Attack of the Show – Mattel SDCC Exclusives, Part I

Attack of the Show’s Blair Butler visited Mattel to find out what they have in store for Comic-Con 2010 and it’s a doozy. Part I of that exclusive is available now…

Here’s some screen caps:

Good to see a Proton Pack on the Retros. Looks like we’ll see an Undertaker on Thursday.
An Avatar sneak for Thursday. We’ve all felt this way at the dentist, right?
Dentist’s Office Packaging is sweet, but the chair is just that. Part of the package.
Orko’s wand and book will be included in both versions. Prince Adam is an accessory. Nifty.
Magenta sword for the win! Both heads are included in both versions.
Is the SDCC logo an ancient Eternian Rune? Here’s a shot of solid of the non-SDCC Orko.
I’m most excited about his regular body parts. Anyone smell Elongated Man?
I spy a flyswatter and a paddle ball hand back there. I’m a sucker. I want the Question to carry it around.
What secret will go inside the suitcase?. Note the correct yellow gloves on Aquaman.
I’m not sure what Starro is made of. Not sure if I like the Morrison Starro in classic colors.
DCUC facehuggers are DCIH giveaways. A 2nd sighting of metallic Hal!

And finally… here’s an update from Toy Guru with all the details:

Hey toy fans,

Part 1 of what will be a 2 part story on Mattel’s SDCC exclusives just aired on G4’s Attack of the Show. Big thanks to Blair and the whole AOTS crew who were a pleasure to work with.

Since not all the sound bites made it into the final aired cut, here are a few more tid bits on the exclusives revealed thus far:

Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor.

This box set will be $40.00 both at SDCC and on after the show (no change to product). Mo-Larr will come with all his tools including his #$^&@ drill and his floss. Skeletor features a new toothless face and comes with his Havok Staff, Power Sword and half Power Sword. The pack out is truly epic as designed by Ray Makowski. It includes Skeletor’s massage chair and magazine collection as chip art. Also features brand new bios supplied by the gang at Robot Chicken!

Orko (with Prince Adam)

So here is the first of our SDCC items that will be different after the show. The version of Orko at SDCC will feature color change when you dip him in warm water. His magic book also show the SDCC logo in hot water. The version sold on after the show will not be color change (on Orko or the book) but both version will include his stand, wand and book as well as a pack in Prince Adam with two heads (He-Man and new Prince Adam smirk) as well as a purple Power Sword and half purple Power Sword.

The bio on the back belongs to Orko as this is his figure. Adam is his accessory! The only difference between the SDCC version and the version is the color change feature. $25.00

A lot of fans have asked “why Orko for SDCC?” Well, simple. We chose Orko because we wanted to go with a more ‘A’ list MOTU character who would draw in fans otherwise unfamiliar with the current line. In the past our SDCC items have been a bit more obscure in character selection so we deliberately went the other way this year. Also, since Orko was larger then a “standard” accessory we had no way to fit him into a monthly $20.00 figure structure. But by pairing him with Adam we could do a unique structure for a unique price ($25.00) at the show. One of the whole points of a SDCC item is to get PR for a line and to do an item that wouldn’t fit into the standard line due to size, theme etc… This fit the bill in a lot of ways!

Plastic Man

Plasti comes with a ton of accessories and does everything plastic can do. He has standard arms, stretchy arms, snap on stretch parts like a fly swatter and paddle ball. He also has a snap on bendy neck piece and a spring snap on leg piece.

And only at SDCC you can get Plastic Man as a suit case (similar to Gleek). you can even snap on his arms and head to the suitcase as if he has been “shopping at SDCC”. Open the case up for an extra surprise.

Plastic Man will be on after the show, but the suitcase is only a gift with purchase at SDCC. $20.00

Starro DC 75th pack.

The grand daddy of our SDCC items for this year. This pack is a recreation of the classic Brave and the Bold cover and features light and sounds as well as the voice of Batman actor Kevin Conroy. Each figure in the set has a recorded description just like a museum display with Kevin describing the origin of each character. It is an incredible package designed by Frank Varela.

And as a bonus, only at SDCC will you get a polly bag set of four 6″ scale Starro Spores that work with most DCUC action figures! The Starro Spores are only available at the show as a gift with purchase! $50.00

We’ll have more SDCC exclusives to reveal Thursday night and the whole list (including some not on the show) will be up on on Friday.

See you all in San Diego!


62 thoughts on “Attack of the Show – Mattel SDCC Exclusives, Part I

  1. 1) MOTUC Exclusives…Love how Prince Adam is the accessory to…alot of MOTUC fans are gonna be pissed though…care less about Mo-Larr
    2)DCUC – Pass…don’t care about Plastic man…BUT…I believe I saw a repaint DCUC Hal with updated Shiny green paint apps!!
    3)DC Infinite Heroes…wish they would have shown them off a bit more, but it looks like there is a new female body??

    1. Sharp eye on Hal! That’s the second time we’ve seen him in a pearlized green instead of flat colors. The first time was in via an eBay leak when he was in a group with the upcoming 2pk Bizarro and Renegade. We might just see him in a WalMart 2pk later this year.

  2. Awww man! They’re having Plastic Man as an Exclusive! Of course, they’re having the awesomest exclusive ever the year I don’t go because I didn’t get a ticket. and Star-o! Great!

      1. At first I thought Orko was at show only, but now that I see were getting a regular vesion of hime, I’m A-OK.

  3. My notes:

    – That Blair girl is cute. I think it’s the long hair.

    – The “after you graduate college” line made me sad. I’m a month away from graduating and I’ll probably never get such a bad-ass career.

    – Making Prince Adam the accessory to the much more anticipated Orko was sweet.

    – From the way he worded it, there will be a non-color-change Orko and Plastic Man without suitcase accessory later down the line, correct?

    So far, the only Mattel exclusive I’m on the fence about is Mo-Larr, and that’s just because I’d like to collect all versions of Skeletor.

    1. Blair is also Booster Gold’s No. 1 fan!

      Prince Adam as an accessory cracks me up.

      If you’re getting all the Skelly’s, you gotta have the toothless one, sorry! 😀

  4. We’ll definitely need clarification of what is actually SDCC exclusive (ala Gleek) and what we’ll be able to buy online afterwards. I’d guess from what was said that the color changing Orko will be exclusive along with the suitcase part for Plastic Man and that a non color changing Orko and Plastic Man minus the suitcase will be online after the show. I’m not sure what might be Gleek exclusive about the Starro set. As long as they’re available I’ll buy an Orko/Prince Adam, Plastic Man, and the Starro set.

    1. Now that we know that the facehuggers are the extra SDCC bit for Starro, what do you think?

      I’m hoping they’ll include more of those somewhere later. Seems like a waste to not pack him in the “better be” inevitable Starro C&C wave…

      1. The problem with that is it would totally kill the SDCC exclusivity of the Starro face hugger piece. I could care less, but Mattel has been pretty emphatic and careful not to re-release anything that would or could upset that trend.

        So far, they’ve never released any of the JLU exclusives or the DCUC exclusives. The only one I can think of that they came close to was the first MOTU exclusive but there was something clearly different about that new one…I don’t collect the line so I can’t remember the fine details.

        In other words, our only option for these things may be to buy the pack and get the Starro face huggers and have Spymagician cast up new ones for everyone 🙂

        1. That’s true. But it seems odd that they’re making DCUC exclusives to be given away with a DCIH piece. Either they think the DCIH piece needs help or the DCUC parts are a late edition. I don’t know.

          They are part of the DCUC line, so I feel the pull to have at least one bag or one piece, but I don’t need that DCIH set at all.

          1. Well I’ve got the answers to my questions. All in all, though I’m sure there’ll be a lot of complaints about the Starro DCUC facehuggers, I think Mattel learned a lesson from last year, but making the exclusives nothing so egregious as Gleek. The Wonder Twins don’t really seem like the Wonder Twins if you don’t have that monkey, but Plastic Man is still plenty cool without the suitcase. I’m totally down for Orko and Plastic Man online, but will need to think deeply about the Starro DCIH.

            1. I’m not into DCIH, so skipping the Starro is going to be easy for me, I would like some facehuggers though and I’m too much of a fan of Plas to not find a way to get the suitcase.

              But, I’m happy with the announcement, pretty much everything I want will be on MattyC. As long as the quantities are sufficient, things should be easy this year.

  5. Thanks for the great images and work Noisy!!!!

    The mini starros are sooooo bad-ass. I want bags of 50. My vision: stand up every single DCUC on one shelf in a vanilla pose with Starro hanging down in control of everyone.

  6. from the look of it… the suitcase is the “gleek” exclusive… all the other parts of plastic man will be available online… however, if the solid orko is only available online, then that is the one I want more… I honestly don’t want him to color-change.. but I really want prince adam with his closed mouth sculpt… I like that a lot…

    I really want mo-larr, especially since he seems to come with a dentist chair.. that’s just the selling point to me, right there…

    I really want starro, I don’t care about the avatar set, kinda dig the Undertaker though.. Ive always like that look on him (not my favorite, but worth getting, and easily his most “comic book” like look for him.

    so.. with that, and hasbro’s exclusives, I’m in for an expensive year… crap… (and I’m not even going… luckily I have friends!)

    1. I place a higher importanec on the solid Orko for sure, but the color change Orko is that right mix of interesting and I could almost see trying to grab it.

      Sadly, that chair is just “chip art”. I learned a new word today.

  7. ND5, you said you didn’t know if PM’s length of neck comes off over on Actionfigureinsider, but you show it on the seventh screen cap down on the left!

  8. that’s great news on the motuc front… in the immortal words of my father in law, i keeps me some money!

  9. Looks like PM may be using Deadman’s arms and maybe his legs too.

    Gotta give it to Scott this time, great selection, creative concepts and awesome exclusives that will be cool to have but not too poignant to the characters if you miss em.


    1. I agree – Plastic Man, Orko, and Prince Adam – all great choices. Hopefully, they’ll be plenty around on MattyC when they sell them afterward.

      I have a few things I could nitpick ( 😉 ), but I’ll wait til the reviews. 😀

  10. Wow, am I right that the Metallic Hal is not only a Metallic Hal, but a MODERN Metallic Hal? For it!

  11. im not to worried about getting plastic man, i was able to get both lobo and the wonder twins with relative ease. however if they sell all of the exclusives on one day it will be a mad house and something i will not be looking forward too. but will all the motu fans scramble for there toys, i will like a thief in the night get plastic man and get the hell out

    1. I’m *mostly* not worried about getting the SDCC off of MattyCollector. I haven’t had a problem getting any of their exclusives in the past two years, but the bandwidth change and the sellouts on Moss Man are still fresh in my mind. I’m sure that I won’t have a problem ordering the weapons pak, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t just a tad bit concerned.

      I’m sure if the next 4 months go smoothly, that’ll be cut down. I’ll be ordering Plas, Orko, and Mo-Larr though… at least…

      1. well i cant blame you, i have read the horror stories from both you and the fellow collectors on facebook. but in the end eventually matty will get the site fixed, lets jsut hope you and all others will be able to aquire all of the toys they desire when that monday after the con.

        1. Yep, they have to get the right mix sooner or later. With the sale day for these likely being 110 or so days out, hopefully that’ll be enough time.

          I’m going to give Mattel the benefit of the doubt and expect that they’re doing a mostly normal run on non-SDCC Orko/Adam. I don’t think Plastic Man or Starro will be that hard to obtain. Mo-Larr though will be anybody’s guess.

  12. On second look, the He-Man arms on prince adam look ridiculous. I know its the way it was done in the vintage line. but still.. It’s like he just wearing a shirt over his gauntlets. All the power sword does is blow away his clothing and give him a harness.

    1. It’s like they knew it too, going with the Tri-Klops forearm instead of the traditional pieces. Maybe it’s a type of clothing style on eternia where they sew the bands into the shirtcuffs. 😀

      But the sword blowing his clothes off is kinda funny. LOL

    2. Oh dang I hadn’t noticed that yet!!!

      They couldn’t invest in new forearm tooling?!


        1. Barbarian He-Man from the first mini-comic, which they’ve confirmed they’re doing. 😉

          Just off the top of my head. 🙂

  13. What’s with all the cartoony exclusives this year???

    Even Gleek seemed to have a pretty realistic sculpt, considering the source.

    Guess it’s just the nature of the characters, but it seems like this is the “Year of the Silly” for Mattel.

    1. That could be the theme, though Starro isn’t really comic relief like Orko and Plas.

      Maybe thursday will be a little more serious with the Undertaker and Avatar…. then again, maybe not.

      1. Well, he’s still a huge, googly-eyed starfish, regardless of what he actually does. 😉

        But Orko, goofy-grinning Plastic Man, and freakin’ Robot Chicken figures?

        They could release a McFarlane-style torture porn figure and not make it up, not even by half! 😛

        1. LOL.

          I forgot about Mo-Larr… on my shelves, nothing will be funny about going to the dentist. I’m going to give him my old Robocop playset. 😀

  14. Oddly enough, I’m most excited to see a Modern Hal Jordan Green Lantern in metallic.

    1. He look cool metallic, but since I doubt we’ll get all the GLs metallized, I have reservations.

      That and I’m sad we’re on Hal v4 with so many other GLs waiting for the DCUC treatment…

        1. Is that why I’m buying less and less? I might vomit if we get a 100th Hal Jordan figure. Wait… DC Direct is getting close aren’t they?

  15. So is the metallic Hal from the 5pk? I don’t want Guy and Tomer to clash with Kilowog and the others.

  16. Star looks like he’s made of a spongy material. And Toy Guru should wear his GL ring on the appropriate finger.

  17. I’m more excited for tomorrow. Avatar and the WWE exclusives, right? Feels like I’m the only one who will care. LOL

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