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Vault Review: Catra

You may have noticed we’re running a bit behind. After all, Catra did come out last month. The irony here is that this review isn’t late due to the horribly destructive tornado that hit our town, but because of a mix up with Digital River. Luckily, everything

Updates to MOTUClassics.Com
Catra, Zodac, & Reissues thru May

motuTN ToyFare #163 (on-sale today) has images of the newest MOTU Classics figures: She-Ra's adversary Catra and a Hal Jordan vs. Zodac 2pk for Toys R Us. Along with these reveals, Mattel has given collectors an online image of Catra from behind as well as the full schedule (chock full of reissues) up through May 2011.