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Updates to MOTUClassics.Com
Catra, Zodac, & Reissues thru May

ToyFare #163 (on-sale today) has images of the newest MOTU Classics figure: She-Ra’s adversary Catra and a Hal Jordan vs. Zodac 2pk for Toys R Us. Along with these reveals, Mattel has given collectors an online image of Catra from behind as well as the full schedule (chock full of reissues) up through May 2011.

Teased as a another female figure, May has finally been revealed to be the long rumored Catra figure. The images in ToyFare #163 show a Catra based on her style guide appearance and she looks great. While the large picture shows her with no mask, the article mentions that she’ll come with two: a red one that was featured on the cartoon & style guide and a silver one based on the vintage toy. She will also include her shield and sword as accessories.

Also shown was the next 2pk: Zodac vs. Hal Jordan. Zodac appears close to his filmation look with painted on white gloves and Keldor’s boots cast in grey. The only shame here is the painted on gloves – Mattel has glove hands/forearms sculpted for the line. Now, Mattel has said in the past that budget constraints keep the 2pks from mixing and matching pieces, yet Zodac has boot feet now… so? Zodac does include his pistol.

On the flipside of that 2pk is DC Classics’ most plentiful character, Hal Jordan. This 2pk features him in his TRU metallic deco from early last year. If you’re counting (and I am), Hal Jordan has now been featured in seven different decos and reissued three times. If you’re an MOC completist, this will be your 10th Hal Jordan and we’re not even to the movie yet. Someone at Mattel surely must have a thing for Hal Jordan and it’s starting to get scary…

Finally, Matty chimed in with an udpated release schedule that included reissues of Keldor, Tytus, Adora, Marzo, Moss Man, Whiplash, & Stratos. Those will all be coming at us in the next five months! For the full schedule, we’ve updated MOTUClassics.Com with the full schedule.

20 comments to Updates to MOTUClassics.Com
Catra, Zodac, & Reissues thru May

  • Cade

    I think matty has made me hate hal jordan…..

    • They have made me hate that rifle. I’ll have three now.

      They’ve got the giant fist, but they refuse to give that to Hal for some strange reason…

      • Ghoulia, Esq.

        Ugh! Why doesn’t he have the fist???

      • Brainlock

        so that green blob on the Matty page by Hal is the rifle attachment AGAIN?

        I would’ve gone for the Hawk/Stratos 2pk at $30, but not $35.
        I guess WW/Teela (MIGHT get) and Batman/Man-At-Arms are next?
        (or Catwoman/Evil-Lyn and Joker/BeastMan? both I MIGHT get)

  • Wahlquist

    I’ve seen Catra and she looks really good despite the supercrappy scan.

    I suppose a Hal Jordan in the 2pks was inevitable, but it’s ridiculous they’ve released him 10 ways already. That’s more than Batman right?

    • Hal was inevitable in one of the 2pks. Flash, Batman, & Wonder Woman are likely candidates for the other three.

      And yes, there are more Batmen… for now.

  • He-Mullet

    In 2012 Mattel will rename DCUC to Hal Jordan: Classics…
    Looks like I’ll have to get yet ANOTHER Hal Jordan to get Zodac… Catra ROCKS!!

  • Don

    Ironically, it would be my first Hal Jordan and with the uniform I would prefer. Darn my being sucked into the DCUC line so late in the game!

  • Ghoulia, Esq.

    Noisy, your checklists are awesome! With DC & MOTU updated are you going to do Iron Man and Marvel Universe soon? We Marvel fans are waiting…

  • Noisy, here’s what the problem is. We’re just little people, out here in the Great Unwashed. We can’t really even begin to understand the complexities of ‘logistics’ and ‘development’ and ‘product synergy interfacing with something or other’, right? 🙂

    (I do wonder what the next $2 word that will be thrown at us to confuse and shift blame/responsibility for something tragic yet to come)

    I’m trying to figure who’ll be paired with Batman in the TRU 2-pack. Man-At-Arms or TrapJaw are the most logical, but darn they have so many accessories! That’ll bust the development right in two on that! 🙂 Beastman would make some sense but having a package shout “Batman Vs Beastman” just sounds silly.

    bet they pull the plug before they get to Wonder Woman.

    • Darn it, hit submit just as I recall what else I wanted to say! I approve of repops. It’s closer to my ideal image of what Mattycollector should be about, here’s these cool toys and they’re ALWAYS available, start collecting whenever you want with confidence and not paying scalper prices!

      Yeah, I guess I’m kinda crazy.

  • Sy Branch

    Matty is swinging for the fences early & baseball season didn’t even start yet. HOMERUN on the CATRA design!! Zodac should have all been design this new way with white gloves & the human boots.

  • Clay

    Do we know if two MOTUC reissues a month is going to become the norm? That makes my inner child happy and my bank account sad.

    Very pleased to see that MOTUC bonus figures and large dudes are getting reissues, and that there’s a chance figures might be reissued a second time, though Stratos is a yawnworthy choice (I came into the line a bit late and missed the Hordak one by a matter of hours. I still weep!).

    It unnerves me that Mr Jordan is everywhere. Now whenever I turn off the light, it’s no longer that creepy red woman from Don’t Look Now I see… it’s Hal.

  • Gildeft

    Catra looks brilliant!I getting this spring so mcuh Motuc figures!I cant wait for Adora and Moss-Man reissues.BTW you have made exccelent Motuc check list Noisy5.

  • Lay Ze-Man

    Gotta love all the Filmation nods in a line where the rights are supposedly off-limits.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do get how they “get away with it” but I think legalities like this are stupid and hilarious.

    • I have to say, I really don’t know how much of this is smokescreen. IIRC Filmation created He-Man and the Masters of the Universe under contract from Mattel. I’d have to look at credits at the end of an episode but I’m pretty sure everything is trademarked and copyrighted to Mattel, which makes the cartoon effectively a ‘work for hire’ and anything generated for the cartoon de facto Mattel property.

      Matter of fact, I sort of seem to recall that when BCI was first working on releasing the cartoon they had to work with Mattel to clear it. So, yes, Filmation (or whoever actually owns Filmation’s library, for a time it was Studio Canal) does own the physical property of the episodes, but the I.P. of what the episodes contain are Mattel’s. I think. I r not a lawyer. 🙂

      Anyway, I think the whole “we can’t do Filmation stuff!!” shibboleth exists to keep the demands for a lizard dude at bay.

  • Yso

    Didn’t see this anywhere in this post, but The Goddess is now the January replacement for Evil-Lyn’s reissue. Its old stock not a brand new run for the figure.

    Notable since Mattel hasn’t sold a MOTU/POP female (reissue or monthly) since June of last year with She-Ra. This kind of delay makes me think Catra will get shuffled around by a month or two. What is the point of annoucing lineups if they can’t even keep the release dates at all?