Updates to MOTUClassics.Com
Catra, Zodac, & Reissues thru May

ToyFare #163 (on-sale today) has images of the newest MOTU Classics figures: She-Ra's adversary Catra and a Hal Jordan vs. Zodac 2pk for Toys R Us. Along with these reveals, Mattel has given collectors an online image of Catra from behind as well as the full schedule (chock full of reissues) up through May 2011.

Zodak Review

I like new stories coming out of old ideas. When creators take an old continuity or a basic concept and find ways to reinterpret it, I'm usually first in line to see the result. When the announcement about a new Masters of the Universe cartoon came along eight years ago, I had to try it out. And while not everything in that redesign lived up to my expectations, I loved the new Zodak. When Matty announced that they would continue to "Classic-ize" some of the 200x designs beyond Grayskull, Zodak was at the top of my want list. Luckily, he was at the top of Mattel's list too.