARKS, NV
      1/23/2012 07:42 PM In transit Sparks, NV 89441
      1/23/2012 05:13 PM In transit Sparks, NV 89441
      1/23/2012 05:13 PM Electronic Shipping Sent to USPS
      1/23/2012 10:41 AM Arrived at Shipping Facility Sparks, NV 89441
      1/21/2012 01:26 AM Electronic Shipping Info Received Ontario, CA 91761

      If I have this much trouble with the DC sub, then I’m canceling the damn thing and just buying on Ebay.

      1. my wife recommended standing outside on your porch with a net and trying to snag it as it flies overhead, because surely, to go back and forth like that, they’re playing a game of keepaway over your very roof.

        1. they finally came today, and ironically, I had just gotten up and was rushing to hurry up and get the rent check outside before mailman came. Trying to find where I stashed the stamps when I heard the clank of my mailbox, and he was nowhere to be seen seconds later. Luckily, he picked it up when dropping off the box.

          It looks like the “damage” was it fell off a height and landed on the corner, then somebody had to make a finger hole to get at it. They apparently taped it back up and slapped a sticker on there, saying it was “received in this condition”. either Edwardsville didn’t notice/care, or it happened while being shipped across the state, and someone at Hazelwood did it.

          After all that, I’m Not very impressed with the set and may throw it up on ebay. there’s not much fodder and the pieces are too unique to do much else with.

  5. i think “diaper” as a descriptive for those lower torso coverings is perfectly accurate. they just look terrible, and it looked terrible allllll the way back on adora. that HAS to go, it’s bad design, horsemen or no.

  6. I didn’t get the sub as I know I will not want all the figures released, but seeing a set like this confirmed why I should avoid a subscription.

  7. Jewelstar is so odd looking. It’s the diaper that does it. Plus her face isn’t the best, either. She’s just kind of unappealing all the way around.
    Tallstar is interesting. The extra pieces kind of give her some more articulation and posing capabilities which is neat. She’s more fun to play with.
    Starla looks the best to me, though she does look kind of like a generic grown up Rainbow Brite character.

    1. YES! Someone else who picked up on the Rainbow Brite! LOL

      I remember catching the odd episode when my little sister watched this, but no clue on who these three are, so they’re just fodder to me. Expensive and very aggravating fodder. (see above)

  8. Well, guess this is the part where I show what an idiot I am and lose any cred I’ve build up with the community.

    I think these look horrible.

    Not knowing the characters, never remember seeing them in She-Ra, maybe that gives me different eyes but as FIGURES go, they really suck. They look like better-painted knockoffs found in a Dollar Store.

    I’ll go even further. They look like female figures sculpted by someone who hates women. Whose idea of ‘female’ is a guy with a couple of melons grafted onto their chest.

    I feel nothing from these. I feel no passion, no joy, no excitement. Nothing radiates from those cold, unevenly painted eyes.

    Compare these to He-Man, or my fav Keldor. Those figures RADIATE personality.

    If I were ‘bying teh lien’ I’d feel some buyer’s remorse with these, and put them “well, at least my collection is complete to date” and to the back of the shelf.

    but, as I have no dog in this fight my opinion is just that, an opinion. Those who think these figures are great, I’m glad you enjoy them. 🙂

  9. The one thing I don’t get is this: If they lost the boot cut Articulation, then Why in Celestia’s name are they using the Awful Battleground Teela Thighs!? I missed out on the set, now I don’t know if it was a blessing or a curse… (and I originally wanted the sisters…)

  10. Sorry Vault,
    These are hand painted collector pieces this means there are no “paint problems” only unique variations that make every set different and thus more collectable, but due to Mattels new commitment to quality some Asian overseer will be breaking a China man’s …I mean China kid’s fingers tonite. Mattel would be able to better serve you if only the fans had bought more subscriptions and really supported the line. If you are still unconvinced let me ask you, “do you ever take a step back and just look at your MOTUC shelf?”

  11. Great review, as per usual! I’ll hold off final judgment until these are in-hand, but I’m casutiously optimistic to receive these figures to flesh out the collection with a bit of variety.

    Are they doing away with the boot-cut entirely, or was it just for this particular set as a money-saver?

    1. That should’ve been “cautiously optimistic.” My typing is crap, and I’m not even drunk. Anywho, now that I’ve got these ladies, I must say they turned out better than I’d thought. Only real complaints are that Jewelstar has a tiny divot taken out of her cuirass in a noticeable place, and Glory Bird was crammed roughly into the too-tight inlay so he needed a boiling bath and a cold soak to get him back into proper shape. On the whole, I’m pleasantly surprised with this set.

  12. Solid review, i’m also gonna make my own opinion , that’s assuming they show up some time this decade. International mailing is wearing very thin! Canada is not across the atlantic!!!!!!

    RAM-MAN where are you???

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