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Back in February, IAT broke the story on the Toys R Us Exclusive Batman that had magically reached retail shelves before collectors knew it existed and it was in our April 15th Q&A that Mattel let us know the TRU program would continue with new versions of Green Lantern, Flash, and a 4th unnamed figure. A metallic, Modern Hal had already been spotted on eBay and in the Attack of the Show SDCC preview, so it wasn’t hard to put two and two together. MetallaHal was on his way.

If you follow us on Twitter for in-store photos, you already know that we ran across this Hal Jordan on Wednesday. It seems that we at IAT should be wishing that TRU was a more reliable DCUC retailer since our store has been one of the first stores to receive these DCUC exclusives both times. It’d be nice if I could stumble upon other things as easily,* but it’s always nice to find something, right?

* – I had just missed an A-Team van a few minutes earlier…

Anyway, I didn’t buy a Hal right away because I’m not sure how much I really need this particular version. I like the metallic/modern look, but the previous GLs have established a “non-metallic” theme and I don’t think Hal is so awesome that he should be the shining one in the group. Still, I wanted to review it for our DC Archive and was happy to hear that Rant had picked one up and saved me the trouble. I still might snag one. He’s cool in-hand, but I don’t know. Plus, I’m looking forward to the grey-templed Hal in the 5pk and plan for that to be my main Hal.

That’s not to say that this Hal is without his charms. The metallic finish looks really sharp when he’s not posed with other DCUC Lanterns and it is his modern costume. I love the variety of characters that DC Classics offers, but I do believe that the comprehensive DC toy line would need different versions of certain characters. I may joke about the four Hals, but a part of me is happy that we have his 60s, 70s, 80s, and modern looks. Throw a Parallax in there and Hal’s good to go. And, with Hal covered, maybe Mattel can finally get to Kyle Rayner. I want at least two of him – his classics 90s look and the new modern Corps uniform. Crabmasks for the win.

If you’ve bought a Hal Jordan before, then you know what to expect from the sculpt and articulation. Hal’s four figures have all been achieved through subtle paint details on the exact same body. I am happy to report that this is the first Hal without any quality control problems. My DCUC3 Hal is slowly rotting into white dust while my 2pk Hal is one of the worst QC figures I’ve ever owned.* This Hal has no stuck joints and all his parts are sturdy. I hope the 5pk Hal is as nicely done.

* – The store also had received a new Abin/Hal 2pk. I would have to assume the quality control would be better, but I get annoyed when I catch myself contemplating spending another $30 because the original figures were subpar.

As I said above, paint is what sets this figure apart. The metallic finish looks really nice, particularly when he’s not standing with the other Lanterns and causing disharmony. I’m not sure what I want Mattel to do here. I do like the metallic look and I enjoy it on the handful of DCD rainbow Lantern’s I’ve bought too, but I think the non-metallic finish is the way to go. It looks good on the previously released figures and it’s my preference that Mattel keep that color scheme going forward. I’ll miss the metallics, but we already have Abin, Katma, John, and a C&C in Kilowog that aren’t metallic. I’ll take matching over cool anytime. Continue to Page 2…

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TRU Exclusive Hal Jordan

  1. I gotta sy he does look pretty sweet with the Blackest Night figures, now if only Mattel will expand the line into the rest of the Emotional/Lantern Corps I’ll be Happy. I hope the recently announced “Green Lantern Classics does just that. I would have to say that I am looking forward to the dark red and gold Flash more than this guy though. πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah he does look pretty dang sweet with the DCDs . . .

      I think I’m likely “Hal’d out” for now, given that I’ll probably be getting the 5-pack.

    2. I like him with the DCDs, but as Mattel chugs along the “Blackest Night” shelf will be an interesting one to work out…

      I’m not sure how I feel on the upcoming Flash. I could see him as a Wally West stand-in with a few wrong details.

    1. It’s a photoshop! It’s the Hal from the left moved to the right and worked in with some white temples. I think the 5pk will be closer to the end of Summer.

  2. I totally feel you on the metallic paint kinda upstaging the rest of the GLs – it is a bit disconcerting to have John Stewart (which I thought was a better figure) and Kilowog (my favorite DCUC overall) look duller. I’ll still pick one up, though.

    Regarding your first Hal “decaying into dust”…has anyone else noticed this with their older DCUC figures? On mine, a dusty build-up tends to mysteriously appear, mostly on the lower legs below the thigh swivel. They haven’t suffered any structural damage, but I’d hate to come back to them in a year or so and find nothing but dust.

    1. The decay happens on all of my wave three figures in the are you describe and on the arms. I keep wanting to replace them with All-Stars (Hal, Dick, Tim) but I haven’t done that yet.

  3. Two TRU near me received a lot of these. I think he looks cool, but not amazing. I’m sick of having to wash my wave 3 Hal every month or two to get the white dust look off of him, so I’m torn on if I should spend money picking up the all star figure (that presumably would not have the white dust problem) or this figure.

  4. @orionpax636: I only have two figures with the white powder problem, Green Lantern and Deathstroke. Since both of them are from wave 3 I hoped that it would only affect that particular wave.

    1. Dammit! I never made that connection, but I guess it’s true. I knew I should have picked up that All-Star Nightwing. I’ll be glad to pick up a new Deathstroke, he had a gummy bicep swivel anyway – hopefully they fix the tight scabbard too.

  5. I was really excited about this guy when he was announced. You are correct about the symbol, it is incorrect for a “modern” Hal. Aside from the metallic paint, you should also note that the boot and glove lines are wrong for his modern look because they should be angled towards his elbows and calves, respectively.

    Another minus for me is reusing the same head sculpt. Modern Hal has a shorter haircut, specifically on the sides of his head. Matty dropped the ball here and just wanted to push a repaint on us at the higher price point.

    I will admit he does look good with the DCD figures. Thanks for the review!

  6. I think the third last pic, showing how Mattel has been exploring the vastness of the GL Corps, is hilarious.

    Great piece!

  7. I like the metallic one best. I’m sorta holding out hope the GLC line will get us metallic versions of the GLs they already released. I’d buy them again. Even Kilowog.

    1. I don’t know how’d I feel about a wave with a repaint C&C. I already am annoyed about ‘Wog/Brimstone/Validus being the same body.

  8. It’s just another Hal. I don’t mind that they made it since the TRU exclusives don’t have BAF pieces, but I don’t know if I need it either.

    1. That’s a good course of action. I’m hesitant on the 5pk, but I’ll get Guy and Hal as I remember him. Tomar’s not bad. The John and Sinestro are problematic though.

  9. While I want the rest of the Corps too (Great comic!) I’m happy to have all the versions of Hal Jordan – including his various rainbow corps uniforms in DC Classics. And yes, Parallax is a must!

    1. I hope they get to Parallax sooner or later. The line isn’t nearly 90s enough. I’m curious as to who that falls on. DCSH was very 90s, especially compared to DCUC.

  10. Wow, that pic of Hal w/ the DCD Blackest Night figures is great.
    DCD is kinda kicking Mattel’s butt in certain areas.
    For someone like me who needs unique sculpts, and who wants diversity in my collection, DCD is kinda the way to go.
    I’ve not been buying the DCD BN figs, and now I regret it.
    That one pic makes me really regret it.
    Mattel will never put in the tooling to match those.
    As much of an articulation junkie as I am, I think I have to go back and buy all of those DCD figs you show.
    Oh, and I gotta go get this Hal.
    I must be one of the lucky dozen whose DCUC3 Hal is just fine, but I need this one.
    So.. thanks for the review, and curse you, for making me need the DCD BN figs.

    1. The only problem with DCD is that they just make bad figures sometimes. Larfleeze is great. Sinestro and Atrocitus are okay. Walker is almost okay. Indigo is a crappy figure and I couldn’t bring myself to buy Star Sapphire.

      I would love to get unique sculpts, but I do prefer the consistency of the buck system at the same time.

  11. This post actually motivated me to post my thoughts on the GL 5pk after seeing the pics in ToyFare. As you could tell by my previous comment I was upset about this figure and I’m not too happy about the upcoming box set. Head over to my blog if you’re interested in reading my post. Just click on “3B” above.

    1. I pretty much agree with your column on the 5pk. It just wasn’t done with any love for the GL franchise. Toy Guru makes sure to have that GL ring on when we see him, so I’m surprised that the GL stuff is so weak in the details.

  12. What’s that? An excuse to post my beloved Parallax? πŸ˜›


    Yeah, I wish Hal wasn’t shiny, but at least there are now tons of GL bodies on the pegs to make your own JLU GLs, since those were all shiny.

    1. Holy crap that is awesome, and I second the “you suck” sentiment because of it. πŸ˜€

  13. Hi there,

    Really like your reviews on this line. Recently got myself started on GLs and Kilowog, JS and Katma Tui are on their way!

    Got a question:
    You mentioned that Hal from wave 3 is turning into dust. What exactly is the problem? Something wrong with the plastic they used?

    And you said that Hal from the 2pk is one of the worst QC figure you have. Again, can I know what is the problem?

    Thinking of getting the wave 3 Hal and the 2 pack to complete the GL corps (thus far) but after reading the reviews, I’m getting a bit apprehensive.

    Please advise.

    & keep up the good work!!!

    1. Thanks! Welcome to the line!

      On wave three, Mattel switched away from a factory that was using cheaper plastic and had bad QC. As a result, early wave three figures tend to produce a fine white dust on the softer plastic parts (particularly the lower legs). I’m not sure if it’s a breakdown/leak or some type of oxidation, but it has to be periodically cleaned. The first DCUC 2pks were also produced on the cheap. All of us at IAT have a problem with their 2pk. My Abin Sur can’t move his left leg, Vault’s Hal has brown paint all over his head, Rant’s Abin Sur had a hole in the back of his head, etc.

      There are good workarounds though. Hal has been released as an All-Star recently and the QC on those should be just fine, on par with the rest of the line. I’ve thought about picking up some of the W3 All-Star reissues, but haven’t committed the money to do so. Similarly, Mattel released more Hal/Abin 2pks recently (my TRU received a case of them this week) and that, presumably, should have better quality control as well. Good luck out there!

  14. Okay, inspire of the inaccuracies and the bullsh!t I talked, I still ended up buying this guy today at TRU. I couldn’t help it. I saw a bunch of them on the pegs and the “I must get it before it’s gone” impulse kicked in. I’m weak…

    They also had the GL 2pk, so I grabbed that, too. Been wanting me an Abin for a longtime!

    1. It happens. If I didn’t run across to IM2 figures, I probably wouldn’t have made it out either. LOL

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